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Rapture by Hurt

Album: Vol. 1Released: 2006
  • This song follows the story told by a man whose wife sacrifices her own baby's life because she heard the voice of God telling her to. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adam - St. Louis, MO
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Comments: 12

@Justin: If that was a true story then he's an ass for putting out a song for millions to hear if he doesn't want to be asked about it.George - Right Here, Il
Just wanted to toss in my two cents here, but... Yes, obviously the woman in the song is very religious - to the point of insanity - however, I don't see that the lyrics necessarily mean she is a married woman having an affair.

"Why are we stuck in this pantomime, fearing a God who died, one who would not deny lovers"
...to me, this line seems to strike more of a tone of two people who are unmarried and having an intimate relationship, and
"If this must be, then burn with me, anything, just don't leave"
...to me, reinforces this idea, as it seems that he is begging her, despite everything, not to leave him.
And my guess is that maybe she was not crazy when their relationship started. It could be that they were young, and she was brought up in a family that was very religious but having a sexual relationship outside of marriage was her rebellion. For whatever reason, she didn't have an abortion, obviously, as the child was born; thereafter, she was either driven crazy by guilt, or possibly - over the timespan of the pregnancy and birth, up to when she killed the baby - was constantly verbally berated by her parents and other people of her church until she went bonkers.
Also, I would guess that the child didn't live very long at all, given the words of her explination at the end of the song where it sounds as if he never got to see the baby.
Chris - Toms River, Nj
I think Mike might have the best meaning. I met Hurt's lead singer and curiosity overtook me and I asked:
"What is Rapture about? No one can seem to get their story straight, so I was wondering" to which he replied:
"I'd rather not talk about that. It's pretty painful. It's sort of like going up to someone and saying 'Hey, your mother died! Let's talk about it!' "
He laughed, insinuating that he probably get's that question ALOT. So I think Mikes it's the closest to the truth. to the person that said this is a metaphor, Hurt's lead singer cries when he sings most his songs live.

These aren't metaphors. They're true stories.
Justin - Denton, Md
No not his wife,"In the life of the wrong a love lingered on" "And if our love is so wrong, what should we do alone" the first verse Is that he falls in love with a married women. She is very religious( obviously), and doesn't want to go on with it.2nd verse starts off "Still in the life of the wrong we all moved along", meaning the stayed together anyway, then it goes on too, "Another life evolved to gestation" meaning they had a kid". I think we all know what the next part is about. Then it goes on to say many time that "sinful thing are suffering" referring to the baby. The end "She swore she heard the voice of Jesus" we all know what that means, but when he says "one more thing, it looked like me
Back when it breathed" this points out that he was the father.....
Mike - Phx, Az
i thought the song was about his girlfriend an his child, it makes more senseAsh - Rochester, Ny
"Rapture" is a perfect circle of life and death. This was Hurt's debut, so it is directly related to the band and it"s struggle to achieve listeners. Another short story that should be taken figuratively and literally. Sorry for my poor spelling.Antonio - Brighton, Co
either way the song rockz!!! my all time fav. who do you contact to get other hurt songs on cuz i want to see "falls apart" by hurt cuz it is amazing!!! and the song says in one pharagraph "SINFUL things like suffering" not just SIMPLE things like suffering.Erik - Brownwood , Tx
correction... 3 monthsWil - Seattle, Wa
actually this song is based on the singers life.

"She swore she heard the voice of jesus
Telling her it was wrong to keep it
And one more thing
It looked like me
Back when it breathed
Rest in peace"

is not on the album, however this give the song meaning away. When the singer was a child his mom had his brother. she was a christian zealot and not married to the father.

she went in to the babies room, kissed him on the lips, picked him up out of his crib 93 months old i believe) took him to the kitchen, and drown the life out of him. all because she had a "vision" of jesus, and she was commanded to kill her bastard child.
Wil - Seattle, Wa
My guess is she was crazy and Jesus wasn't really talking to her.Angela - Sacramento, Ca
why would jesus want them to kill their child ... is it some kind of sacrafice or punishment.Erik - Brownwood , Tx
the lines
"She swore she heard the voice of jesus

Telling her it was wrong to keep it

And one more thing

It looked like me

Back when it breathed

Rest in peace"

...are not in the radio version of the song, which sucks because it gives a lot of clarity to the song's meaning. I wasn't completely sure what it was about until I heard the album version.

Also, the lines "find in me, the room to breathe." could mean that even though the man disagrees with his wife he's was still prepared to give her her space (that is, until she killed their baby).

And "Simple things like suffering" could be that simple people who strictly follow their faith, and believe that God is talking to them tend to like suffering by setting restrictions upon everyone and everything (and in this, case killing their baby).
Angela - Sacramento, Ca
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