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Walking On Broken Glass


Annie Lennox

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The video was based on the 1988 movie Dangerous Liaisons, with elaborate costumes inspired by film, which was set in France during the 1700s. John Malkovich, who starred in the movie, also appeared in the video, as does Hugh Laurie, who went on to star in the TV show House. With the string section and harpsichord sound, the music fit the theme.
Contrary to the lilting melody, the lyrics describe a woman who is anguished over a breakup.
The elaborate photography on the Diva album was done by Anton Corbijn, who also worked with U2 and Depeche Mode. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)
Annie Lennox recalled the song's promo in a blog promoting her 2009 greatest hits album: "This was a wonderful video to create. There were some wonderful people involved-- John Malkovich and Hugh Laurie (before he had an American accent)! That was tremendous fun. The idea of it being a period piece, like Les Liaisons Dangereux. The alternative title for 'Broken Glass' could easily have been 'Hell hath no more fury than a woman scorned.' The video is very wry and tongue-in-cheek. People can take me a little seriously sometimes, but I do actually have a rather radical sense of humor."
Annie Lennox
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Comments (13):

This is a neat song.
IT has one of the best intros i've ever heard too. you gotta love the piano/violen. GREAT!!
- Logan, Anniston, AL
i love walking on brokin glass
- stephanie, fairfax, VA
I think the woman that said it would be "so painful" and then bleed to death was most likely metaphoric as well. Her last statement is right on the money, because I've been through it especially when you're soooooo in love with someone. Talk about agony, man...
- Eugene, Minneapolis, MN
i know... she has amazing eyes, i a clip of an episode of Private Sessions on A&E and wow.. i wish i had those eyes. The episode is airing on March 8th at 9am EST...
- Regina, new york, NY
The movie is Dangerous Liasons... I believe, if not that the Black adder the third according to Wiki.
- Trist'n, Cheyenne/Oak Harbor, WA
Does anybody know what movie this appears in? It's driving me crazy!!!
- Michael, Lapeer, MI
Annie Lennox is the best singer in the world because she sings walking on broken glass. Me and my friends jump and sing and do high knees every time we put it on which is like always (obvi). There is no better song in the history of songs than WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS. I love her so much that i would eat clams out of'er ass everyday for the rest of my life
- mik, babylon,
She says she doesn't want anyone but him... and having to be with out him, or seeing him with someone else is like walking on glass. It's too painful to leave him.
- Trist\'n, Cheyenne, WY
I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I love this song so much because when I hear it every tuesday & saturday it reminds me of my colorguard compititions with my school. It also reminds me of my guard insturctures because they have taught me alot about colorgaurd and how to do my rifle toss!!! I love this song and try to listen to it everyday!!! I love u guys!!
~ meredith ,CT
- Meredith, Cheshire, CT
I thought it was actually a simile. As in "It feels just like I'm walking on broken glass."
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
Annabelle: it's a metaphor. You're supposed to imagine metaphors. That's what they're there for.
- craig, madison, WI
I can't imagine walking on broken glass. I believe that in reality it would be so painful, you would bleed to death!
- Annabelle, Eugene, OR
I like the way the intro music sounds like glass breaking...I'm sure that took a few minutes to figure's a good tune ...lennox was hot, great eyes!
- rich, elkins, WV
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