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Daisy Jane



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This simple love song is about a man in an uneasy romance with the girl of the title trying to work it out. (thanks, Mike - Santa Barbara, CA)
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Comments (8):

I think of this as America's "heartbeat song," from the bass drum intro. But sometimes it's hard to hear it, especially on the radio.
- Staley, Dallas, TX
Hey, Octavius ... the only album (besides greatest hits collections) that I seen Daisy Jane on was the 1975 release titled, "Hearts." Never seen it on any copy of "Homecoming"
- Lenny, Edison, NJ
Okay...can anyone help me with this one? I swear that Daisy Jane was released at some point on Homecoming. Is this possible? Was there ever an extra play or a special release version of Homecoming on which this number was included? This is driving me nuts. I used to play it over & over, and remember thinking it was the perfect compliment to this LP. (of course there were LOTS of mind altering substances involved in my life at the time...but still, I swear...) I've scoured the web looking for some indication that I'm not mistaken but can find nothing. Thing is: I only owned America's first LP and Homecoming.

Anyhow, to borrow from Beckley: "...Daisy, I think I'm sane..." ( ummm...wouldn't swear to it, tho')
- Octavius, New York, NY
To Mary, in Pittsgurgh: I'm sorry to say that you are wrong about the word "don't" in that line.
That "interrupting" line is actually sung by Dewey and not Gerry. It is very easy to spot this on the YouTube video of the song from the "Live In Chicago 2008" DVD. It is a great version of the song, and they even bring out a Cello player, instead of using a keyboard for the Cello sound.
It is a MUST SEE if you like this song, Enjoy!
- Lenny, Edison, NJ
I have ALWAYS been a fan of America.I Love this song because it makes me feel really great and it doesnt matter what is going on in the world or how bad it seems.Ican play this song and forget it all for awhile.
- Christopher L., fort worth, TX
The verse melody to Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait Awhile" is nearly a note for note copy of this song.
- Robb, Dexter, MI
Kind of a nice Gerry Beckley tune, indicative of how America could do these sort of sweet, easy-listening tunes but not sound like saps -- at least not total saps. This isn't quite on a par with "I Need You," Beckley's classic America piano ballad, but it holds up pretty well.
- kevin, Reading , PA
not sure if anyone else has noticed this. but the one part where he sings "daisy i think i'm sane." i think the next line, which sort of interrupts the previous line, i think he actually sings "daisy i don't think i'm sane." i think it sort of shows the conflict of the situation. i truly believe he is not repeating "daisy i think im sane," but singing "daisy i DON'T think i'm sane."
- mary, pittsburgh, PA
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