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Cigaro by System of a Down

Album: MezmerizeReleased: 2005
  • There are some double-meanings in this song. The first verse talks about comparing manhood sizes - petty and pointless. The chorus describes a typical world leader, and the bridge section talks about the actions of these leaders. The song makes the point that leaders in charge of the world today are going to tear it to shreds if they continue to stay the course, and if they continue to deceive us all: Thank you, and enjoy your illegally imported Cuban cigars, straight from the offices of Fidel Castro! >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nathan - Farmington, MO
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Comments: 23

"I can make my cock do tricks, I can make my s--t stink good. 'Cause where cool. Are u cool? f--k you(6),f--k me (5). 'Cause where smoking cigars up here baby." The usuall opening to cigaro. And while prefroming this at the BDO festiville, during the intro a crowd member threw a shoe at Ajiec while Serj was talkingKyler - Jonesboro, Ar
alot of you are right some of you are kinda wrong but the whole cigaro cigaro is a jab at bill clinton personally.. its kinda obvious the fact that bill clinton illegibly put a cigar inside ... monicaDavid Howard - Ft Lauderdale, Fl
i think that this song is about companies that think they are better than people, hence "my cock is much bigger than yours" and that the companies have gotten so big that they can control anything they want including US hence "cant YOU see that YOU love my cock" but thats my opinionJason - Carthage, Ny
this song is dementedCathy - Oak Creek, Wi
Yes, the "my sh*t stinks much better than yours" perfectly describes the immaturity of being "big".
But it could also be a metaphor for anybody who thinks better of themselves in arrogance.
Matt - Houston, Tx
The first few lines are about arrogance, the whole "i'm better than you" mindset, portrayed comically in the song my the comparison of penis sizes, and later by the smell of s--t. The next part is describing how the government (that's who I'm assuming this song is reffering to) is in denial of they're own misdeeds (do to their arrogance), and they continue with their indulgence (cigars, naturally). And the lines "we're the regulators that de-regulate" and so on are naming some of the misdeeds that the government is involved in. I'm assuming the song was attacking the government, maybe it was something/someone else, but whatever. Like SOAD always says, the songs are up for individual interpretation. So that was mine, if you don't like it, I don't care.Ian - Chilli, Oh
YOU ARE WRONG!!!Nathan of Farmington, MO, about the first part with the manhood sizes. this is the big corporation leaders saying that they are better than normal people."my c*** is much bigger than yours" means "im better than you"Raymond - Brunswick, United States
This song is about big companies, or whatever you want it to be.Ark - Awesome, Pa
To be more specific Serj is ArmenienKd - Beirut, Lebanon
this song mainly talks about the egos that some people have not actually about cocks, which is what daron saidMarcus - Richmond, Va
If you dont like this song then there is something mentally wrong with you.Cortney - Grand Junction, Co
haha i remember the first time i heard this song i was with my youth leader on pilgramige...

good times, good times.
Sheeberson - Wrightsville Beach, Nc
I think it is about the drugs the government is trying to ban but there are still some governors that want the drugs and will do anything for them (examples; kill, pay loads of taxpayers money, and destroying nature of pollution). Just think of the part "We're the regulators that deregulate we're the animators that deanimate we're the propagandas of our genocide, burning through the resources then we turn and hide!!!" That part is talking wasting the oil and other resources just to get the drugs here so people can use them that the people want. That is what I think.Jacob - Somewhere, United States
They're not all Armenian. Serj Tankian is Lebonese!!Maqsood - Lincoln, England
you guys are right about the proving the better in a childish form, but it is no about cuba, its is about the turkish gorvernment still denying the fact theey almost wiped out the entire armenian population[all of saod is armenian] in a genocide.Louis - New York, Ny
I have always felt that this song is about how primative and childish some of the "biggest and most powerful" leaders in the world are, they push and shove smaller countries around with politcal nonscense and military power, when what it really comes down to is them trying to feel big and powerful, hence "my c*ck is much bigger than yours" trying to outdo smaller countries just like kids do to smaller kids in the play ground.Nick - Birmingham, Canada
its about the little rivalries that the U.S. has with Cuba,hence, my c*ck is much bigger than yours and the title CigaroKyle - Little Rock, Ar
the phrase my c**k is much bigger than yours is a metaphor for how world leaders view their countries, about their blind pride and believing that their country is better than all the other onesDylan - Royalston, Ma
It's the same damn song as vicenity of obsenity except it says "cigaro" instead of "banana"Cochise - Boston, Ma
I don't care what it's about, I love the songDamien - Edmonton, Canada
This song is Awsome. I Love itDexter - Marysville, Ca
This ain't one of my favorite SOAD songs. At first it seems the song is about "Pride" which is one of the seven sins. "My C**K is much bigger then yours." Then it seems as if they start to get political again. I don't know, it's similar to "Chop Suey" in a way. It's about two things in the same song.Blake - Hamilton, Oh
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