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Sadie by Alkaline Trio

Album: CrimsonReleased: 2005
  • There are many references in this song to the 1969 Manson Family murders. Sadie Glutz is the alias for Susan Atkins, a member of The Manson Family and one of the girls who took part in the murder of Sharon Tate and her guests. Susan was one of the most talkative people and she told the story to several people and those accounts eventually helped in landing them in prison.

    Police found her knives and her clothing, as well as a broken grip piece of a .22 caliber Hi Standard Longhorn revolver. The Manson Family bound, gagged, strangled, stabbed and shot the victims, including Sharon Tate and her unborn baby.
  • The spoken lyrics are Atkins' words:
    "He represented a God to me that was so beautiful that I'd do anything for him. I'd do anything for God. Even murder, if I believed it was right. How could it not be right if it is done with love? I have no remorse for doing what was right to me. I have no guilt in me." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Justin - Alpharetta, GA, for above 2
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Comments: 3

The beautiful Heather Hannoura (now Heather Gabel) reads the excerpt from Susan Atkins's testimony about the Tate/LaBianca murders.Pedro - Chula Vista, Ca
I love that song.Cassie - Overland Park, Ks
Wow that is deep...it still is in my top 3 fav Alk3 songsJepha - Citra, Fl
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