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Unfaithful by Rihanna

Album: A Girl Like MeReleased: 2006Charted:
  • This song is about a woman who is cheating on her man, and realizes that he knows. She starts to regret the affair because of what it's doing to him. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • This was written by Ne-Yo, who was Rihanna's label mate with Def Jam Records, along with the production duo Stargate, who also produced the track. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The song returned to the UK Top 40 in December 2010 after Rihanna performed it with Matt Cardle on the 2010 X Factor final.
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Comments: 19

i rally like this song. but the guy that she is cheating on has no backbone or just really loves her and shes to stupid to no it.... but this song isnt made from a true story. its just a houx to say. but i like it. it would seriously suck to be in this situationJanuary - Cornelly, Wi
i love rihanna's voice but i especially love the song at this moment because i am in the exact same position right now and feel terrible about it. i've never been unfaithful before but i am RIGHT now.Alycia - Bicknell, In
Why is it the people who love these songs are usually teenagers without a real sense of anything? Hmmmm! I see a bit of a pattern here.Matthew - Sayre, Pa
I think this song is really good, and some of the words and phrases used are very relative, and make you think ''what if i put somebody through that?'' and really make you think that you would never want to hurt somebody like that. So in a way it is also a lesson, and a reality check on what you could do by cheating on someone. I know what it's like, because I've been cheated on. But cheat on anyone? I could never, not with knowing what I felt like, and I would never wish that upon my worst enemy! From Kim, 14. (Young I know, but my first 'love' cheated on me)Kim - Newcastle, United Kingdom
being unfaithful is not the way to go there is a saying that says thou shall not commit adultry
i know i am doing it. This is a very importaint
issue that is in all kinds of songs in all kinds
of situations in all kinds of many forms of ways
and it is still happening in the world as we speak
you ask when will it end god only know. To me this
is a very touchy issue for me just look around you
just be careful out there where is is the love.
Savannah - Eastpoint, Fl
i luv this song! RIHANNA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pie - Vegas, United States
to say the truth this song is amazin it is explainin not only man can cheat but woman cheat an in a very high number...am a woman an i now how it feels..but try nt to fail in love relationships coz ones u fail it'll neva be called love for the second time!!!
Boosy - Muscat, Saudi Arabia
I reckon this song is cool.Did u kno that Mario(the singer not cartoon character) actually rote the song for her????Jess - Adelaide, Australia
this is a copy of the song 'lonely no more' by rob thomasAditi - Bangalore, India
This song may SOUND pretty... but think about it. She's depressed because SHE'S cheating on her man. Honestly!Kaitlin - Cornwall, Ont
This song is very dumb, corny, and melodramaic.Sam - Portsmouth, Va
Every once in a while there is a corny love/breakup song. This is one of those songs.Sam - Portsmouth, Va
This is the story of a young woman (Rihanna) who is cheating on her boyfriend. Rihanna feels sorry about it but lacks the courage to break it off. In this song she is trying to find the strength to leave him. Her boyfriend (that she is cheating on) is beginning to realize what's going on. He seems to either have no backbone or can't decide whether he should dump her.Katykat - Wadsworth, Oh
I think that she's the more surestimated singer by those days. She performed in a festival not far from here and oh gosh she was even worse than on her cd... She frequently used some backup voice cause she just can't sing.Charles - L'assomption, Canada
I like this song, but she sucks when she sings the chorus. Just end the relationship already.Michelle - Anaheim, Ca
I love this ong. Rihanna has a beautiful voice and the beat is very nice. I think the guy she's dating is an idiot however for staying with a cheater. Also, does Rihanna realize she is telling the whole world through song that she cheats on her man?Caitlin - Upper Township, Nj
i like this song....=)Ariana - Dallas, Tx
This song is georgous I'on know what u talkin boutChristina - Atl Hoe!, Ga
This is probably one of the worst songs ever! And what makes it worse, is that she can't sing to save her life.Ashley - Pgh, Pa
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