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Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Album: Stadium ArcadiumReleased: 2006Charted:
  • According to lead singer Anthony Kiedis, "Dani" is a representation of every girl that he's come across in his life. "Dani" also appears in the 2002 Red Hot Chili Peppers song "By The Way" and is the "Teenage bride with the baby inside" on their 1999 song "Californication."
  • Bassist Flea, on the music video: "We mainly did eras, not actual people: rockabilly, British Invasion, Psychedelia, Funk, Glam, Punk, Goth, Hair Metal, Grunge, and ourselves being the sum of all those parts." The bands that the Peppers dress up in during the video caused internet debate about who the actual bands were. Though nothing is official, it starts out in a '50s early Rock setting, with Anthony Kiedis dressed as Elvis Presley. It then moves on to a stereotypical British Rock band that you would see on The Ed Sullivan Show in the '60s. They move on to a stereotypical Psychadelic Rock band, then the Funk era. The band is dressed as Parliamant/Funkadelic, complete with Flea dressed as one of his idols, Bootsy Collins, and the P-Funk Mothership stage prop. It moves on to a stereotypical Glam Rock band, then Gothic band, most likely The Misfits based on the way Kiedis is dressed. Then it moves on to the Punk movement, Hair Metal, and Grunge. The Grunge band is one of the more clear bands to identify, as Kiedis is dressed like his friend Kurt Cobain, of Nirvana. It ends with the Peppers as a sum up of all of these bands.
  • This was the first single off Stadium Arcadium, the first Chili Peppers album in 4 years. In a Rolling Stone interview Flea said that the album was, "By far the best thing we've ever done." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bert - Pueblo, NM, for all above
  • This was used in the Japanese film Death Note. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Erik - Fairfield County, CT
  • The guitar part sounds a lot like Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance," prompting speculation that Petty would sue the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In Rolling Stone magazine, Petty said: "I seriously doubt that there is any negative intent there. And a lot of Rock And Roll songs sound alike. Ask Chuck Berry. The Strokes to American Girl (for their song "Last Nite"), and I saw an interview with them where they actually admitted it. That made me laugh out loud. I was like, 'OK, good for you.' It doesn't bother me. If someone took my song note for note and stole it maliciously, then maybe. But I don't believe in lawsuits much. I think there are enough frivolous lawsuits in this country without people fighting over Pop songs."
  • Rick Rubin produced this track. Rubin previously worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their album Blood Sugar Sex Magik. He also produced Tom Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance."
  • The video was directed by Tony Kaye, who also directed the controversial movie American History X starring Edward Norton and the Soul Asylum "missing children" video for "Runaway Train."
  • At the Grammy awards in 2007, this won for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.
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Comments: 195

Tyler you may believe that but it's still my favourite album.Jessica - Cork, Ireland
Anthony didn't exactly write the songs about Dani Ca, but he elaborated on them. Dani Ca is a code name for a real girl... the writer wishes himself and her to remain anonymous. He never wanted to be famous or credit for writing songs. Love of a lifetime, many lifetimes. She was the teenage bride with a baby inside gettin' high off information from Californication, the girl from By the Way, Can't stop - he tried to teach her of the Pleiades, several other songs, Warm Tape, Cmon Girl. Dani ca was on a bad naive path with drug deals & robberies. She didn't die, she's still alive, got her act together. But too sad to say goodbye and rest in peace just mean he had to leave her, one of them was married and I think they're both still broken hearted, longing for the Universe to help them find each other again. Simultaneous release actually is more about Kundalini powerful energy.Justice - Omahaha, Ak
This song is rife with metaphors and multiple meanings. It's about overcoming addictions, ALL addictions. But the primary example cited is a sexual addiction, as Dani represents "all the girls in Anthony's past. When you beat or kill an addiction it's weird but in a way a part of yourself also dies, and a new you is reborn.Michael - Tempe, Az
This song is great! Sooo catchy! Gahhh....Megan - Stevenson, Al
The solo is actually based of Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.Jarek - Minneapolis, Mn
Guys, let me help you!

3-Jimi Hendrix ft Cream (and not Prince..)
4-George Clinton and the Parliament funkadelic band
5-T-rex/ Alice Cooper/ David Bowie (Townshead jump)
6-the Sex Pistols
7-the Misfits
8-Poison/ Motley crue
10- the Red hot chilli peppers
Johan - Amsterdam, Netherlands
stephanie, it's not Green Day... It's Sex Pistols!!!!!.... not Hendrix eitherDea - Cuernavaca, Mexico
i think:
1) Elvis
2) Beatles
3) Jimi Hendrix
4) ?? not sure.
5) Bowie -kinda.
6) Green Day
7) Misfits
8) Motley Crue(GlamBand), Poison(GlamBand) & Aerosmith(Scarf on the microphone & the dance moves)
9) Nirvana
10) Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stephanie - Hartford, Ct
no joe, this song isnt about one girl.
its about the collection of girls he has come across in his life, and stadium arcadium is for the most part a terrbile album
they've really lost their old punk rock funk they once had
Tyler - Los Angeles, Ca
dani california is a song about a poor girl who has a tough life, much like the song "maria maria" by santana. i beleive the reason she died was either killed by a cop or of a drug overdose.Joe - El Paso, Tx
great solo, i think that the best solo ever, though, is from "we will rock you" by QueenNate - Syrause, Ny
This song was featured in the video game Rock Band.And yes I did like this song before the game came out.Austin - Smallsville,new England, --
just an awesome guitar solo too. what do other people think of the solo? I haven't heard a better one on a top pop song in a long time.Mark - Worcester, Mi
this is my alltime favorite song, and the song that made me start listening to the rhcp, my alltie favorite band.

so thanks, rock band :]
Kayleigh - Sitka, Ak
I think this song is about a girl who becomes a bank robber or something and at the end she dies.Austin - Smallsville,new England, --
well, I listen to this song alot, "mainly because it one of my faforit ones to sing in ROCK BAND!" lol.but when I listen to the words It does remind me of a modern day Bonnie & clyde story.I mean shes a reabel,toting a .45 cal pistol, robbing in differnt states, till the catch up to her in N datota.where thers a BIG shoot-out. its kinda ovious! Right ?Juan - Los Angeles, Ca
I love seeing arguments about who their dressed up as, and everyone thinking the funk scene is KISS. (other than Nirvana), that's the most obvious one. It's P-Funk. Flea is wearing a Bootsy Collins outfit, and the Mothership is in the video. I'm unsure how anyone can think it's anything other than P-Funk. Maybe they just dont know any funk legends.Bert - Pueblo, Nm
Terry, Ottawa, ON, 45 year old men look different in socks then 25 year old boys. It's not fun anymore, they just look troubled. They grew up. I'd suggest to you that nothing is more boring then a band that doesn't grow. If you keep making the same record, it gets very old, very quick.Mark - Worcester, Mi
The Drummer looks like Will Ferrell Drew Rodriguwz - Dearborn, Mi
The first is elvis and his band, the second is the beatles, the third is either Hendrix or Stereotypical Psychadelia, the fourth is obviously Parliament Funkadelic, the fifth is either an overview of glam or is supposed to be Iggy pop and other artists, the sixth is the sex pistols, seventh is the misfits, eigth is either poison or motley crue, ninth is nirvana(of course)and lastly themselvesKyean - St. Louis Park, Mn
The second band is definately the Beatles btw. I mean they are using almost the exact same instruments, most obviously Flea as Paul. He is definately playing Paul's bass.Waffles - Lafayette, La
I love this song because its really fun in spite of the depressing stages that the banmates had to go through. I totally love the band impressions. They did an awsome one of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. Me and all the 13 yr olds are totally digging this song in my class
ROCK ON!!!!!! :)
Grungeluver - Dease Lake, Bc
OKAY. I agree the first one IS Elvis. The 2nd one has to be the Beatles. 3rd one is Hendrix. The 4th to me, is a mix of Kiss (bass player), Aerosmith(guitar player), and Queen(lead singer). 5 looks like bowie. 6 would be Sex Pistols & Green Day. 7 metallica and the Cure. 8 Motley Crue and Def Leppard. 9 is obviously Nirvana and 10 is them now!Melissa - Lorton, Va
wow i never knew that dani was a reference to ever girl he's coem across..i knida wish there could be an elaboration, like is it good encounters, annoying ones, all different idk just curious, oh yea by the way i know my names dylan but im really a chick, if i ever had the oppertunity to hit up this lead singer..i effing wouldDylan - Oneida, Wi
Frusciante's solos have an eerily simplistic beauty on a level that no other modern guitarist can match. It's a travesty that people compare him to John Mayer. Mayer would never be able to play the solo on Lyon 6.6.06, because he doesn't have the technical ability or the soulful instincts. Dani California is often criticized as a sell-out mainstream song, but Frusciante really does some amazing work on it with the phaser. He's brilliant. End of story.Teejay - Seattle, Wa
I've listened to the Peppers pretty much since their birth. Saw them a number of times in clubs ranging from 200 patrons to 1000. And this song and this album is pretty much wretched. Anthony can still write there's just little drama and power. Flea is still phenomenal but I can't believe he said this is their best cd (which would be Uplift Mofo Party Plan). He must be back on smack. These dudes need sharpen the hard rock funk, get naked, get socks on their dorks and slam it. If not go home and sit on their cash. Also if you're interested Anthony wrote a biography in the last year or two. they weren't a band to take home for dinner.
-- Terry, Ottawa, California
Terry - Ottawa, On
This is the first Chili Peppers song I ever heard, and I loved it. The words just flow together so brilliantly, I had to think "what is this about?" instead of just saying "oh, it's just another love song"Blake - Chico, Ca
North Dakota man (police or bounty hunter, most likely) gunning for the (kill/capture) quota. Hope that clears things up.Matt - Wichita, Ks
"North Dakota man was gunnin' for the quota?" What does that line mean?Matthew - Milford, Ma
I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but in the Sex Pistols part, Anthony kinda looks like Ben Stiller.Rob - Storm Lake, Ia
this songs pretty good PS. Aerosmith,Nickelback,Finger11 and ,The White Stripes are all comin to Prince Edward Island this summer !Dave - Cornwall, United States
some unpopular but great red hot chili peppers songs are "we believe" and "tear"Stephen - Claymont , De
when does this """album""" come outStephen - Claymont , De
really?? a new album?? sweet cause RHCP's are greatStephen - Claymont , De
they already talked aBOUt making a new album so cross that one outRobby - None Of Your Business, Ak
does this song stand for the last red hot chili peppers song???>>>>california rest in peace??Stephen - Claymont , De
who cares its back to the 80's but we all grew up, staduim arcadium is all 21st century, what we wanted to be but couldn;t, we are now 40 plus, seen it, done it, got the T-shirt, wrote the book, wrote the movie, want moreTricia - Edinburgh, Scotland
Joe, from Minnesota. You may very well, be right. Though, when I saw them in St. Paul Chad told Anthony to convey the message to the crowd that he was thankful for his mom. Being born there... Or something like that.Jon - West Bend, Ia
LittleWing, Melbourne, Australia

he's right about buddy holly... the only one who mentions the crickets here, because in the video, they are the ones represented, whom of course are in some way represented by The Beatles!

Martuuuu - Capital Federal, Argentina
I know I'm not the first one to say this but rhcp were not impersonating original artists, just eras. Can you get that through your heads?C-man - Somewhere, Ny
"Push the fader...
Never made it up to Minnesota" I think this line is a referance to the Beatles.

in their song Day in the Life they had to "push the fader" to recored the last bit of sound on the last chord. the Beatles were also kicked out of Minnesota beacause they thought they were coruptingthe youth. Also on a similar note the Rolling Stones were ingored completely in Exelcior{Ignore spelling) MN and that's where he wrote You Can't Always get What You Want.
Joe - Ep, Mn
Who cares about the damn video why dont we talk about the song?George - Richmond , Va
in my personal opinion, the first is Elvis. 2. looks like the Beatles and Buddy Holly/Cricktts. 3 looks like Sgt. Pepper or as some have mentioned, Hendrix would work too. 4 looks like a mix between Kiss and Funkadelic. 5 is Bowie, no doubt. 6 is the Pistols, 7 is Misfits. The 8 looks like the glam rock stuff. Smith kinda looks like AJ Perro from Twisted Sister and you can tell the links to Aerosmith, WASP, Motley Crue and Van Halen. Nine is Nirvana, great Kurt Cobain reference. and the last is the Chili Peppers themselvesTommy - Venice Beach, Ca
The Chili Pepper's guitarist John Frusciante said in an interview that said that since the solo in this song was the only one that wasnt completely improvised on the album, he would pay tribute to Hendrix by using the riff to purple haze in the solo, but moving it into another key (A instead of B) and changing the 4th note.Michael - Carmel, In
This song's EP is a good one. I reccomend you listen to the track "Whatever We Want". The best of the three new EPs (Snow (Hey Oh) EP, Tell Me Baby EP, Dani California EP) is definately Snow (Hey Oh) EP.Dawson - Draper, Ut
I can balive people cant fingure out its the misfitsJim - Clarmore, Ok
its a good song even if the begining sounds like "mary jane's last dance" and the ending sounds like "purple haze"Daniel - Cincinnatti, Or
Wow. I read some of these comments, and they're fussin bout who they're imitating in the video! Who really cares who they are? It's a funny and creative video and that's all that matters.Jessie - Coffee County, Tn
Dani has robbed a bank, twice, even. At the end she's getting shot for that. 'Dani rest in peace'.Esther - Sauwerd, Netherlands
Julian - Atlanta, Ga
i think that this song is very overrated...there are way better songs on the new albumEthan - San Leandro, Ca
I disagree j osborne, the ending solo sounds alot more like Jimi Hendrix.Sam - Portsmouth, Va
The last guitar solo sounds a lot like a solo Jimmy page (led zeppelin in case you dont know) performed live for the song "In the Evening" on their last tour in 1980, Europe. check it out. Frusciante is a very talented guitarist, I saw rhcp a month ago and thought Frusciante was awesome. So was Flea, Chad and Anthony for that matter.J Osborne - Birmingham, England
D.Cal is about a girl who lived to hard,to fast, to soon.i think the chrous is a deacation to her and that its losely based on kurt cobain(only hurts when i laugh,gone to fast).hes also named in californcation.o i just thought since its been said that this a song about every girl in is life and he wants to settle down, maybe this could be a farewell to his womaniseing(?) ways and and wants some one with common sence,not "robbing all the banks"(that way gone to fast is saying hes not quite willing to give it up)lol...Shelly - Loserville, Nc
nope, it's definitly the misfits.Samantha - Boston, Ma
why in the hell would rammstein be in the video?
Flea said that band they did was the goth era, wasn't rammstein metal?
Bert - Pueblo, Nm
scholors maintain that this song is about goats who had sex with men giving them aids and the men who got aids died came back to life and started screwing cows with baseball bats. one of those men left one of the bats laying around and a cat smelled it got aroused and started pulling hot chics every day til he died of aids in 1972. there was a massive funeral!Mario - Paulsboro, Nj
The dark more scarier band is NOT misfits, its rammstein, im a huge rammstein fan, (went berserk when my mate sold my ticket to the big day out concert they were at, true story)and i have at least eight friends who love them as much as me. My mate told me bout this filmclip and said he reckoned they were doing rammstein and then i saw it and went its them and a bunch of people i know also think its rammstein.Hamish - Melbourne, Australia
It's not NIN, it goes in chronological order, and Anthony Kiedis is wearing the Misfits gloves with the skeleton outline. He looks dead on like the Misfits lead singer. Other than Nirvana, that is the most obvious bandBert - Pueblo, Nm
It isn't the cure or the misfits, it is Nine Inch Nails. Check their live videos from And All That Could Have Been toursKyle - City, Ky
The first band is Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The 1st hair band is Poison. The other is Motley Crue cuz they have the 2 lines of eye-black under each eye like The Crue didCochise - Boston, Ma
I think it is the Beatles, like it was Paul playing bass, but that guy looked chubby and had glasses.
Paul wasn't chubby and didn't have glasses
Joey - Nowhere Land, Ca
The Red Hot Chili Peppers were imitating different styles in the music video...NOT particular bands. If you look at it in that perspective, it makes the video much funnier and creative.Erik - Fairfield County, Ct
I think that the second band is not the beatles but the guys who died on the airplane crash had the song american pie sung about themRob - Pretoria
So people are arguing about the third band, some say it's Cream, some say it's Jimi Hendrix but I think it's Jethro Tull.Jojo - I.e., Ca
I think the guitar solo at the end sounds a lot like Prince's guitar solo at the end of Let's go Crazy.Grayson - Cleveland, Oh
This is such a good song, i wish i could download it fore free.Tyler - Hampton, Ia
You'd have to be pretty thickheaded to think that RHCP would tribute people like Avril or Greenday. RHCP are infinitely betterDama - Pretoria, South Africa
the guitar solo is totally identical to the intro to Hendrix's Purple Haze,Great song!!!!!Angelo - Las Vegas, Nv
My standouts on Stadium Arcadium so far besides Dani California are Snow, Hump de Bump, Slow Cheetah, Warlocks, and Wet Snow on the first CD. Tell me Baby, Hard to Concentrate, ReadyMade, If, and Storm in a Teacup on the 2nd CD. the Whole thing is pretty freakin' awesome though...Grayson - Cleveland, Oh
Next fav song - my fav is BY THE WAY i love it ;o)Lauren - Durban, South Africa
how funny would it have been if there was a tom petty reference in the videoNorman - Detroit, Mi
I think new rock radio stations are required to play this once a day. At least.Johnny - Los Angeles, Ca
Grayson from Cleveland were you drunk when you typed the last imitation was the New Kids on the Block? And where do you put the incredibly clear and good imitation of a four-headed Liverputlian band called The Beatles (in black & white)?Daan - Tegelen, Netherlands
The beginning guitar music (idk what to call it) sorta sounds like it...i heard about it on ohios best rock qfmMia - Wellston, Mi
At the end RHCP are not portraing Avril Lavinge or Greenday. They are doing theirselves, BUT the way Keidis is dressed and dancing reflects the way Angus Young used to perform at Ac/Dc comcerts.Kristi - West Monroe, La
theres a song by tom petty called mary janes last dance that sounds very similar to this.Kevin - Quebec, Canada
I find it quite irritating the number of people here, who don't recognize the red asterisk from the Californiacation video. It?s not Green Day, Avril, or Pearl Jam, it?s the RHCP, as the RHCP.James - Alden, Ny
video order: 1. Nat King Cole 2. the Supremes 3. the Osmonds 4. the Charlie Daniels Band 5. Motorhead 6. Dixie Chicks 7. NSync 8. RUN - DMC 9. the Go Gos and finally New Kids on the Block. it's that simple.

really, it's only a video.
Grayson - Cleveland, Oh
the character Dani California is actually a RHCP stalker. their email or log in name was dani california. there just singing about her or what they knew about her. and who cares about what bands or genres they show or pay tribute to in the film clip its just a great clip, and if you have a close look they have the RHCP sign in every part of it.Angela - Perth, Australia
mk well i dont really have anything to say about this video except for 1) did you ever think that when they did hendrix and nirvana without them playing guitars...maybe it would be because anthony keidis doesnt play the guitar??? lyke im not a hardcore fan or anything but reading all that is just like..um come on. and the thing about RHCP playing themselves at the end...um they are themselves...and their not "paying tribute" they are themselves. and they arent doing greenday either. if they were, they'd ALL be dressed like greenday, annd billie joe never acts like that.Sara - Rochester, Il
1-Elvis 2-Beetles 3-jimi hendrix 4-??some 70s band looks like axl rose but i am sure its not?? 5-David bowie 6-Sex pistols 7-no clue some creepy stuff 8-POISON DUH 9-Nirvana 10-Greenday i am guessing

Pretty sure this is right except for 7 and 4!
Lacie - Whitefish, Mt
Couldn't they have copied a better Tom Petty song than the tiresome 'Last Dance'? But it's not IDENTICAL to Last Dance, the lyrics are different, and some of the chords in the bridge are a bit different. The verse part, however, is basically identical.Liquid Len - Ottawa, Canada
this song is amazing. that's all there is to it.Emily - Lv, Nj
Good song...I like how it has a 60/70ish tune to it!!!Lacie - Whitefish, Mt
actually, they show "kurt" not playing the guitar is this video because kiedis doesn't play the guitar in RHCP. its pretty simple.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
i would like to agree that it is era specific and they are focusing on eras that influenced rock, and from what I believe, their style of rock so i would make sense that they end with them. RHCP back in the days of freaky styley wore the 3/4 pants and the hair in the face and the striped tie... avril and green day are copying them...take another look...the bass drum and the wall both have the RHCP insignia on it.Becca - Washington, Dc
The Shadows/ Buddy Holly
Beatles - Sgt Pepper's
Steve Tyler - Aerosmith
David Bowie/Alice Cooper
Sex Pistols
Iggy Popp/ Rammstein
David Lee Roth - Van Halen
RHCP/Pearl Jam

The performance is very like Eddie Vedder.

Think it is not so much about EXACTLY who but the era and it's influence on music. Everyone is going to put their own interpretation on who is being portrayed in the music video.
Littlewing - Melbourne, Australia
Avril Lavigne?, The Used? come on people!! it is obvious that they did not picture exact bands or exact situations although they did come close to exact bands at times (Beatles - P-FunK - Nirvana unplugged) but they also blended quite a bit - Cream with Hendrix and FRANK ZAPPA!! but Kurt Cobain played guitar on the entire unplugged show except for the 2 or 3 songs that the Meat Puppets played on("kurt did not play cause he was tired" hahaha)Pattonzappa - Nicoville, Switzerland
Okay, this is what I have gotten.
Beatles (Ed Sullivan Show)
Buddy Holly
Shows like Ready, Steady, Go and the Smothers
Monterey Pop Festival (Whole Set Up
w/psychedelic lights and all)
Jimi Hendrix
Cream (Both Jack Bruce on Bass and Eric Clapton
on guitar)
John Lennon (the glasses seem very lennon-like)
Parliment Funkadelic
Elton John (no doubt!!)
Axl Rose??? (long hair and headband)
David Bowie
Ozzy Osbourne
Pete Townshend!! (The JUMP!!)
British Invasion
The Who (Keith Moon!!)
"Goth" Rock
Marilyn Manson??
Hair Metal
Van Halen
Aerosmith (Steven Tyler's scarf around Mic)
Motley Crue (Vince Neil no doubt!)
"Grunge" Rock
Nirvana (Kurt Cobain)
Green Day??
Themselves (RHCP)

Okay, that was fun!! Please post if you see anything I missed. I'm not too good with the "Goth" Rock and that era.
Emily - Columbus, Oh
I heard that the song is actully about a stripper..named dani california...and apperently she died..hense the "california rest in peace" i dunno thats what i heard....hmmmTara - New York, Ny
No no no! we are all arguing over the wrong things! what we should be saying is what band tributes did not make the cut for this video but should have because they had a big impact on the history of rock and roll. bands like Pink Floyd, Blink 182, Korn, Slipknot, Hootie & the Blowfish, the Clash, Ben Folds Five, Ac/Dc, Weezer, Sublime, and Reel Big Fish could have easily been put in there. im tired of seeing the same old list of bands in the escalating genres on this post page.Adam - St. Louis, Mo
Ok, RHCP does not act as different bands, but tribute the different eras. In this they have chosen to dress up as people from these eras. First we have Elvis(duh), second comes the
Beatles. I think this i where people start to argue. This next one is infact a mix, we have Jimi hendrix( yes it is true, he plays without a guitar, but that did actually happen once or twice. The rest of that band is cream(maybe "jimi hendrix" too).
The fourth is Parliment Funkadelic. Fifth we have DAvid Bowie, no doubt about it. After that comes The Sex Pistols. Its quite obvious actually. Next is the Mistfits. then its Hair metal...haha...just look at the hair:P
After this its time for Nirvana. AT the unplugged in NY, Kurt didnt play guitar in many songs. He was tired at the moment and therefor hired Pat Smear. I did wonder why they chose to not show "Dave Grohl", but I think its because they wanted t focus on Kurt. Keidis knew Kurt very well, and was deeply shaken by his death.
Then the big fending. Here RHCP plays as themselves. Its NOT because of the RHCP logo, because that is shown in the back of the Elvis part too. Its because of how they dress...Ever seen live at slane castle?! well..see that and you will see. Still if it for some reason is not RHCP its Pearl Jam, NOT Ratm, Green day or Avril...
Christian - Kr.sand, Norway
According to a quote by Flea in a magazine realeased this month, the parts of the video are more or less eras rather then actual people. Although some of their "eras" are obvious impersonations of bands. But these are the eras...Rockabilly, British Invasion, Psychedelia, Funk, Glam, Punk, Goth, Hair Metal, Grunge, and the Current Chili Peppers being the sum of all that.Brian - Hudson, Fl
very few, if any, misses on the new CD. and it's a double CD! pure genious.

p.s. enough about the video, it's a freakin' video, who cares?
Grayson - Cleveland, Oh
this is they're best yet.The music video is pretty weird but cool.Victoria - Tucson, Az
@ Isaac:
There's no band called "San Francisco Psychedelics." I'm assuming you made a typo when you wrote "Psychodelics," but I checked anyway and there's no band called "San Francisco Psychodelics."

In the 60s San Francisco was one of the main (if not the main) centres of psychedelia and drug culture in the late 60s, so that may have been what they were referring to.
Spencer - Los Angeles, Ca
Not only is the RHCP logo in the background at the end, but they wore that same clothing on some of their appearances, including Saturday Night Live. They also do crazy stuff like that when they play live. I don't think they'd imatate Pearl Jam for their live shows. :-P

And I've never heard of the band San Francisco, but apparenlty they look exactly like The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Spencer - Los Angeles, Ca
The ending solo sounds like a rip off of "purple haze" by Hendrix.

Also I think the symbolism behind dressing up as the greatest bands in history and then being themselves at the end is to show they The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are part of this history and are side-by-side with the best.
Guitargod - Melbourne, Australia
Could the fact that they used their ideas from different PERIODS that they could have combined different things from a period? If they didn't give out the names of the bands that could mean they had ideas from every period that they liked and put it into the video. Just an idea though.Kelsey - Bad Axe, Mi
and chris, this video was not meant to be a satire. its a tribute. john even got angry and one of the cameramen during the shooting because he thought it was funny.Isaac - Austin, United States
In the behind the scenes vid of dani california they revealed what each band was that they were imitating, the one that appeared to be jimi hendrix experience was a band called san francisco psychodelics, and a lot of them were not actually modeled after a certain band, but a certain genre, such as the british punk, goth and grunge partsIsaac - Austin, United States
i think in the video, anthony is hendrix not prince or whoever, he has the same hair and the jacket he wears is the same style hendrix wore. in that same scene john i think is eric clapton from the cream era because he is playing the gibson "fool" sg.Darren - Philly, Pa
I hope everyone knows Kurt did sometimes sing and only sing.Ecspecially after hiring PAt Smear, and also if you look closley theirs an acoustic and the same attire Kurt wore in the MTV Unplugged special in New York.Also the Axl attire in the near intro would make no sence he didnt hit big until the late 80s (Wich he started around too) so it's more then likley ozzy if you've seen him alittle after the APranoid album he started to where a white set up liek that.Corey - Nashua, Nh
It's a good song but it's going to ruin The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Remember Beverly Hills? Weezer is ruined now.Tony - Albany, Ny
Good song.

By far not their best. It's slightly overated. Songs like Under the Bridge, Scar Tissue, Otherside are their best
David - Guelph, Canada
they are themselves at the end. their freakin' logo is behind Chad! and their biggest influence is obviously Parliament. but who cares, it's just an f'n video!

excellent song from an excellent album
Grayson - Cleveland, Oh
The verse of this song was "stolen" from Last Dance With Mary Jane by Tom Petty. The guitar and the drum beats match almost exactly.D - Edmonton
It goes Elvis,The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix,Funkadelic,Bowie,The Sex Pistols,Misfits,Hair Metal,Nirvana,Then Its Obviously If u Look Pearl Jam, They are wearing grunge clothes and anthony is doing eddie vedder moves going crazy on the stage... There i settled it!Donovan - Victoria, Canada
1. It's not Pearl Jam at the end. Do you realize how many times A.K. has dressed in grunge-like clothing.

2. Why does everyone want to insist the funk scene is something like Kiss? Is it because they haven't ever heard of Parliament-Funkadelic? That's only the Peppers' biggest musical influence!!! IT'S P-FUNK PEOPLE!
Bert - Pueblo, Nm
Rocko. I can relate. At first I thought he was immitating the used. Then someone told me it was current Day RHCP. And I realized it was themDavid - Guelph, Canada
I Thought at the end of the song he was pretending to be Burt from The Used... anyone else see this?Rocko - Kingston, Canada
This Is Not The Current RHCP at the end of the Video Its Most Obviously Pearl Jam With All The Wacky Movments That Eddie Vedder Would Do!!!Donovan - Victoria, Canada
Wow it is unbelievable to me that any of you would think that RHCP would pay tribute to Avril Avign. I mean come on, think about it. There music is in no way similar and RHCP is much better then Avril and have been around soooooooo much longer anyway. It is without a doubt RHCP themselves. The symbol in the background is an asterice or however you spell it. Just check out the RHCP Greatest Hits. The freekin symbol is everywere. And besides they arent paying tribute to themselves they are just THEMSELVES. If you havent noticed most bands paly themselves in music videos.Sam - Austin, Tx
There is no way that the hair metal band is Montly Crue. Vince was the only blonde in the band.Melissa - Indianapolis, In
wouldnt the part with the british flag be Def Leppard i dunno thats what i thoughtBrent - Moosic, Pa
The Song name was called Mary Jane's Last Dance.

And in my opinion it is a case of what I would call "Subconcial (spelling?) Plagiarism" Meaning its Tom Petty's Bass Line and rythem. But the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn't say "WOW GREAT SONG. LETS COPY IT!" They thought they created a great rythem. Not knowing they heard it before.

And the 2 songs are totally different when the singing starts.
David - Guelph, Canada
I totally thought that one of the people were Prince, but I guess I was wrong. Did you guys here about the plagiarism claim relating to Tom Petty's one song Mary something?..Chauncey - Niagara Falls, Ny
Ok, to all those wondering the order of the bands. 1. Elvis 2. Beatles (the hofner bass and rickenbacker guitar are dead giveaways). 3. Jimi Hendrix. 4. Parliament and Funkadelic. 5. The New York Dolls. 6. The Sex Pistols. 7. The Misfits, not Rammstein. 8. Poison. 9. Nirvana. and the last band is the Chili Peppers as themselves, not as Avirl or Green Day.John - West Babylon, Ny
OK everybody here is the correct lineup for the video. 1.Elvis 2. Beatles 3. Jimi Hendrix 4.David Bowie/Alice Cooper 5.Parliament/Funkadelic 6.Sex Pistols 7.Misfits 8.Hair metal, 9.Nirvana (unplugged era) 10. Present day Red Hot Chilil Peppers. By the way, they've been around longer than Green Day. First disc came out in early 1980's. But didn't become really popular until 1988 or 1989when they did higher ground.

you're welcome.
Matt - Hinesville, Ga
I am lmao that people think rhcp would pay tribute to green day and avril lavigne, of course they are themselves, hence the 30 foot asterix in the background.Dave - London, England
Does anyone think that Phil Lynot from Thin Lizzy is the "Princy" looking guy with the tamborine? Who is it?Julie - Ny, Ny
Yeah, you're probably right with Misfits, but me as a big Rammstein fan think that Anthony's gestures in the goth/wathever-bit looks quite the way Till from Rammstein acts :) MAybe I'm wrong jus wanted to say what i noticedKathy - Karben, Germany
The video clearly ends with RHCP I can't believe you people are having this argument. The symbol in the background is the RHCP logo. And all of the outfits being wosn are extremely common for the band at there shows, such as Chads jumpsuit and Anthonys tie. Pick up live at slan castle for some proof.
p.s. why would they be paying tribute to Avril Lavigne
Mitch - St. Louis, Mo
Alright, there seems to be a lot of dispute about the last band. In my opinion, it is the RHCP. It is slightly reminiscent of Green Day, however, his performance is NOTHING like Billie Joe's. And as for the Stadium Arcadium symbol shown during the last style being remeniscent of Avril, Avril's thing is simply an X, and RHCP's is simply an asterisk with the band name going around it. At Ellis Island, when you immigrated and they thought you were a bit coo-coo up top, they might put an X on your coat. I think that could be what it means. Sorry, Avril fans, that's just my opinion.Jake Simonds-malamud - Atlanta, Ga
in addition...if any of u have ever seen avril perform on stage....she does the same stuff...and also the drummer in her band plays topless sumtimesSarah - Oshawa, Canada
without a doubt, the last band is avril and her band, if u pay attention to the symbol in the background, its her trademark for under my skin, ecxept they had to put a line thru it so they wouldn't get sued. then the way he's dressed with the tieSarah - Oshawa, Canada
the last part of the video is definately RHCP because they played live recently and were dressed pretty much the same as that and anthony was jumping around the same as in the videoDoug - Balintore, Scotland
You know, towards the end when they're "doing themselves" or whatever, there's that part where they do a close up on Anthony's face, and everything about that (the gloves, the mic, the way he's holding the mic) looks EXACTLY like NIN, march of the pigs.Lisa - Columbus, Oh
anyone who thinks the last band is avril lavigne look at the big circular thing hanging behind them while they are playing. there is no way that is anyone but RHCP themselves.

i think the others are all different collaborations like they took specific bands but mixed them and each person took who they liked the most from that specific era to imitate. whatever it is supposed to be though both the song and the video are awesome.
Richie - Cincinnati, Oh
Seriously people, there is no KISS in there, there's parliament and the misfits, but no KISSTyler - Superior, Mt
but what about RAMMSTEIN????Elina - Riga, Europe
im not saying that i agree with that being jimi hendrix in the video BUT... a lot of peoples arguments against it were that hes not playing a guitar when jimi played his own guitar... but that is contradicted because kurt cobain played his own guitar too and did so on mtv unplugged... but hes not playing it int he video either... just watned to point that outNate - Pw
In the June 2006 issue of UK Classic Rock magazine, Flea was quoted as saying, "We mainly did eras, not actual people: rockabilly, British Invasion, 60s psychedelic, glam, funk, punk, goth, hair metal, grunge, and ourselves being the sum of all those parts".
(not RATM or Avril...)
Thank you : )
Monica - Boro , Tx
The majority of the video is in chronological order of bands that influenced the chili peppers, with the end being what the chilis have become today, a band completely its own. they arent spoofing anyone and it's pretty easy 2 tell because they dont have similar costumes or outfits. everyone is just wearing what defines them the most. that's all i have to sayJosh - New York, Ny
I really doubt that the last band in the video is green day. The artists in th video are the ones who influenced the chili peppers. If they were imitating green day the rest of the band would be dressed stupidly as well. Nirvana is included because they were friends with the band and as they have wrote a few songs mentioning nirvana, id say it shaped the peppers sound anyway. The cure is not in the video is definately the misfits or danzig and anyone who thinks otherwise would be considered clueless by many peoples standards.Manuel - Puerto Rico, United States
THIS SONG ROCKS! With a passion man, witha passion. It starts of with something a lot like Elvis, then the British Invasion, the 60's (Nuff sed), then i think disco, don't know who they were after that, some goth, some grunge. Its cool, its cool. BUT THIS SONG ROCKS!Andrew - Wimauma, Fl
As far as the meaning of the song, I thought I saw something about suicide in there somewhere. Doubt it, seems she was gunned down in north dakota, as the lyrics seem to note.Steven - Reynoldsburg, Oh
OK the last band is RHCP ... dont u see the sign in the background?!?! And as for Josh down at the bottom it says the name of the song is californication ... finish reading it first ...Aaron - Greeneville, Tn
first of all... excelent song.
secondly....agreeing with chris on the whole nirvana buissnes...long live nirvana!
thirdly. i'd like to point out that GreenDay front man billy does not wear 3/4 legnthjeans. Have you ever seen him in them? Plus his tie is plain, not stripey.
And why would RHCP be making a tribute video about themselvs? thats just weird.
I have come to the conclusion that the last dress up was actually Avril Lavigne. You may ask yourself why would he be dressing up as her but in the style sense (stripey tie, 3/4 legnths) and the way he moves around the stage (he jumps around) its totally her. Thats my theory anyways. Anyone care to oppose?
Peace Out
Erran - London, England
in spite of the striped tie i'm sure the last one is supposed to be the current red hots..each band member is wearing their 'typical' outfit. john always wears the checked shirts, flea is 905 of the time shirtless, chad always wears hats (apparently to hide his receeding hairilne) and the sleeveless blue shirts..and anthony..well i'll admit the tie is new but the three quarter pants and stuff...definitely not greenday or ratm or whatever.Ash - Perth, Australia
But what about RAMMSTEIN? it is like totally from the video Du hast or Buch dich.
And GREENDAY is there.. before the real RHCP. Just a small part - there is that USA flag and they appear like from the video American Idiot.
Elina - Riga, Europe
the third band is CREAM.Indigo - Place, Ca
Indigo - Place, Ca
2. buddy holly
3. prince and the beatles
4.gun and roses
5.alice cooper
7.the misfits
8.the cure
Crew - Ends Town, Ga
I don't think anyone pointed this out so I will. One of the repeating phrases in the solo is a lot alike (or if not the same) as the intro riff to Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze". It's easy to not notice because of the rest of the music, it's just a whole 'nother song. John Frusciante rips off a lot of artists but I prefer to think of it as "nods acknowledging his influences".Manuel - Puerto Rico, United States
I knew when I first heard this song that it reminded me of something else I'd already heard... and when someone said "Mary Jane's Last Dance", I thought... how true! Well, let the lawsuits begin...Wilfred - Melbourne, Australia
On the internet you can find a part of a radioprogam which gives the observation that Dani-California is a kind of a cover of a hit which was made by Tom Petty, Mary Jane's Last Dance... You don't need very good ears to hear itTimo - Leiden, Netherlands
I quote:
And no, they're not dressing up as green day, green day are dressing up as them

I didnt see that anyone said anything about Green Day.
Also, you dont understand something.
Billie Joe Armstrong has worn black and red since the start of Green Day's career 17 years ago.
The whole band started wearing tuxes and ties to accomidate American Idiot, which is a punk rock opera.
Bob - Rio Vista, Ca
The band is most definately poison, the drummer (rikki rockett) was the only non blond in the band, and his hair is red just like the video. Weird huh. the dress and the way the hair is fixed is classic poison and anyone who thinks its motely crue must not know a think about them. When did tommy lee have red hair and nikki sixx or mick mars have blond. Duh people.Chris - Union, Mo
To go back to the candle going out when the "kurt cobain time period" is shown. Every single genre is shown at least twice throughout the entire video except the kurt cobain sequence where as soon as the candle goes out you no longer see another scene with the grunge rock. giving credence to the belief it is a tribute to kurt and his life ending.Andrew - New York, Ny
to chris from canton. i agree. kiedis was a huge fan of kurt cobain. the song tearjerker is about kurt and was written in the carribian (or some exotic place) when kiedis first heard that kurt was dead. so this "hidden tribute" could easily be a tribute to that. moreover, in the song californication kurt is also mentioned.Vestyjr - Copenhagen, Denmark
hte last band in the video is the red hot chili peppers. why would they dress up as RATM or Green Day? the whole video is a representation of all the great bands through the years, and then, at the end, the RHCP come onto the screen. thats the general interpretation. the song is about all the girl that Kiedis has dated, and believe me, it's alot. just read scar tissue. now, about the issue of how "this album is the best/it sucks." music is a universal language that transports a message directly to your soul. the vibrations that you feel and what it makes you think are all up to you. you can never say something is bad because it is simply your own opinion. maybe Flea thinks that it is the best work he has ever produced, but maybe you dont think so. Flea is best at being Flea, and you are best at being you. its kind of the same thing. so just stay open minded and try to open your sould up to the vibrations. try to understand the music.Vestyjr - Copenhagen, Denmark
Wait a minute....I was wrong about number 7. Not Marilyn Manson, its the Misfits.Lauren - Sarnia , Canada
The first band is Elvis Presley, the second band is not Beatles pop era it is Buddy Holly...the square glasses and suits are a dead giveaway. Third is the Beatles Srgt Pepper Era, fourth is George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, not Jimi Hendrix. Boy George is number 5, the makeup and top hat are symbolic of Boy George and the hair is the same length as where Bowie usually kept his short. 6 is the Sex Pistols, 7th is Marilyn Manson. 8th is Motley crue or Hair. 9th is a tribute to Nirvana, and 10th is the Peppers themselves. The symbolism is that the bands shown are all an influence on the sound that the Peppers have currently.Lauren - Sarnia , Canada
Of course... #4 could be George Clinton and perhaps Bootsy Collin.Ellen - Aarhus, Denmark
I think we agree on the first two. Now I believe that RHCP has picked specific artists. Just look at Nirvana - it's just the one band, not a whole

The the 3rd scene - Jimmi Hendrix usually, or always, plays guitar. I see no guitar. I thought prince right away, but it doesn't go with the timeline, I think. I don't know when he started.

Okay, so no matter what number four ISN'T Guns N' Roses! Axl do wear tight pants, but would never dream of wearing that. And again it doesn't go with the timeline.
Plus honestly KISS? There's not anything at all in the scene that even comes close to KISS. If you're thinking of the guy at the left, it's not even close to anything the guys from KISS have worn. And the glasses look more like elton john to be honest.

#5 looks a lot like David Bowie.
#6 Sex Pistols - hell yeah.
#7 Not just goth, but Marilyn Manson. I've seen pictures of him in concert, it's a splitting image.
#8 Good old glam rock. Looks a bit like Poison perhaps.
#9 Motley Crue it seems.
#10 Ladies and gentlemen: Nirvana
#11 I don't know what RHCP look like in concert, but this reminds me of Green Day or Avril... sorry.
Ellen - Aarhus, Denmark
oh n the songs AMAZIN' n the album as a whole is even betterEmma - Wakie, England
I also think that the Chilis do Aerosmith in part of the video... but one problem, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry don't have, and never had, blonde hair!!! *shrugs* Aerosmith??? or not???Emma - Wakie, England
I know this isnt a common thougt, but try and see 10 as Rage against the machine.
- Red Symbol (I know its the RHCP, bu be open minded)
- Franticaly dancing singer- like Zac De la Rocha
- Hat wearing drummer
- topless guiar player
These things always remind me of RATM.
PS whether it is RATM of RHCP it is cerntinly not Green Day - simply the look greenday trys to copy.
Xavier - Melbourne, Australia
In the goth section, I think John is Daniel Ash from Bauhaus. He really looks like him too in that part of the video.Laura - Somewhere, Canada
OK, the different scenes in this video aren't actually for any particular band. It's just for different types of rock. Certain scenes might be heavily inspired by a certain band, but it isn't them in particular. I watched the making of the video, and the band says it's just a tribute to the different genres of rock. The order is:
1.) 50's rock (mostly inspired by Elvis).
2.) 60's rock/British Invasion (mostly inspired by The Beatles).
3.) Psychedelic rock (mostly inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Sgt. Pepper-era Beatles... Perhaps even some Iron Butterfly...).
4.) Funk (mostly inspired by Parliament/Funkadelic).
5.) Glam (mostly inspired by David Bowie and the New York Dolls).
6.) Punk (mostly inspired by the Sex Pistols).
7.) Goth (mostly inspired by the Misfits, even though they were really punk, which is one of the reasons why it's not imitating any particular band).
8.) Hair Metal (mostly inspired by Poison, although John's guitar is very Van Halen-esque in this scene).
9.) Grunge (mostly inspired by Nirvana).
10.) Modern rock (with the band obviously being the Red Hot Chili Peppers).

You know that it's not any one band in particular because of some things like:
1.) The Sex Pistols wouldn't fly a British flag. while performing a song like "God Save The Queen".
2.) There's no drummer in the Nirvana shot. No one can deny Dave Grohl's importance in what was Nirvana.

...And just little things like that.

Awesome album, by the way.
David - Lakeview, Nc
Josh from NY, no one ever siad the name of the song was "Teenage Bride With A Baby Inside". The "SongFact" even says the song's name is name is "Californication".David - Lakeview, Nc
1. Elvis
2. Beatles
3. Jimi Hendrix + The Cream (Eric's guitar. how can you forget the guitar)
4. some say it's KISS or Gun's Roses. well it's Funkadelic (the root of RHCP is funk!!!)
5. David Bowie + T-Rex
7. The Misfits (hahaha the hair!!!)
8. it's not Poison, not Hair Metal. it's Motley Crew and Van Halen (look at john's guitar! it's Eddie's) and the scarf, Aerosmith.
9. Nirvana (MTV unplugged. tribute to Kirt)
10. IT'S RHCP themselves.
Docsol - Us, Nj
PLEASE. Flea said they're not trying to be specific bands in the video, but wtf. Here are the right answers:
1. Elvis
3. The Beatles
3. Jimi Hendrix + Cream
4. Paliament Funcadelic
5. David Bowie
6. The Sex Pistols
7. The Misfits (Look at the hairstyles, people)
8. Poison
9. Nirvana
10. Red hot chili peppers themselves (Look at the HUGE rhcp logo behind them if you don't beleieve me... And no, they're not dressing up as green day, green day are dressing up as them)
Carl - Gothenburg, Sweden
1 - Elvis
2 - Beatles
3 - Prince
4 - Guns and Roses + Kiss (the armour looking thing but the lead singing is so Axel Rose)
5 - Band - David Bowie, Lead - Looks more like Motly Crue then possibly Bowie... It would appear that the band and lead aren't always the same...
6 - Sex Pistols
7 - The Cure?
8 - Spinal Tap
9 - Nirvana (MTV unplugged)
10 - Green Day, I mean FFS he wore that EXACT tie! How could people not get that yet!!! It may have a bit of Living End, etc in there too but the tie... So Green Day!
Tina - Brisbane, Australia
i have to say i think there could be marilyn manson in it but ya know wat ever luv ya bye!!!
marilyn manson roar..
Tori - Layton, Ut
ok..i hate the video...the beatle homage looked like it was mocking them..i love the beatles..no one disses them!!Christine - Worcester, Ma
i think the 3rd band is hendrix because kurt cobain played his own guitar as well as hendrix yet they still put nirvana inOli - Horsham, England
hey the third band isnt hendrix cuz hendrix played his own guitarZach - San Antonio, Tx
the real order is 1.Elvis 2.Beatles 3.led zeppelin 4.Areosmith 5.Bowie and his band6.defently the sex pistols 7.Danzig/Misfits 8.Hair Metal 9.Nirvana 10.Current RHCP, there are some people saying the cure r in it, there isn't!David - Nsw, Australia
this is a good commercial song. meaning it sounds good to the untrained, radio slave ear. but is no where near any of their best stuff.Mars - Vancouver, Canada
This is a great song, this is one of their best songs, and the video is excellent.
I love it.
Slavica - Belgrade, Serbia
This is the worst song on the album. I dont know why it was the first single. I love the new album and agree it is the best they have done. It blows my mind every time I hear it. I hope they tour and come close to me. I saw them with Foo Fighters and the show was nuts. My fav tracks are Hey Yo,Stadium Arcadium,Torture Me,If, Make you feel better, and Animal Bar.Rob - Albuquerque, Nm
I think the hair band is Motley Crue.Derek - South Jersey, Nj
i'm not sure what's giving people the idea that the scenes with the misfits is the cure. as far as i know, robert smith never wore a devil lock...Susie - Ft. Collins, Co
i like this song, but if you want to hear some classic chili peppers, try some of their old albums... i suggest one hot minute and freaky styley, then you can say u've heard them for real.. but yea this is a good album.. stadium arcadium. and dani california is a great song.Angelica - Charlotte, Nc
a great video and a great song red hot chili peppers rock and i loved it how they imitated other bands but i ecspecialy loved the nirvana sequenceJoe - Chicago, Ar
The video is totally awesome! I love the way they used Nirvana in it and all the other bands. Their album Californication was a great one and they related their new one back to it with a few lyrics. And to Chris, I love ur concept about Kurt since I'm a huge Nirvana fan and always will be.Jess - Wytheville, Va
hendrix is the third bandRuss - Greensboro, Md
Close.... the real order is

1.Elvis 2.Beatles(pop era) 3.Beatles(Sgt. Pepper era) 4.Funk(George Clinton?) 5.Bowie(Flea looks like Bowie) 6.Sex Pistols 7.Danzig/Misfits(Cure didn't wear skeleton gloves) 8.Hair Metal 9.Nirvana(unplugged) 10.Current RHCP

And in the scene after Nirvana, Flea is shirtless...
Kaleb - Peralta, Nm
"Dani" dies in this song.Erik - Fairfield County, Ct
I thought The Rolling Stones were in the video when there was a close-up of Flea's mouth. (It was HUGE!)There was a UK in the backround.Josie - Funkytown, Nc
wait i thought that the bit with the candles werent nirvana,, because the next scene, flea is wearing the same outfit as kurt cobein in ,"smells like team spirit"Leuty - London, Europe
i thought queen was in it and a bit of aerosmithLeuty - London, Europe
T o Chris,
About the hidden video thing "Briliant" Its all there and makes scene. Thanks. Also I don't think is's a "mockery" of Nirvinia or Kurt. Anthony Kedis knew Kurt (Chili Peppers and Nirvinia toured together a good bit) and was shocked and saddend by his death.
Qumby - Arlington, Va
the song is about a girl named dani who lived in california and commited suicide.
i beleive anthony had a girlfriend named dani or a friend named dani.
Bobby - Blsh, Ny
>dani is prounounced danny.
srry but theres different spellings for names.
Danny is a boy danny
dani is a girl.
Bobby - Blsh, Ny
ok it starts off with elvis and the beatles, then goes to prince/ p-funk, then to something like kiss, then to the cure, then bowie, sex pistols, poison, and nirvana. that should be everything they did.Josh - New York, Ny
i really think i may have figured out a small part of this song wiht a huge meaning. if you watch the video, the lyrics "it only hurts when i laugh... gone too fast" are spoken when the band is playing as nirvana. While those lyrics are sung a very pained looking Keidis is shown close up, and in the foreground there is a candle that is suddenly out, and then when it cuts to the next scene, another candle is shown in the foreground, excpet this one is smoldering. i think this was a tribute to kurt. it only hurts when i laugh (kurt cobain was very depressed) gone too fast (his life was cut short). the candles are an illusion to the famous line "it is better to burn out than to fade away". the first candle is instantly put out (burnt out) and the second candle is shown smoldering (fade away). i have heard many people say that this is a mockery of Nirvana, but i believe this is simply a small tribute hidden in a video filled with satire. - peltierChris - Canton, Ma
this is an awesome music video! i love how they dressed up like different bands.Erik - Willow Hill, Pa
I thought it was the sex pistols not the cure.Joe - Glendale, Ny
I think this song is about suicide and the girl killing herself because she lived life too fast.Jojo - I.e., Ca
Dani is "the teenage bride with a baby inside"Joe - Chicago, Il
the name of the song isnt "teenage bride with a baby inside" it's californication.Josh - New York, Ny
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