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Breathe Me by Sia

Album: Colour the Small OneReleased: 2004Charted:
  • In the video The making of Colour the Small One, Sia says: "'Breathe Me' is about feeling worried, generally anxious. Being overwhelmed by your own inner dialogue and having some sort of conniption fit and potentially doing yourself some harm, then asking for help."
  • This was used on the last episode of the TV show Six Feet Under during the montage where it reveals what happened in the characters' lives and their deaths. >>
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    marie - cumming, GA
  • Sia told ilikemusic.com about recording this track: "It always felt like a good song that one. Sam and Felix had put the drums and bass down, they played it all live together one night after they'd been to dinner, and I was really sick with flu and I walked in the next day and the track was there without me singing on it and it was just so sleek. I don't really listen to my own music. I don't think most people listen to their own music after they've recorded it. Some of my musician friends get really anal and listen to it all the time, analyzing it. But once I've done it, I listen to it once and put it to bed, but with that one I was like, 'yeah! Again! Again!'"
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Comments: 19

This song made a big effect on me because I've felt this way. Now people judge you for it.Hailey - Rensselaer, Indiana
Love this song. Her voice is so pretty.Carla - Illinois
I believe she wrote the song after her fiancé was killed it a car accident in Thailand before their engagement party, that's the kinda s--t that takes a long time to get over so a bit of cutting and whatever else is of small concern, anyway I'm sure she has supportive ppl around her and is getting better with each passing day :) xJosh - Perth, Australia
Adele stole the piano from this song for her song "Hometown Glory."M - Toronto, On
To me the song is more about having the very thing you need to survive and then it is taken away from you. The realization that you have to carry on and find a way back from that pain. That life goes on and the struggle to have help or not. Thinking about walls that are build for your survival and tearing them down and exposing that pain for everyone to see, and seeking the help that is desperately needed.Carolyn - Fort Wayne, In
This I kind of consider my theme song... I relate all too well to it and love it more then any other song out there. Its about self destruction... having something good and consistantly screwing it up eventually cause you subconciously just don't consider yourself worthy of having anything good in your life. Its also about the longing after you've screwed things up to want someone there to help you pick up the pieces and tell you its all gonna be okay. You put on this falsefront that you are strong and you can handle the situation but really you just want someone to break down the walls and really see exactly how fragile you are and how much you do in fact need their help after you've made a mistake.Jason - Toms River, Nj
the song is about co-dependence and to be committed by this illness.
it's definitely not about god!
belive me i know what i'm talking about...in that case..
Robohobo - Frankfurt, Germany
This song is used in a promotional trailer for the game "Prince of Persia" (2008).Kyle - Goleta, Ca
I think this song is about self harm or an eating disorder or overcoming suicide/depression. It could also be about some type of addiction. I think "Breathe me" means walk in my shoes or see it from my view. Ah, and when her voice cracks! Wow. So amazing.Lucy - Lethbridge, Ab
This is not about God. It is not a Christian song.
Sia is a lesbian. You guys, seriously.
This song is about loneliness.
Illyngophobia - Atlanta, Ga
I discovered SIA about a month ago, and I love her. This song is about loneliness and depression.Yes - San Diego, Ca
The real meaning of this song is hidden in analogies. It's really about a breakdancing chicken who ascends his way up the corporate ladder to one day become the executive CEO. But in doing so he is soon remiss about all the people he's had to leave behind, and the family he never had because he was concentrated on getting to where he is now. The song is actually sung from further past this point, where the chicken is on his death bed and in his final moments remembers all the things he's done and that he's left behind. As the song ends, the chicken encroaches death to the gradually fading tune of the music. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the true meaning of the song - it's not about African children dying abroad, or love or CSI - just about a break dancing chicken and his eventual realization that he's lost everything he held dear.Hablos - Toronto, Ca
This song reminds me of my ex who broke up with me after a longterm relationship. When i listen to this song, I think about the pain this person has caused me and how all I want is for him to just talk to, despite the fact that he's caused all the hurt in the first place.Lisa - Sydney, United States
I think she is talking to God in this song, telling him she needs him, is small without him, asking him to wrap her up. Which would fit with the context Six Feet Under played it in. And Ted, who likes Christian music, picked this song for Claire.Jennifer - Gallup, Nm
This song is so beautiful. I heard this song on youtube a few months ago. It was in Spike Lee's documentary on Hurrican Katrina.Ashley - Pgh, Pa
This song is so good. For an excellent effect when listening to it, play it while driving in your car alone. And just listen.Billy - New Providence, Nj
Like DC says ... used in a very chilling montage in Six Feet Under -- also the song used in the season previews for the final round -- the one with everyone driving old cars around in the desert.

One of those songs that if you've seen the show, you can NOT listen to this song without seeing the scenes played over and over in your head.
Murph - Peoria, Il
Used memorably in the series finale of SIX FEET UNDER. It's the song that plays when Claire is headed off to New York and we see a montage of the deaths of each of the main characters.Dc - Hilo, Hi
this is a really good song ppl dont really listen to it but it is really good and i love itShae - Vegas, Nv
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