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Queens of the Stone Age

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The main riff of this song was originally used by Josh Homme on a song for his side project The Desert Sessions called "Cold Sore Superstars." This was found on The Desert Sessions Volumes 7 & 8, along with the song "Hanging Tree," which was also re-recorded as a Queens Of The Stone Age song.
This was Queens of the Stone Age's first hit song. It reached #1 on the US Modern Rock Charts.
Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana and frontman of the Foo Fighters, played drums on this song as well as the entire Songs For The Deaf album. He also toured with the band.
This song was featured in several video games, including Guitar Hero, which allowed games to play along with this song using a guitar-shaped controller. (thanks, Bert - Pueblo, NM, for all above)
Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age Artistfacts
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Comments (8):

It's on Rock Band 3 too
- Reggev, Misgav, Israel
Dave does rock it out in the song...
- Captain D, Cincinnati, OH
Amazing song. Dave Grohl pretty much goes note for note with the guitar part, which is amazing.
- Steve, New York, NY
Whoo Dave Grohl is LOVE
- Amelia, Modesto, CA
i first heard this song on Guitar Hero 1
i could never beat it... so i downloaded it so that i could finally hear the whole songs without the crowd booing at my mistakes lol
- Siedha, East Orange, NJ
I am not to sure but it seems like the song is about some sort of hard drug. Its experence and the downfall of this drug, most likly a pychodelic. or maybe the song has a deeper meaning, i don't know.
- Ryan, Marlborough, MA
Dave grohl....Is my hero!! Lol
QOTSA = amazing =]
- Kyle, Cardiff, Wales
What a song! What a drum solo! Dave Grohl RULES!!!
- Damon, Miami, FL
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