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Lead singer Matt Heafy (from their website): "Rain is a very personal track about the way I felt about life during a period where I spent much of my time alone - agonizing in anxiety and boredom, failed expectations and treachery from so many I confided in. It seemed like all the while that I was going through this, the whole world kept moving along, happy and content with itself. The last lines of the song are to the world's happiness personified- and all I wanted to do was to kill that happiness, choke out it's every last breath." (thanks, David - Townsend, DE)
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Comments (5):

Not a great song. i can listen to shogun (the entire album) on repeat for the entire motherf--king day! They don't beat Lamb of God though (BEST BAND IN THE F--KING WORLD!) TriViuM has so much talent coming from each of their members. Matt can sing beautifully and plays awesome solos despite being rhythm guitarist (he solos just as much as Corey, so it's weird calling him the rhythm guitarist...) Corey can scream till his lungs pop out and can destroy on guitar! Paolo (or however u spell it) is a BEAST on bass! Travis....he SUCKS...NOT! Travis is one of the most mind-blowing drummers every. and with all these dudes being hella young. (im 22 what the hell and i saying?!) i think these guys can kick metal @$$ for a lonnnng time!
- Mike, Denver, CO
Whaaa? Why can you people ever get the YouTube videos right... Rain is an amazing song though... By the way, the song in the video is "Bodies" By Drowning Pool
- James, Chicopee, MA
Yup, i'll side with diego here, the song's great all the way through!! Definitely gets better through the end of the song. Shame, the end was getting so heavy they could've kept playing....oh well thats just me, i like lengthy 4-15 minute songs as long as they sound awesome and keep me listening through every second of the song.
- Nick, Cairns, Australia
Not one of my favorites, but quite good nonetheless.
- Cvas, Ridgefield, CT
This is an awesome song. The best from Trivium. well besides their cover of Master Of Puppets. But thats not really their song. but this song is crazy awesome!!!
- diego, los angeles, CA
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