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We're Not Gonna Take It by The Who

Album: TommyReleased: 1969
  • This is part of The Who's Rock Opera Tommy, which is about a deaf, dumb and blind boy who becomes a pinball champion and gains a large group of people who idolize him. The song is about Tommy's followers revolting against him, because they feel they are jealous of Tommy and they feel they are being exploited by Tommy's family. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Simon - Toronto, Canada
  • According to Pete Townshend, who wrote this song, the message of this song is "we're not gonna take fascism." He says that it's similar to "Won't Get Fooled Again" in that it's an antiestablishment song.
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Comments: 8

In the 1975 movie version of Tommy, Pete wrote additional lyrics for a chrous to sing, which explains the story of the "followers" rebelling against the Tommy cult.Ken - Louisville, Ky
Is Listening to You even considered a song anywhere? It certainly should be by itself because it was played all through the end of the movie and I kinda got confused trying to find it on the record...Audrey - Peace, Al
I hate how on the Tommy record, See Me Feel Me, We're Not Gonna Take It, and Listening to You are all grouped together. I see them as seperate songs, but I guess if you are following the story they go together. I adore the movie!Audrey - Peace, Al
what do u mean it doesnt age well?! tommy is awesome!Josh - Westborough, Ma
this song might be about a teenage rebalion but its awesomeAvery - Bucksport, Me
David, I think I'm living proof of that claim. I'm 18 and The Who are my favorite band. I like Tommy, but I like Quadrophenia quite a bit more. I'm not sure if I'd feel that same way had I actually been alive when Tommy came out.Scott - Boston, Ma
Along with Christmas, this is my favorite song on Tommy. To me, Tommy is a great record, but doesn't age well. On the other hand, Quadrophenia is as great as it was when it was released in '73.David - Youngstown, Oh
We're Not Gonna Take It is the last track on Tommy. The "See Me, Feel Me/Listening to You" part was later released as a single in the U.S. In the Woodstock movie, only See Me, Feel Me/Listening to You is shown but the song is listed as "We're Not Gonna Take It."Jon - Tucson, Az
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