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Naked Sunday by Stone Temple Pilots

Album: CoreReleased: 1992
  • In this song from Stone Temple Pilots first album, Scott Weiland is addressing God, saying that with all the bad things God puts us through, why should he trust Him when the world comes to an end - a question of faith. >>
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    Seth - Hebron, KY
  • Scott Weiland was an alter boy when he was younger, and is not anti-God. He was, however, an angry young man when he wrote this song, which he says takes aim at organized religion. "They switch off people's minds and control the masses," he said in Metal Hammer. "It gives me a feeling of isolation, when I think about it."
  • Like "Sex Type Thing" and "Plush," the title never appears in the lyric.
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Comments: 2

Look at Alice in chains lyrics for Godam...they arent thesame but they mean the same things!!!Kermsit - Plainfield, Il
One of the deepest most philosophical songs Scott Weiland has ever written, along with "Sin" that also seems to deal with religion or faith. Still makes no sense to me why the critics were so harsh to STP with their debut album. I see very little parallels with them and "Pearl Jam," aside from the fact that Scott Weiland was adding an extra deepness to his voice. He thankfully strayed away from that on Purple and especially Tiny Music.Adrian - Brookings, Sd
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