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The Old Songs


Barry Manilow

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David Pomeranz wrote this in 1977 with Buddy Kaye, who had a string of hits as a songwriter. Says Pomeranz: "Buddy wrote a song called 'The Full Moon And Empty Arms,' which was a big hit in the late '40s. In the '50s he wrote 'Speedy Gonzales,' and he wrote 'A - You're Adorable,' the classic, you know, 'A - you're adorable, B - you're so beautiful...' several others like that. Real kind of timeless big, big hits for him. He and I got together, we wrote 6 songs together at that time, and 'The Old Songs' was one of them. We had written it for Jennifer Warnes - she must have passed on it. I had recorded it on my Atlantic album, and Barry had heard my album, heard the song, and then decided that he would record it, too. That was in 1979 when my album came out."
Pomeranz: "It was just an interesting idea that Buddy and I had about that sort of thing where the guy wants the girl, gets the girl to stay, and thinks maybe songs might have her reminisce enough to want to give it another chance. Even though it was a good idea, I don't know that it came from my experience in particular. It might have come more from Buddy's, but it was one of those songs that, frankly, I didn't really care for. I thought it was okay, and I was very eager to get on to the next song. Buddy said, 'No, it's a good song.' I said, 'Okay, great.' I played it for my publisher and he cried. And I went, 'Wow.' I didn't really think that would happen. 'The Old Songs' didn't effect me quite so deeply, but I recognized it was a good, solid pop song."
Pomeranz is a successful solo artist and has written songs that have been recorded by Gene Pitney, Bette Midler, John Denver and many others. Many of his songs he writes on his own, but he does find collaboration helpful. Says Pomeranz: "It always helps to have someone in the room. You have a little less time to re-think and re-think. If I'm by myself, sometimes I get very, very, very into it. With somebody else, you kind of keep it outside and discuss the problems and solve them quicker." (Thanks to David for speaking with us about this song. For more, check out his website.)
Barry Manilow
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