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Tin Soldier by Small Faces

Album: Tin SoldierReleased: 1967Charted:
  • After the cod psychedelia of "Itchycoo Park," Small Faces were worried it might typecast them so they reverted to the bluesy feel that had bought most of their chart success. Released on the Immediate label, with "I Feel Much Better" on the flip side, it was the group's first top ten entry in Germany but it only made #73 in the USA, a disappointment following Itychoo's breakthrough on the American charts.
  • Marriott wrote the song to woo model Jenny Rylance. They first met in 1966 and the singer was immediately smitten, but Rylance was dating Rod Stewart so the pair became friends. When Rylance and Stewart split up Marriott pursued her relentlessly, leading him to pen "Tin Soldier." Rylance and the singer were married at Kensington Register Office, London, on 29 May 1968.
  • P.P. Arnold sang backing vocals on the song. "Steve and I were lovers around that time," said Arnold to Mojo, "but I think he wrote 'Tin Soldier' about Jenny Rylance. She was the love of Steve's life."
  • Marriott intended to give the song to P.P. Arnold, but once it was finished, he liked it so much that he decided to keep it for Small Faces and gave Arnold "If You Think You're Groovy" instead. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Fintan - Cheltenham, England
  • Marriott's post-Small Faces band Humble Pie released a cover of this song on their 1980 album Go For The Throat. This new version reached #58 in the US single charts.
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Comments: 5

Hard Rocks starts right here on this track at 1.27sec. Check it out. This was 1967 don't forget. RIP Stevie, well in the top 10 all time vocalists imo.Jonathan - Gt Yarmouth Uk
One of the best bands ever! Steve Marriotts voice brill. Who is Robert PLantShirley - Kelso, United Kingdom
P.P Arnold provides vocals on this track.
Anyone wishing to check this out ,go to youtube, and type it into search.
The miming is fairly bad, but the song is a belter.
As mentioned. Badly overlooked band. And one of Britain,s greatest vocalists. Sadly burned to death in his house. Too much over indulgence, and lack of sleep.
Had met up with Pete Frampton that day, planning to work together.
That would have been something special.
Jeff Lewin - Nottingham,
this is in my opinion an amazing song, however they are a greatly overlooked group.Patrick Hamilton - Braintree, England
The metaphor for this song is from the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. It's a tale of undying love and selfless sacrifice. If you read it http://www.fairytalescollection.com/hans_christian_anderson/The_Brave_Tin_Soldier.htm
you will understand how Steve Marriott could have chosen this heart-rending tale for his love lyric.

Apart from all that sop it's a rip roaring song.
Guy - Wellington, New Zealand
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