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Jesus, Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood

Album: Some HeartsReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song tells the story of a young woman with a lot on her mind who hits a sheet of black ice while driving to see her parents for Christmas. When she goes into a skid and fears for her life, she throws her hands up and says, "Jesus, take the wheel." Guided by Jesus, the car comes to a safe stop with her baby still asleep in the back seat. At this point she vows to give her life to Christ. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • The woman in the song did the right thing by not slamming on the brakes, but simply asking Jesus for help is not the recommended way to get out of a skid. Instead, take your foot off the gas and steer in the direction you want the car to go.
  • Underwood was the 2005 American Idol winner. As the show progressed, she was positioned as a Country singer and became the first winner of the show who was considered Country.
  • The song was written by Brett James, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson. Brett James told Roughstock in a 2013 interview that the cut has personal meaning to the three writers, and is a tune they are all proud to have been part of penning. "'Jesus, Take the Wheel' was written at Hillary's house on her living room floor," he recalled. "It was done like any other rainy day in Nashville. We walked in, started drinking coffee and talking about what we wanted to write that day. As writers, you kill about a half an hour just shooting the bull, and then it's like, 'OK what do you want to write today?' Gordie says, 'Man, I've got this title... 'When Jesus Takes the Wheel.'' Now, we're kind of used to that phrase, but that was the first time I'd ever heard it, and I kind of laughed it off.

    "We talked about some other ideas, and fortunately after we went through about three or four other ideas, that one kept coming up," continued James. "So I was like, 'What about that 'When Jesus Takes the Wheel' idea. What would we write that one about?' We came up with a little girl driving through Cincinnati. There are some personal stories involved. My wife almost had that experience. She had a very miraculous car crash that she walked away from. Since then, a lot of people have. You hear those stories all the time where they say I don't know what happen, I just know that it was a miracle that I got out of there.

    "We write all kinds of songs," reflected James. "We write fun songs and songs you can dance to, and songs that are stupid and silly that sound good on the radio. Occasionally you need to write something that means something to people. Those are the most fun songs to be part of, and this one was definitely one of those."
  • Underwood told Entertainment Weekly in 2012 that this is the song for which she'd like to be remembered. "I would pick an important one. Not 'Before He Cheats' or 'Good Girl,' none of that," she said. "Something that somebody can hear and it would make them feel better or help them through an important time or a tough time in their life."
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Comments: 17

Oh my PIZZA!!! I LOVE her jeans!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW if you were t do that for true, you'd die. DO NOT TRY at home! XD)Star - Bestrolls.webs.com, Ga
Inspiring.Hayley - Not Tellin, Hi
this song has a big impact in my life
that was me at the age of 14 ,15
this year i have learn to trust in GOD IN
Brittany - Indianapolis, In
Thanks Lisa Brown for your comments. I agree with you. There are so many times when all you can do is throw up your hands and trust in God to deliver you from your circumstances. If you have faith and believe, he is the only one who can deliver you.

PS. I am from Jamaica also.
Grace - Antioch, Tn
This song is so inspiring. I've been listening to it all morning. This morning started out in a negative way and when I started listening to this song driving to work I just started to cry. I was just like the young lady, asking him to take the wheel. Then I got a call that my Mom fell and hit her head and that she is being rushed to the hospital and I knew that I was listening to this song for a reason. This song is awesome. Thanks Carrie.Grace - Antioch, Tn
It kind of makes me wonder how people rely on faith so much. I'm strong, so I don't need it, but I can't help but wonder how the weak need it so much.David - Port Hawkesbury, Canada
My youth pastor put it this way once::: She was stupid in the verse "Jesus take the wheel" Instead of taking just the wheel, take my entire life he said. But I actually disagree with him in this instance bc in a car, what does the steering wheel do for you, the driver? It directs which way the car goes. She is asking Jesus to take over and be the driving force with which to lead her in the correct direction. I see both sides. What do you think? Who do you agree with?Rhianna - Badonkadonkville, Oh
I would have said that the song represent if you have faith in something then you can achieve it.

The women in the song had faith in that jesus would save her and her child and he did.it could also mean and never give up on the faith and things you believe in.
'Fifty miles to go and she was running low on faith and gasoline'
John - Newton Aycliffe, United Kingdom
Wow, this song is so beautiful and inspiring, I can't describe it... the feeling can't be put into words...Destiny - Pittsburgh, Pa
What an awesome metaphor this song makes...Matthew - Milford, Ma
This is an awsome song with awsome lyrics...and she sings then greatSierra - Sactown, Ca
In response to the second comment; they are situations where human beings will find themselves having no control over.This song presents such a situation and it is in these circumstances that the Lord Jesus uses the oppertunity to show himself strong in our weaknesses.There was no chance for this woman in the car except through the grace and mercy of Jesus.The Bible says the goodness of God leads one to repentance.(Rom.2:4)-Lisa Brown Mandeville, Jamaica W.ILisa - Jamaica, Wi
Even though I am of another faith, I find this song compelling and beautifully done. Religious-themed songs are so often hokey and dripping but not this one. It sends a powerful message, and Carrie Underwood sings it with conviction and sincerity. I can't wait to hear more from her. I heard her album has gone platinum five times over now, and it totally deserves it. Thank God we have a popular singer who can actually sing!Dianne - Ft. Bening, Ga
well personally i think the car is a metaphore for life and how the ice repersents the girl in the song losing control of her life (car). and when she says "jesus take the wheel" she lets jesus take control of her lifeAlex - Nowhere, Ga
I love this song, it inspires me and just makes me feel better. I can't really explain it without sounding corny, lol. Carrie Underwood is amazing, she is beautiful, has a beautiful voice, is such a great person, and if there was such thing as the perfect person I think she would be it.Nicole - Kenosha, Wi
When i first heard this song i did not realise that it was actually Carrie Underwood singing it, i was amazed when i actually found this out. She has a beautiful voice and this song is beautiful beyond words. I love this song, my friend sang this today at a performance we had, she sang it wonderfully and i cant get enough of this song. Love StacyStacy - Sunbury, Australia
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