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Little T and A by The Rolling Stones

Album: Tattoo YouReleased: 1981
  • Keith Richards sang the lead vocal on this one. Said Richards: "It's about every good time I've had with somebody I'd met for a night or two and never seen again."
  • First recorded at the Emotional Rescue sessions in 1979, its working title was "Bulldog."
  • This song is an interesting case where the title is never quite mentioned in the lyrics, but instead it's "she's my little rock & roll." The title also gets written as "Little T & A." The letters refer to "tits and ass," naturally.
  • Since this song is a tribute to all rock groupies, there's the 1970 documentary Groupies, all about just these such people, including the infamous Cynthia Plaster Caster. Groupies have an oft-misunderstood place in rock history; many of them present the defense that they serve an active role in providing what little nurturing a celebrity can have when they're on the road staying in 200+ hotel rooms per year. Some of them, such as Sid Vicious' FWB Nancy Spungen, become what many would call a surrogate "road wife," traveling from city to city with the band.

    And while we're on groupies and the Stones, one of the most famous Stone-groupies is Chris O'Dell, who trysted with both Richards and Jagger amongst many others. And here's a Telegraph article telling some of her story and announcing her biography. Yes, there she is right in the photo with Richards - she was one of the women Richards was singing about!
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Comments: 10

The video of the song posted here is lousy. Keith has a terrible voice and this proves it. Great song, though.Guy - Benson, Nc
Keith has 3 daughters with 2 of them named Theodora and Alexandra. He calls them his Little T and A.Caitlyn - Metuchen, Nj
Love this song and I love him, have done for 51 yearsCarol - Melbourne, Australia
I think Keith should stick to singing this and "Happy".Danny - Your Town, Ia
Keith was like the biggest $lut rocker ever. Seriouly, just look at songs like this, or Star Star.Ben - Chelsea, Me
When I saw them perform this, Keith was so drunk he couldn't remember the lyrics, so he just mumbled and occastionally yelled "Baby! Baby!" throughout it.Bill - Erie, Pa
I like this song, because its exactly what almost every girl wants, a great body and soul too.Car - Tulsa, Ok
Best line: The pool's in but the patio ain't dry!Terry - Richardson, Tx
Recorded in January & February 1979. Released on the album Tattoo You on August 24, 1981
Lead Vocal: Keith Richards Electric Guitars: Keith Richards, Ron Wood Drums: Charlie Watts Bass: Bill Wyman (?) or Keith Richards (?) Piano: Ian Stewart Backing Vocals: Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Mick Jagger
Ted - Loveland, Co
I really like this song - i think its one of keith's best.Rhett - Melbourne, Australia
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