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Lip Gloss And Black by Atreyu

Album: Suicide Notes and Butterfly KissesReleased: 2002
  • Lead singer Alex Varkatzas wrote of this song in the liner notes to the album: "This is drawing on a personal experience I had with someone. I kind of embellished it to form the song. In a way the song could be about true love 'cause I will carry you on a broken back and blown out wings... 'live, love, burn, die' says it all. We live, we love, we burn with passion and desire for life and then we die. The key is to burn, to really live, experience life, feel passionate about something and give your whole being to it. Whether it's writing music, making love or painting. If you're gonna do it, do it with passion. The word burn is sort of a metaphor for true unadulterated passion."
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Comments: 10

this video is AWSOME!!! i love the masochism. but maybe that's cuz i like pain but either way AWSOME!!!Amy - Nunyabiz, Al
"Lip Gloss" and "Lip Gloss and Black" are two completely different songs. The former of the two is CRAP. And the latter is THE BEST. Quite a distinction.Alayna - Somewhere, Nj
I think the Live, Love, Burn, Die part means he's gonna love her all his life untill they burn together and die.Agustin - ,
Sandro, you did a good job summing up the song, except for the last part, you need to read the interview with Brandon Sallers about what Live, Love, Burn, Die meansJosh - Jonesboro, Ar
shen from west palm ur a dumbass this isnt no lip gloss is poppin song that song sucks ass this is atreyuVanessa - Pedro, Ca
this song is off the chain lil momma i m glad that u made that song because i can amagin my self what is going 2 happen when i were lip gloss so hallo at your girl when you get this.Shen - West Palm, Fl
i like the song lip gloss because every time i listion 2 that song i turn it out loud and i start 2 dance so lil moma u rock the house like always.Shen - West Palm, Fl
this song is badass is just tells the story of what im going through right now i love you this bandSylvia - Laredo, Tx
This song is awesome. Everything about it is just...awesome. The lyrics. The vocals. The music. The band. Awesome.Awesome .Awesome .Awesome
Atreyu just rocks my world... to the EXTREME
Did i mention this song is awesome?
peace,<3 and mung beans
Kirsty - Surfer's Paradise, Australia
I just want to say how much this song freaking rocks and Atreyu is the best!!Clown - Slocala, Fl
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