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Album: Born On The Wrong PlanetReleased: 1997
  • This song tells the story of how the band was traveling through Texas in an RV with mushrooms in the cabinet. They crashed into a liquor store awning, and when the cops arrived they searched the RV. When they found the mushrooms they didn't know what they were, so the band got a small ticket and were on their way. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Kyle - Eglewood, CO
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Comments: 3

Hmmm... perhaps the "Incident" that lead to the writing of this song was that when the shrooms were found the officer declared something similar to- "What in Hell is THIS, a bag fulla moldy "String Cheese"?"J9 - St. Louis, Mo
If you have never heard of a band you should not comment. String Cheese is one of the best bands in the last decade. If no one know's who they are then how did they sell out a 10K person venue in less than an hour in 2007? I hate reading this crap from people who never even took the time to listen to the music!Andy - Seattle, Wa
no one knows who the heck string cheese incident is. yeah, i've never heard of them. they prolly suck.Bob - Hippy, Co
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