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I Ran (So Far Away)


A Flock of Seagulls

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This is the opening song of the album, which is a concept piece about an alien invasion of earth. The song itself describes a person seeing an attractive female - he becomes anxious and wants to run away from his feelings but he can't forget her. Then they are both abducted by the aliens.
The imaginative (for the time) video broke the band in the US during the early days of MTV. The video showed the lead singer Mike Score sporting a distinctive hairstyle resembling a seagull in flight. He is in a room covered from floor to ceiling with aluminum foil and also floor mirrors in which you can see the reflection of the cameras.

Along with Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, and ABC, A Flock of Seagulls was a British Pop band who owed their American success almost entirely to MTV. Mike Score, along with the band's bass player Frank Maudsley, were hairdressers, and they put their skills to use in creating that distinctive hairstyle that not only defined the group, but entered the pop culture landscape - witness Samuel L. Jackson's character Jules get a cleverly coiffed young man's attention by yelling "Hey, Flock of Seagulls!" in the movie Pulp Fiction. The video cost just £5,000 to make, but it gave a huge return. For Mike Score, the novelty wore off quickly, as his hair was much more famous than he was. He rarely got to talk about his music because interviewers were always asking about the hair.
This is the theme song of the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and was used in the TV advertisements for that game.
The band Bowling For Soup covered this on the 2003 re-release of their album Drunk Enough To Dance.
This was A Flock Of Seagulls biggest hit in the US, but in the UK they enjoyed a bigger hit with "Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)," which reached #10.
Flock leader Mike Score said in a VH1 interview: "Every time I perform live, everyone just wants to hear 'I Ran'... I'm sick of it!"
A portion of the song was used as the opening for the cartoon Knights of the Zodiac. (thanks, Bob - St. Catharines, ON)
A Flock of Seagulls
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Comments (16):

This is NOT the Vice City theme song, though it was used heavily in advertisments for the game, and certainly reminds me alot of it. Vice City had it's own original theme.
- Doug, Ontario, ON
Love this song, listen to it on a good set of headphones, and you will appreciate it even more.
- David, Syracuse, NY
I've never heard anyone talk about the guitar in this song. The little riffs between the lines are really well done.
- Claude, Kingston, MA
how exactly is this about witchcraftt? Somebody please explain why this is listed in the witchcraft section
- lisa, NYC, CA
I have never really been sure why, but this song reminds me of Psychotic Reaction
- Lester, New York City, NY
This song has one of the sickest basslines ever.
- Vince, Salisbury, MD
I really liked the VH-1 "Bands Reunited" episode where they got the band back together, and played this song with the two fueding Score brothers making nice and their Mom watching the performance with absolute glee.
- Michael, San Diego, CA
This song didn't win a Grammy, Jeff. It was the song "DNA" that won for best rock instrumental.
- Jeff, Nashville, TN
Lead Singer Mike Score has said on VH1 that he hates playing this song.
- Jill, Decatur, GA
This song is so cheesey, that it has become cool.
- Ed, Incognito, IL
this song won a grammy award in the us in 1983
- jeff, liverpool, England
Great Song. The video is hilarious. Those old cheap cheesy videos are classic.
- Mike, Hueytown , AL
Awesome drum roll!
- Darrell, Williamsburg, KY
Aurora Borealis is another name for the Northern Lights. Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn, and Boreas is Greek for "North Wind".
- Ave, Philadelphia, PA
I ran to
- Steve, Winnipeg, Canada
Many people have joked about the way Mike Score was playing keyboard in the video. There are some inconsistencies with the video and how the song was actually played.

The keyboard we see in the video is a Roland SH-09 synthesizer. At some points, Score is seen playing chords (more than one key pressed) on the keyboard, when the SH-09 is monophonic (only one key can be played at a time). The RS-09 was not used on this track, despite being in the video. The playing style is just for show.

The ridiculous one-finger theatrics that can be seen for most of the video are of course also just for show, but he appears to be pressing some of the correct note(s).

The gear Mike Score used in reality were a Korg MS-10 and a Korg Delta. The MS-10 (monophonic) was used for the low, droning sounds in the background, and the Delta was used for the higher, string-like sounds that are heard near the beginning of the song.
- Chris, Charleston, SC
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