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Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast


Wayne Newton

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In 1972, Newton, famous for his 1963 hit "Danke Schoen," was signed as the first artist of the new record label, Chelsea, which was founded by Wes Farrell. This song, which was written by Peter Callander and Geoff Stephens, was released as his first single on the new label. The song turned out to be a huge hit for him, with more than one million copies of the record sold.
The song was already climbing the charts in Great Britain before it was recorded by Newton. The artist with the British hit version of it was Daniel Boone, who later had another hit in the US in the fall of 1972: "Beautiful Sunday."
Newton reportedly liked this song because it is emotional and tugs at the heart strings. The lyrics tell of a potential divorce with a small child involved, a theme that Newton felt might resonate with audiences in Las Vegas, where he often performed.
Wayne Newton
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Comments (9):

I've heard this song a few times on Sirius radio oldies in the past few years. It's a pop song with a serious message. This song came out way before I was born. My girlfriend Bambi & her Dad told me all about Wayne Newton & that he sings like a girl. This song is OK, but when I heard his other song "Donkey Shine" or some sort. I nearly busted a gut because the singer sure sounded like some chick. I mean, is this Newton guy straight or gay? Anyway, the song has a serious message. Is Wayne Newton still alive after all these decades?
- Raunchy, Tulsa, OK
This has such an emotional theme & was a decent hit for Newton in 1972. My wife has never cared for it though & she claims it's because Wayne Newton's voice is a bit too "effeminate" for her tastes. I think it sounds OK. There is a bit of a lisp to his voice at times and it is annoying. Now, Newton's other song, "Danke Shoen" does sound too much like a school girl.
- Randy , Fayettevile, AR
Back in 1972 I remember liking this song because it had such an emotional message. But Wayne Newton's voice can be sorta effeminate at times, if you know what I mean. That year I was ten & added the record to my little record collection. My Dad heard me playing this record one night & he came in and got the record and threw it out onto the front lawn! I was shocked, but not crying. After listening to it many times over, I began to get awful sad and depressed over it. So I was a little glad to get rid of the record. I was gonna go get the record, but my dog Lucy had chewed it up. I understood my Dad's reaction though. Earlier that year, he divorced my Ma. She had run off with a clown from a circus & never came home.
- BubblesK, Memphis, TN
This song was a big hit for Wayne Newton? Really?

In 1972 after it was released, I heard it on a favorite radio station for a while. I recall that the main DJ at the station said it was too depressing & he wouldn't play it on his shift. I thought that was pretty brazen for a DJ, but I had to agree with him after I listened to it a few times on the radio. My brother bought the record & when my Mom heard it she said she'd like to break the record into tiny bits! So my brother sold that record to a friend! I guess it's no wonder that Wayne Newton never had any further so-called "big" hits! And I guess that's why we haven't ever seen a "greatest hits" compilation CD from Wayne Newton!!!!
- Elmer H, westville, OK
I'm divorced and remarried and my oldest daughter has been treating me bad.When she gets married I swear to god as my witness I'm gonna request this song at her wedding and walk out of her life.Its rotten I know but I don"t need her and her mothers childless stuff.She couldn't even make it to her step brothers birth,invite me to her graduation.I'm not gonna walk I'm running I tried she just kept pushing away now she'll have to see what a rotten little brat she has been,to me and her grandparents. They learn it from their peers
- robert, greenfield, MA
i too know how it feels too see your dad walk away!i was nine at the time and when i herd this song it made me cry. it still does sometimes. im 44 now and havent seen him at all. sad he will never know what a nice son and friend we could have been. and hes a grand pa too i have a 6year old son i love with all my heart. seve
- steve, long islan d n.y., NY
I remember playing this song over and over on my record player years ago. I don't know why it meant so much to me........years later, I think it was because although my mom and dad remained married----dad was never there, emotionally and spiritually for me. I suffered verbal and mental abuse from my I believe this was my cry for him. However, now with a toddler of my own......I found this song again, and in a worse way--it agains pulls my heartstrings as I was witness to my husband of 11+ years literally walk away from my daughter (who was three at the time) and me, primarily as a result of alcoholism and depression. The one time she ran after him in only her underwear out the front door to the driveway, crying for him.......and he did nothing but drive is for her, I play this song over and over..........and sadly she too sings it with emotion and feeling.......because of a situation thrown upon her by a callous and selfish man that once was 'HER daddy'.........
- trish, new albany, IN
this song reminds me of what type of people wayne and his close staff are. Especialy thoose who abandon there children. When wayne leaves town he and his goons don't look back. Daddy don't you walk so fast means nothing to any of them creeps!!!
- gigi martin, stage coach, NV
This song always brings back sad memories for me. It was a hit at the time my mother and father where divorcing. When it came on the radio I would roll down the window and scream out the lyric
- Lisa, Eugene, OR
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