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Bother by Stone Sour

Album: Stone SourReleased: 2002Charted:
  • According to lead singer Corey Taylor, this song is about "losing yourself and finding yourself all in one breath." It was written in a car on the way back home to the state of Iowa. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Vestyjr - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • When Taylor sings, "A zombie hides my face," he could be referring to the mask he wears as a member of Slipknot. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    zac - hope, IN
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Comments: 16

This song means to me, confronting yourself, your regrets, bad choices, and living through the tough times. This song means the world to me, because of the internal struggle I live with everyday. Thank you Corey for writing this song, it helps me deeply.James - Indiana
Great Song to say none the lease. Corey just has a way of pulling it out somehow. I think the song tells the story of life in general. The good, the bad, and the ugly.(No pun intended) The different verse's narrate or tell of different parts of life. During times of pain, addictions, afflections, trying to understand a meaning of God. Like 'zombies' with go through daily life wearing masks, but underneath we're dealing with everything else, 'dying' in a way, getting older as we do. We write down diaries of how we feel inside along the way, even though no one cares. Then in the end we don't 'Bother' with dealing with it anymore, we just carry on. But when he hold onto something that we truly feel is good/right, we "won't let go tell it bleeds." But even then we can't let down what we had in our pasts. Thats just the way I feel. I guess words can never describe a universal meaning for everyone. Everybody interprets it their own way. This is just one way I interpret it. Sorry if anyone dissagrees with me. But thank you for reading.Andrew - Conroe, Tx
This song is an internal conversation. the lines, You dont need to bother I dont need to be, I'll keep slipping further" is each side telling the other that they are separating, rejecting eachother. the lines, "But once I hold on, I won't let go til it bleeds" is one side saying, to the self, The sin dies, the life stays with me. Watch the video, the faces look at eachother in a conversation like style. One face is remorsefull and seeking atonement and the other is innocent and angry willing to redeam the soul, not the deciet/sin.Spinz - Middletown, Ny
Kyle, from memphis, the other four dudes are the rest of the band. (james, josh, shawn, and joel) lol
they surround him whenever the other corey is dying.

and jermias, ur right.

and james and corey are writing for the next stone sour album while on tour with slipknot.
Jc Rock - Millbrook, Al
This song is AWESOME. It always makes me feel better when I'm sad.

I've been wondering for a While... Who are the four guys that walk around the two Corey's in the video, and stare at them?

I've always wondered that, and I can't figure it out, help me out?
Kyle - Memphis, Tn
OK someone fron Iowa has got to leave a comment, this is a beautiful song it strikes a feeling in me that I cant describe. I really cant tell you what this song means but it makes me feel as if I'm sliping away while I listen to it. All too sad but awsome at the same time. Never really listened to a whole lot of Stone Sour but I think today that will all change. Rock on my Iowa friends!Samantha - Boone, Ia
Uh, Keegan. Isn't it "One good turn deserves my dying" and "I'll never live down my deceit"?Jerimias - Nuuk, Greenland
erk, forgot to mention the fact that in the video he is watching himself die... and his face grow old and wither.... seeming dead... like a zombie... dededeeMike - Fresno, Ca
I will never get tired of this song!
Got it from my cousin and didn't knew a thing about Stone Sour at that time. But liked it from the very first time I heard it.
Jerimias - Nuuk, Greenland
Good song!!! You can actually feel Corey's pain from his addiction. "One good time deserves my dying"- still the cycle is endless when you're submerged in that lifestyle. Just like he says, "I never let down my disease", That's exactly the way you feel when you're living from day to day just trying to be well so you can semi-function in Life.Keegan - Crescent City, Ca
"Once I hold on, I won't let go till it bleeds."Brianna - Ilost, Wi
I won't let go 'til it bleeds
great line.
Mel!ssa - Pittsburgh, Pa
corey knows how to get to the root of a person through his lyrics as he dose in this songTom - Philly, Pa
I adore this song. It is really good for when your down and feeling a little depressedAlice - Bacup, England
I love this song. I feel how he feels when he is singing this. When I sing it there is passion, just like everything Corey does. He is very talented and intuitive. He taps into my deepest self and pulls me out again.Keggan - Richmond, In
I love this song i think it is very well put togeather vocals are great and the gutiar is just amazing very calming even though the lyrics emply different emotionsTim - St.louis, Mo
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