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(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth by Metallica

Album: Kill 'Em AllReleased: 1983
  • This track is composed of a compilation of different solos Cliff Burton had done live and pieced together as a complete bass solo on the album. It is a showcase of Burton's soloing, composition and arrangement skills, as well as his influences which include Geezer Butler and Geddy Lee. The first 2:34 of the song is solely Burton's bass. At 2:34 he is accompanied by drummer Lars Ulrich. It is highly regarded as one of the best rock bass solos ever. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Richard - Tulsa, OK
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Comments: 32

Some of it sounds like it was lifted from a classical piece. Cliff was well into classical music and very cultured and helped James and Lars broaden their horizens immensely, musically and in many other ways too.Kieran - Brisbane, Australia
Rob Trujillo is better with the Funk/slap-bass style playing. Cliff was better with playing lead and with passion. And they both have more speed than any bass player I've ever seen.Zero - Nowhere, Nj
bass solo, take 1Molly - Allegan, Mi
I swear, Cliff Burton was the greatest Bass player to ever grace the riffs of Metal. He played Bass like Kirk plays Guitar. Trujillo gives Cliff a run for his money, but I still think Cliff *barely* beats him out. Just barely.Jacob - Jackson, Tn
This goes to show cliff was greatest bassist ever.Adam - Perry, Ny
Say whatever you want but this was an amazing instrumental first time i heard this i thought ok this is good then i found out it was on bass and i listened to it again and it blew me away totally new experience to be able to play that on bass is art. I never thought a bass guitar would produce such sounds.
Cliff was a genius
Shingami - Lusaka, Zambia
Cliff was the one who enspired me to play bass guitar. RIP Cliff!Dylan - Euclid, Oh
To me... The greatest artist, musician or otherwise, is the one who can convey and connect, on an emotional level, to me. I really couldn't care less about their technical skills.

Simply put, no other artist has been able to ever even come close to grasping the far ranging emotional depths of my late cold war heart as Mr. Cliff Burton has in this masterpiece.
Dave - Brick, Nj
I agree that John Paul Jones plays alot better then Cliff, BUT! Cliff is extremely good, I'm not saying he's bad, I'm just saying the members of Led Zeppelin were Gods...Austin - Greenwood, Sc
I aspire to one day be as good at bass and composing as himRickey - Lansing, Mi
Such great power, destroyed by a busLuke - Dayton, Oh
It's a Fanta-solo. Cliff, you're the best...Francesco - Montappone, Italy
The members of metallica saw Cliff performing this solo at a bar. They later asked him to joinAustin - Smallsville,new England, --
john paul "freakin" jones isnt near as good as cliff burtonAlex - Wayland, Mn
A friend of mine, CHEATSHEET, says thiat this is Burton at his f***ing best. I have to agree with him.Bender - East West Virginia, Va
Cliff Burtin is a god! A BASS GOD!!!William - Bristol, Va
I got to see this live...If you're interested in what I saw check out the songfact for "Trapped under Ice".Don - San Antonio, Tx
Cliff Burton was just about the most badass bass player around, along with steve Harris. great songMatt - Manistee, Mi
I can't help feeling sad when listening to this song. Such a great talent lost.Rocco - Toronto, Canada
Vibrante... absolutamente demencial... el "Bajo" lo ha tocado Dios!Carlospassage - Cali-colombia, South America
Best f*cking bass solo by the best bassist ever!!!

RIP Cliff Burton
Sanitarium - Sharon, Ks
Green Day sucks dickBill - Arroyo Gande, Ca
After witnessing Cliff's amazing prowess on bass with some local band called 'Trauma' a very wise Lars and James invited Cliff to join Metallica, replacing the original Metallica bass man Ron McGovney.Rg - San Diego, Ca
This is the best bass solo. Period. Any one who has seen the "Cliff 'Em All" video, knows that during live performances, Cliff would lead into "For Whom The Bells Toll" with this. Simply amazing!!Andy - Columbus, Oh
This was an excellent Instrumental from Metallica. I like it better than Call of KtuluJt - Tullahoma, Tn
Yeah, well... How about John Paul freakin' Jones?Sindre - MosjÃ?en, Norway
this song is the reason i picked up the bass. cliff is (in my opinion) the best bassist ever. geezer butler even said he was amazing. if it wasn't for him saying "bass solo, take one" at the beginning, most people wouldn't know it was a bass. if you ever get the time, download some bootlegs of him (just don't tell lars), he'll blow your mind. Long Live CliffEric - Milltown, In
um maybe it wasnt the best bass solo in the world, but it was among the top 5 at least...the only other 3 people i could think of that could match or beat his skill level whould be Jaco Pasorious, Billy Sheehan, and Geezer ButlerJustin - Rio Dell, Ca
Ummmmmmmm i don't think that's one of the best bass solo's ever.

In my opinion the 5 best bass solo's ever are in the songs "Birdland" by Weather Report, "Hemispheres" by Rush, "Eminence Front" by The Who, "Long Distance Run Around/The Fish" by Yes, and "Power Crunch Time" by Les Claypool.
Greg - Oakville, Canada
The Green Day song "Pulling Teeth" got the title from this solo.Devon - Westerville, Oh
In my opinion, no one has reached to the ecstatic level of that solo. 'Thank you for your beautiful music, Cliff'.May God rest you in peace:)Zeynep - Ankara, Turkey
Cliff was a beast on bass. He is one of my favorite bass players along with Steve Harris and Billy Sheehan. It's a shame he died so young.Devon - Westerville, Oh
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