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Stupid Girls by Pink

Album: I'm Not DeadReleased: 2006Charted:
  • This song is about girls who are focused on their sexuality and how they are perceived by others; girls who get plastic surgery and are overly concerned about who the next guy is they'll go out with. Pink feels girls should be more focused on their talents and careers, and is concerned that their aren't better role models for these girls. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ayla - Rochester, NY
  • In the video, Pink plays both an angel and a demon trying to influence a young girl. The angel shows her images of trendy girls portrayed by Pink. In the end, the girl chooses a football, educational toys and a keyboard over a set of dolls, defeating the demon. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • Although Pink claimed she was not attacking anyone specifically, it is widely speculated that she is singing about Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton.
  • The video won the 2006 MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video.
  • Pink performed this song at the 2006 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Breanna - Henderson, NV
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Comments: 13

This is so my song I hate all the steriotypes surounding girls now, not all of us are mindless morons. Great songBreanna - Henderson, Nv
This song ROCKS! i love that she made fun of those girls! i mean, they're so ditzy and they make sterio types and give grls a bad name! when you think of a famous woman, you think of one of them and not someone who's actually intelligent or has any self-respect...Pink has those things and says it!!! she's an awsome rolemodel, the peircings are a little weird...but they add to her coolness...looks natural...Claire - Forsyth, Ga
Pink got to the ponit with this song no girl in her right mind whta to end up like Anna Nicole,Britney Spears,or Paris Hilton(by the way she haven't live up to her pomise to chgiens her ways once she got out of jail)Tynee - Birmingham, Al
P!nk is my IDOL!! I used to be one of those girls always trying to fit in. Now I see this song as meaningful & its one of my favorite songs.Teya - Cedar Park, Tx
She's also immitating Mary Kate Olsen in the video with the "I wanna be skinny" and the Bohemian chic look.Harpsiccord - Chester, Ny
There is no pop star like pink.Even if Avril Lavgine trys,she'll always be an IDIOT.
P!INK IS THE RULER!!!She hasn't changed and will aways be the coolist.This song proves it.
Most girls my age are having all the wrong influences.Seriously?Both Patrick and KattyKat are absolutly right.KattyKat you get extra props,you make a good point.
Shannon - Bakersfield , Ca
P!nk ROCKS! GREAT song and message to send out to people! paris hilton (who doesnt deserve the use of my capitol letters) should wake up and realise this. The fact she responded to this song by saying "there's a song on my new album "stars are blind" and it's all about her' just shows us how pettery and pathetic she really truly is!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO P!NK!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura - London, England
I like the message in this song. Unfortunately more girls try to idolize people like Britney Spears, Anna Nicole, Paris Hilton, etc. Where are they now? One's dead, one's been to rehab, and one's now in prison. Great role models for young, impressionable girls, don't you think?Patrick - Bremen, Ga
I wish more people were like Pink. I fell this song is very true and hope that more girls understand the meseage of the song.
-Amanda Wabash,IN
Amanda - Wabash, In
This is a wonderful song with a powerful message. Pink IS actually a great role model, although it's difficult to tell with the pink hair and numerous body piercings. I hope that Pink wasn't purposefully targeting anyone, but it does seem that way after viewing the music video.Katykat - Wadsworth, Oh
I like this song a lot. i agre with p!nk. these bimbos in our world are going no where. it annoys the crap outta meCaitlin - Upper Township, Nj
I don't know if anyone agrees, but I found the sequence in the middle of the video with the girls in the bathroom really disturbing. I know it's really just for shocking impact, and it certainly acheives that, but as a bulemic myself, I found the visual images very graphic and horrible.Cara - Perth
Another great song from Pink. It has a great message.Shannon Mulvany - Spokane, Wa
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