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Agnes by Donnie Iris

Album: Back On The StreetsReleased: 1980
  • Iris was a member of The Jaggerz and Wild Cherry. His first hit with his own band was "Ah! Leah!," which featured some creative rhyming and was also released on Back On The Streets. There was a real Leah, but as Iris explains, there was no real Agnes: "That one just fell into place, because everything seemed to rhyme with 'Agnes' so easily. And it was such a weird name for a chick at the time." (Thanks to Donnie Iris for speaking with us about this song. In 2006, he released Ellwood City, which is available on donnieiris.com. Check out our interview with Donnie Iris.)
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Comments: 2

This song didn't get the attention it deserved at the time it was released. While Ah Leah and Love Will Rock You are great songs as well this one is as good, maybe better in my opinion.Ken - Pittsburgh, Pa
the song is a great tune about small town bars scene situations. musicaly it's top notch. vocals just great, harmonies perfect.Tim - Ellwood, Pa
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