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Success Story by The Who

Album: The Who By NumbersReleased: 1975
  • This song is a cynical autobiography of The Who. It was written by John Entwistle and uses his trademark dark humor.
  • The line, "I'm your fairy manager" is an allusion to The Who's gay manager Kit Lambert, who they were in the process of suing.
  • The line, "I may go far if I smash my guitar" is a reference to how, in their early years, The Who would end their concerts with Pete Townshend smashing his guitar on stage.
  • The verse at the end about the preacher becoming a rock musician is a jab at Pete Townshend, who worked spirituality into his songs.
  • This song was featured in a scene in the rockumentary The Kids Are Alright, which was about The Who. In the scene, John Entwistle uses gold records for skeet shooting. >>
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    Jon - Tucson, AZ, for all above
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Comments: 3

The records he shot were Roger's. LOL!!!Guy - Benson, Nc
The reference to the preacher is regarding Little Richard who did leave R&R (in 1957) to preach then return to R&R ('62-63). Hence his conversion to the new religion.Ken - Oswego, Il
this was the best scene in the kids are alright, i laughed hard when John shot up the record with the tommy gunBrian - Dennis, Ma
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