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Monkey Wrench by Foo Fighters

Album: The Colour And The ShapeReleased: 1997Charted:
  • This was the first single off the Foo's second album. It deals with being used and trapped in a relationship.
  • Dave Grohl directed the video himself. At the beginning of the clip when he steps into the elevator, a lounge version of "Big Me," from the Foo Fighters' debut album, is playing. Grohl commissioned the Muzak company, which makes such "elevator music," to create the song, but their attempt sounded too earnest and sapped the comedy from the scene.

    Grohl turned to the duo Moog Cookbook for help; the electronic act released a cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on their 1996 debut album that Grohl loved, so he had them give "Big Me" the same treatment. Brian Kehew, who was part of the duo, told us: "I went to the filming of 'Monkey Wrench' to deliver the song. They shot the exterior scenes at the old Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, and the interior/band scenes on the soundstage where Nirvana did 'Teen Spirit.' I believe it is Taylor Hawkins' first appearance on the drums with them."
  • The screamy bridge of this song is almost impossible for Dave Grohl to sing live. The bridge on the CD was yelled all in one breath. During many of Foo Fighters concerts, Grohl has the crowd scream the bridge out. If he does sing the bridge, there are usually a few breaths that can be heard in between. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bert - Pueblo, NM
  • Grohl told Mojo magazine January 2010 that this song is about the disintegration of his marriage to photographer Jennifer Youngblood. "It's about living with someone and feeling like you're living in a f--king cell. And then I wound up getting a divorce," he said.
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Comments: 9

He kind of looks like a young Santana in this video.Marcus - Columbia, Mo
Jimmy from Lancaster, CA

I can answer that. FF are not necessarily punk, however if you listen to their early stuff, Monkey Wrench, included you can definitely tell that there are some punk overtones. Dave Grohl was devoted to hardcore punk and played in a few punk bands before FF.
Benjamin - Chicago, Il, Il
to simon in chatanooga, tenesee, how exactly are foo fighter punk?Jimmy - Lancaster, Ca
Song is about being tired of being an enabler.

And it is adolescent resident.

At this moment in time when the song was recorded, I doubt Dave cared too much about Bill Clinton.
Tracy - Tulsa, Ok
Two corrections to what Patrice said 1.It's a line not the title and 2. He's saying "adolescent resident"Shawn - Chehalis, Wa
To Patrice, ERRORA, OK: Add a less-than president?? You are kidding aren't you? That is a comtender for "Mis-heard lyrics of the year"....Mike - Sydney, Australia
The title "Add a less-than president" refers to Grohl's contempt for Bill Clinton.Patrice - Errora, Ok
this has one of the greatest, and yet the most simple, bass lines in punk rock music. guitar hero2 was genius to feature this song.Simon - Chattanooga , Tn
great song. featured on guitar hero 2Billy - A Place, Al
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