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Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots

Album: PurpleReleased: 1994Charted:
  • Lead singer Scott Weiland wrote this song about his relationship troubles and his growing heroin addiction. When he wrote it, he thought about what kind of a liar he had become towards his fiancĂ©, Janina Castaneda, and how he had promised to stay off drugs when they went to Atlanta to record Stone Temple Pilots' second album, Purple. He didn't keep that promise, but in phone calls, would tell Janina that everything was OK.

    The song is written from Janina's perspective, with Weiland imagining her seeing right through his lies.
  • In Stone Temple Pilots appearance on VH1's Storytellers, Scott Weiland explained that the band would travel in a Winnebago that pulled a trailer with their equipment. When band members wanted some quiet, they would go in the trailer with a walkie-talkie. Robert DeLeo was back there with his guitar one day when he came up with the music for the song, and he used the walkie-talkie to call to the band and play it for them. Weiland added: "The words are about the lies I was trying to conceal while making the Purple record."
  • Like many STP songs, the title is not mentioned in the lyric. It was an "Interstate" love in the literal sense because Scott Weiland wrote it in Atlanta while his fiancĂ© was back in California.
  • The band's bass player Robert DeLeo wrote the music to this song. He says it started out as a bossa nova.
  • This is one of Stone Temple Pilots biggest songs. It was huge on the various "Alternative" radio stations that were cropping up in the early '90s, and it also got a lot of airplay on Top 40 stations, where it shared space on playlists with the likes of Gin Blossoms and Sheryl Crow.

    At this time, the band's songs weren't sold as singles in the United States, which encouraged album sales. Their label, Atlantic Records, still meticulously promoted the singles to radio stations in an effort to keep STP on the airwaves as long as possible. Purple went to #1 soon after it was released in June 1994, where it stayed for three weeks. "Big Empty" was the first single, peaking at #50 on the Billboard Airplay chart in July 1994 (Hot 100 rules at the time made songs that weren't sold as singles ineligible for the chart). "Vasoline" went to #38 in August, and "Interstate Love Song" made #18 in December.
  • To play up the liar theme, the music video features a man who emerges into the modern day from a silent film, and finds his nose growing throughout the clip. "Kevin Kerslake," who also did the STP video for "Vasoline," was the director.
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Comments: 28

Jimmy from CA, your crazy Pearl Jam has double the hit albums. VS and Vitalogy.Seth - Shreveport, La
Great song from '94 off their "Purple" album. One of STP's best. Hey, earlier this year (May 2013) the band fired Scott then all was chaos when both sides sued the other! Scott was said to have legal ownership of the STP name, which caused problems for the band. Then months later I heard Scott was doing OK for himself. But not the band. They seemed to go underground or in "hiding" after the lawsuits. What gives? There's still bad blood going on??? Anyway, I still hear this song on this area's alternative rock radio stations. Good for them!Rotunda - Tulsa, Ok
I love this song & STP, even tho it came out in '94 which is way before I was born. Love it though. My Dad & uncle "Horneigh" loved it when it was out in '94 as they attended University of Kansas. They said STP was huge at KU. Lately, STP has been making news for firing Scott who is said to legally own the STP name. Don't know how they can go on without his approval & use the name. Anyway, I love STP mainly because of their popularity on alternative FM radio now. Rock on.Randy - Fayettevile, Ar
Great song, good hook and ear-pleasing rhythm. One of STP's more 'mainstream' songs.Anonymous - Someplace, La
alec Mayes, Berwyn, PA I agree 100% I knew I heard this riff somewhere before and I just now listened to I got a name by Jim croce the riff is identicalBrian - Boston, Ma
also don't forget about tiny music. very under ratedMatt - Houston, Tx
Actually pearl jam has a number of great albums[ten,vs., vitology, etc.] They just weren't as mainstream. Oh well, they still kick a$$.Matt - Houston, Tx
The song that opened my eyes to STP. People used to say that they ripped off Pearl Jam, but PJ had one great album (10), STP had two (Purple & Core).Jimmy - Emeryville, Ca
this song is about opiod enemasJulius - Chicago, Il
After my dad introduced me with STP i suddenly fell in love with a new band(interstate love song fricken owns!!!!!!!!!!!)Eric - Lake Orion, Mi
Purple is the best album ever and Interstate is the best song ever.John - Pittsburgh, Pa
best song off the one of the best hard rock albums of all-timePatrick - Greenville, Sc
I broke up with my fiance and moved to get away from everything and everyone, and on my way here I listened to this song over and over again... I can truly relate to itYes - Bellflower, Ca
stp+ils=super hit (#1 for 15 weeks on Modern Rock chart)Kevin - Memphis , Tn
I love STP! The opening riff to this one is way cool. This tune is perfect for cruisin' down a road or highway with the top down and playing this one full blast baby!!Frank - Brampton, Ontario, Canada
One of the best intros to a rock song in history. this song is touching and sad in the fact that it was inspired by heroinChris - New York, Ny
For a little history on the riff for this song, one must listen to Led Zeppelin's "For Your Life" from the Presence album. For Your Life has to be the inspriration for this song's main riff.Tyrone - San Francisco, Ca
This song is awesome!!! STP were truly one of the great rock bands.Sunshine - Houston, Tx
My favorite STP song. Its such an awesome song. I can listen to it over and over. I practically grew up with STP.Dana - South Range, Wi
I think this is one of the best songs ever made.. Maybe that's just in my opinion. I mean listen to it, what a jam!Tara - Wittenberg, Wi
I heard this songs first in 1994 like the video clips, then i like the melody of the song and now the meaning and reason behind this songs, the song of my life,
daryll, shillong, india
Daryll - Shillong, India
This was the song that got me into STP. It's just full of great hooks and the song has an energy that is not easily matched. Awesome, awesome track. I actually was wondering whether or not Scott's heroin addiction settled in before or after Purple. I was already leaning toward before because the lyrics of "Lounge Fly" just sounds like he's describing a heroin addiction, or just addiction in general.Adrian - Brookings, Sd
It seems to me that the main riff from this song and Jim Croce's "i got a name" are almost identical.Alec Mayes - Berwyn, Pa
I gree with eth. Despite the subject matter, this song seems quite up-tempo, and it has a great beat along with great lyrics.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
love it.it just gives you a feeling of idk a mixture of mello,cool,and wierd love problem...stp rox..i agree with samShelly - Loserville, Nc
Great intro and a classic song.Seth - Hebron, Ky
i cant beleive how few comments STP has on all of there songs. i think they are the most underrated band of the 90s. Interstate Love Song is amazing, one of their best.Sam - Austin, Tx
amazing song...really takes you back to the 90's.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
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