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Something In The Way She Moves by James Taylor

Album: James TaylorReleased: 1968
  • This was the song that may have inspired George Harrison to write the Beatles' 1969 hit, "Something." It was the first single off of James Taylor's self-titled debut album, which Harrison played on and was released by The Beatles' Apple Records. When Taylor first started writing this song, it was titled "I Feel Fine." The title was later changed to "Something In The Way She Moves" after Taylor discovered that the Beatles already had a song with the original title.
  • Taylor wrote and recorded this song in 1968 while staying in an apartment in London. The album was recorded with an ensemble of members from the London Philharmonic Orchestra. This was included on a Demo Tape of songs, which Taylor sent to Paul McCartney, who with the help of Peter Asher, signed James to the Beatles' Record Company, Apple Records. Unfortunately for Taylor, Apple Records was struggling, and Taylor's album suffered from poor promotion. His next release on Warner Brothers Records in 1970, Sweet Baby James, did much better.
  • Taylor has not revealed the identity of the woman he sings about in this song. Many speculate that it was written about one of his girlfriends, others say that it may have been written for Carly Simon. (thanks, Annabelle - Eugene, OR, for above 3)
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Comments: 6

I heard this song , played by a local musician, at a party today. It brought back wonderful memories as one of my favorite songs. I first heard and loved it on my Tom Rush album in the late 60s. A year or two later, I heard it on my J. T. album .I prefer the Tom Rush version over the songwriter's version though I absolutely love J.T.Monica - York, Me
Did anyone ever consider that maybe you're just a little too on the nose. I get the sense that "She" is his guitar and how he feels when he plays. I'm just saying.Graham - Edmonton, Ab
I thought the song was about his nurse when Taylor was being treated at McLean Hospital for his depression. The lyrics certainly suggest the woman was acting in a healing capacity.Douglas - Portland, Or
To Charles in Charlotte, NC, perhaps you didn't read the part where I stated, "This song is rumored to have been written about one of Taylor's girlfriends. Some say it was rumored to be written for Carly Simon". The key is, it was a rumor being spread around. That means, the truth nobody knows for sure!Annabelle - Eugene, Or
There is no way the song was inspired by Carly Simon as the pair had not even met in 1968 when the demo was first recorded. JT had many girlfriends before Carly so that is likely the inspiration.Charles - Charlotte, Nc
This was first recorded by Tom Rush on "The Circle Game" album in 1968 (way before the Beatles released Abbey Road). That same album from 1968 featured the songs "The Circle Game" and "Urge For Going" by Joni Mitchell and "Shadow Dream Song" by Jackson Browne- the first time anyone recorded their music.Dave - Scottsdale, Az