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10,000 Days (Pt. 1) by Tool

Album: 10,000 DaysReleased: 2006
  • This song is Maynard James Keenan's acceptance that his mother will soon be dead. He knows that his mother will make it to heaven: "Never told a lie, never took a life, but surely saved one". He believes his mother has not sinned in her life. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ty - Boise, ID
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Comments: 16

MJK is an atheist. Just because somebody mentions religion or uses religious themes, it does not necessarily mean they are religious. His reference to his mother's innocence is the same here, as it was in APC's "Judith." He does not know she is going to heaven, but says that if she does she should proclaim her innocence to God. He references her innocence as it seems unfair for a faithful, sinless person to suffer and die.Thatguy - Us
The actual name for this song is Wings for marie, and should be combined with the page for that one...Matthew - Vallejo, Ca
Hmmm, religion eh? Toolism. Now I just have to trademark it. But anyways, brilliant song; when I first heard it I thought it was about Lucifer coming to the gates of heaven and all that.Trevor - Tulsa, Ok
and yes TOOL has tons of depth, you could practically start a religion from their work.Alden - Portland, Me
10,00 days is also nearly the length of a saturn year, which seems significant in regard to the song "The Grudge"Alden - Portland, Me
this song relates to maynards mother.she was in a coma for many years.in part two the lyrics say "shake ur fist at the gate saying ive come home now".this refers to his mothers return to heaven ie. the gates of heavenMichael - Clonmel, Ireland
He wasn't arrogant to me. He's kinda funny in person and his nose is big lolDavid - Lakeland, Fl
10 000 days also happens to be roughly 27 years which is the age jim morrison, jimi hendrix and kurt cobain diedSteve - London, United Kingdom
I think this song is about how Maynard's father forced him to prostitute himself on skid row for approximatley 27 years when he was a child.Geeker - Snickers, Wi
In response to Adam from brownsville
How would I have come up with the idea of what this song was about if I was oblivious to the writing style of tool? Is your facetious comment agreeing with my observation of the premise of this song or are you just trying to insult me.
Just for the record I have seen 13 tool shows not including the one I'm going to see tomorrow 12 11 07 at bill gram memorial auditorium so I think I have a fairly decent grasp on the concepts of tool not to mention I met Maynard (who was an arrogant prick by the way) while working in the islands.
Corporallclegg - Waikoloa, Hi
"10,000 days in the fire is long enough" refers to the amount of time his mother spent in a wheelchairTobby - Shreveport, La
Personally i believe corporalclegg from the islands is oblivious to the fact that TOOL actually has alot of depth to alot of their songs so next time before u underestimate their work, learn a little bit about themAdam - Brownsville, Tn
Personally I think this song is about satan falling from grace and in part 2 his rise back to god (10,000 days in the fire is long enough your coming home) but I could be giving Tool more credit then they deserve to think they would write a song that had that deep of a story behind it.Corporallclegg - Waikoloa, Hi
sorry about the name mix up. i forgot which one came first, and i wasnt really paying attention, i am very sorry to all of you people out there who are confused and or frustrated with my ignoranceTy - Boise, Id
Harry Manbeck, from Raleigh is correct. From my copy of the album I see the third track listed as "Wings for Marie, Pt. 1" and the second "10,000 Days (Wings, Pt. 2)"Andrew - Virginia Beach, Va
this is not a song, you quoted pt 2 so maybe thats what you meant, you labeled it wrong, btdubbsHarry Manbeck - Raleigh, Nc
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