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Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Album: The Black ParadeReleased: 2006Charted:
  • This is the first single from the album The Black Parade. In an interview with MTV, lead singer Gerard Way explained that the concept of the album is "The Patient," who dies of cancer at an early age. According to Way, death comes in the form of your most powerful memory, and for "The Patient" that memory is a parade he went to with his father, which explains the album title. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Taylor - Longwood, FL
  • In this song, The Patient is dying in his hospital bed. His journey to death is "The Black Parade." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    MCR - Hampshire, England
  • During the shooting of the video the band suffered two very unfortunate accidents. First, drummer Bob Bryar suffered a bad burn on the back of his leg, which became infected. Even worse was when lead singer Gerard Way tore several ligaments in his leg after being playfully tackled by another member of the band. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Robert - Sparta, NJ
  • Throughout the album, you can kind of see into the mind of someone in a lot of pain. The previous My Chemical Romance album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, dealt with demons, and this seems to be a continuing trend, but in a more mature way. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Brett - Miami, FL
  • There could be some biblical imagery in this song, as a father tells his son at a parade to be the savior of "The broken, the beaten and the damned." The son does not think himself worthy enough to redeem these people. This could be seen as a reference to God (father) telling Moses (his son) he needs to be the savior of the Jewish people (the broken, beaten, and damned) and lead them out of Egypt. At first Moses does not think himself worthy of this task. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Isaac - C-Town, OH
  • The video doesn't cut corners, showing the black parade marching to meet The Patient, who is played by Lukas Haas from the movie Mars Attacks!. It was directed by Samuel Bayer, who did Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video.
  • In the video, you first see Gerard Way with short blonde hair. He dyed it so he could better channel "The Patient." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Molly - Swan Reach, Australia
  • At a 2006 concert in Pennsylvania, Gerard Way said, "The song is dedicated to all dads out there." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Lacey - Helsinki, Finland
  • My Chemical Romance played this live for the first time in a rooftop performance at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The line, "Sometimes I get the feeling she's watching over me" are the only lyrics on the album that are about the Way brothers' late grandmother. MCR's song "Helena" was inspired by her. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Lexii - Darwin, Australia
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Comments: 61

Does anyone know who that girl with the long blonde hair and the mask on is?? I'm curious & cant find anything about who it is.Ashley - Unicorn Land
When Gerard sings I'm just a man not a hero makes me think of all the fans that might've committed suicide idk why...Maddi - Tx
Just listening to the song makes me think of all the soldiers lost in the recent wars. The talk about the widow and the anthem along with military drums just makes me think about all the human loss that war creates and what the fall out is for those who have to deal with that loss forever.Mary - Va
"Playfully tacked by another band member"...Frank!!Skye - Spalding, Ne
I have been studying this song for years. The patient's father was a multibillionaire, and became very religious later in life . The father died of bladder cancer at age 61.
Both he and his son were soldiers in her majesty's infantry (at different decades.) the patient suffers from a severe form of bipolar affective disorder. Which is likened by psychiatrist's as a leukemia of the mind. The patient must overcome his demons (his past and present psychological problems with the help of the medical profession.
The actual parade refers to the "anzac day parade" in australia for war veterans (fit and disabled.) the scene is set in a post apocalyptic atmosphere because the
patient has spent most of his life trying to prevent a blobal nuclear war and was permanently scarred by it. The post nuclear scenario also refers to the aftermath of the loss of his larger than life father. And the destruction of "the nuclear family" that followed. The "phantom" refers to both the rolls royce phantom motor cars used to carry the v i p veterans in the parade, and to the comic book hero phantom, who takes over his father's carreer of defending " the broken, the beaten, and the damned". I e the disabled. The non-believers and the plans that they have made refers to corrupt members of society who scam and scheme and plot and plan to rip people off.
The significance of the medal at the end of the clip refers to to victoria cross medal "for valour", which the patient won during the cold war. (in america it s equal is the congressional medal of honour). But the father would not let the son wear the medal unti he had sorted out his physical mental, and spiritual issues.
The initial awarding of the medal when the soldier was twenty years old was one thing. Learning to wear the medal for the rest of eternity was another.
The medal is a huge responsibilty for the wearer. And only until the father's executors were satisfied that the son had regained his health and could take on the challenge of championing the broken, the beaten and the damned, in later life, could he wear the medal. Sometimes i get the feeling she is watching over me simply refers to his late mother (who also died of bowel cancer). Who also had the same religious empathy as the father to other humans who were suffering. The disappointed faces of his peers is about the snobs that the patient went to an exclusive private school who could never even imagine what real war or human suffering was like..
Randolph - Wendouree, Australia
This song is the frickin bomb! Its awesome and who said it was about Queen people? I love Queen one of my favorite bands, but mcr wasn't trying to impersonate anyone. Queen is one of their insperations so I have heard, but stop trying to find fault with one pf the best bands in history.Rae - Buxton, Nc
OMG! My band played this for our halftime show last year! So beautiful to listen to...Gives me chills:) Especially the trumpet solo at the beginning!Megan - Stevenson, Al
This was the first MCR song I heard (I think) and I absolutely loved it this used to be my favourite song, and to this day it is one of my fave MCR songs. I likes his blonde hair, ut now it's RED! XDKatharine - Kent, United Kingdom
i like his blond and black hair i like them both!! BUT PPL who cares about his hair its just hair SERIOUSLY!! i mean no one is commenting on the SONG!! just Gerard's hair... luv the song!!!! SOO MUCH I MEAN MOST OF MY FAM HAS HAD CANCER AND HAS DIED BEFORE I GOT TO MEET THEM!!! so this song is really amazing!!!Logan - Indianapolis, In
this song was a battle cry to me, fight the good fight, and if you fail, others will still keep fightingAdam - Lehman, Pa
This song is about a man who is dying,and when he dies death comes in the shape of his greatest memory the day he was younger and his farther took him to see a marching band parade his farther give him this hole speach that touched him and therefore death comes in the shape of mcr, THE BAND WHO WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! then there basically saying how the spirit of his farther will live on forever in the black parade as they will carry on forever spreading the word..just what I think lol :DMelissa - Liverpool, United Kingdom
The truth is we will "carry on,"I know this because my grandpa has recently passed away because of he suffered from cancer. I'm just glad his suffering is over, but God, I want him to come back to us. But life goes on. His memory will carry on, and I hope he knows that I love him, where ever he may be. This song reminds me of my friends as well...recently some of my friends have been depressed and wanting death, somehow I talked them out of it, but it was difficult. All I want them to know is that life will go on, and we'll carry each other to the end. This song really helped me after my grandpa left, and when I was helping my friends as well. GO MCR!Laura - Columbus, Oh
This song is based on Pachelbel's Canon. The chord structure is exactly the same, which is too much of a coincedence. Try humming it next time you listen to the song.Chris - Nashville, Tn
awsome is the word nothing elseChris - Cleveland, Tn
this has to be one of the best songs of all time! i'm not a big fan of mcr but i absolutely love this song! the meaning i get out of "the black parade" is a funeral and "carry on" meaning life goes on.Maddie - New York, Ny
i'd just like to say that the line 'sometimes i get the feeling she's watching over me' is the only line about the Way brothers' late grandmother.

&& I love this song,
Lexii - Darwin, Australia
the song is acctually about death coming for you in a way that is comforting to you and for the patient it was the parade his dad took him to when he was younger.That was his fondest memory.Stephanie - Dunstable, Ma
The song meaning is about the death of a dad. The black parade is a memory of a parade the dad took the kids to. In the video the person in the hospital bed is the dad and by using lines such as "and son when you grow up, will you be the savior of the broken?" it shows a death scene. A lot of that part of the story is the dads voice. It is an emotional story of a son losing their dad.Sam - Brisbane, Australia
Uhm, ACTUALLY--This wasn't the music video in which Bob and Gerard were injured. That music video was "Famous Last Words".Alayna - Somewhere, Mo
Cancer is a bad thing... I think that this song could be a dedication to all those people with cancer.Jake - Columbia City, In
I LOVE Gerard's hair blonde..it really shows his mature side..

Love this song, but i dont like how some people just mix it in with the rest of their rap and pop songs and call themselves MCR fans. This song has become sort of an overplayed song with the preps and jocks where I'm from. It just bugs me a bit ya know? Its kinda like "Hey there Delilah" by the Plain White Tees. Its a GREAT song but its overplayed to the point that I just dont like it anymore.

oh! and an MCR fun fact:

the float on which the band plays in the Black Parade video, is what is burning behind them in the "Famous Last Words" music video! =)
Skyttles - Poolpartytopia, Czech Republic
I don't know about dead men in bed but whatever scenario he is using it seems he is trying to relay the idea that regardless of what the world throws at you/him (first person/thrid person, and uses you/me/her/he interchangeably which indicates to me that he is the cause and effect as we all are) but that to recognize the hate and anger in himself/yourself (the bit on the mirror looking into it and relating) then we can join the fight against ourself and others to not let the anger and saddness and crappy thinks that break us actually destroy us but that we carry on - tough it through and lead each other. "sometimes i feel she is watching me and other times i feel like giving up" roughly quoted - insn't that like the footsteps bit where in some times you feel like fate or whatever has your hand and other times you feel abandoned and thats when you need to push on through and lead and carry each other - its a commentary on war perhaps as well but in a general sense that we are all waring on ourselves and we need to lead by letting go - "welcome to the black parade" - you are now part of it - we will all die one day and until then fight and hold on tooth and nail to yourself and each other - i don't know to me a black parade would symbolize a band of people who have been battered by life (pretty much everyone) in some way or another who rise above their pain and suffering with the help of each other to carry on - "black listed" etc people who have been outcast - death sure - death is those cast out of life right ? and when you die - well you join the higher power of fate to guide the twisted bodies (alive or dead) home . I'm also a big mushball and haven't listened to the rest of the album but love this song as it gives me hope .Tuft - Ottawa, Canada
man i hate this music style... if your gunna play rock play REAL ROCK not this stuff... i mean godsmack or disturbed or somewhere along those linesSonya - Kimball, Mi
The song Cancer by them is one of my fave's [god i hate that word.]Tonya - Sharon Grove, Ky
I'm glad he re-dyed his hair back to black. It's hotter :) Suits him more. I'm not saying this is my favourite MCR song, but I don't think they'll ever write a better one. It's got everything a good rock song should have, and to the people who think this is emo - YOU COULDN'T BE ANY FURTHER OFF! Gawd. Just enjoy the amazing music, don't label.Laura - -
I remember when I was first watching the film clip to this, and I saw Gerard with the blonde hair, and I was thinking to myself, this isn't Gerard! Then I could I could tell it was him by his distictive voice. And I was like WTF! I'm really glad it's back to black, it suits him more, but the blonde hair was growing on me.Holly - Melbourne, Australia
I agree.Briana - Greensboro , Nc
i think the black parade is the parade that welcomes a new corpse to teh afterlife. the dead people you see in the video come to help the patient pass over to the afterlifeLauren - Livingstone
Welcome to the Black Parade is about death.Andrew - Bartlett, Tn
why is everyone like...

even worse.. gerards foot was screwed up..

no ofence to Gerard....

but infected burns are WAY worse than torn ligements

oh.. and for the record.. they happend during the famous last words video... not W2TBP
Loz - Perth, Australia
This song is really really cool.. i am emo all the way and it rocks!! my friends pay me out about it because they like pop but thats sooo gay!! this song has made me into the person i am 2day!!.. thank u my chemiical romance!! xxEmma - Port Augusta, Australia
The "Black Parade" was also a parade in europe during the middle ages, when a disease took over, they sent the sickly out of the city so that they couldn't harm the others, but mainly the rich and powerful. Coincidence? Probably not. I could be wrong but I heard that Gerard Way cut his hair so short because he felt that the lyrics ("'Cause all my hairs abandoned all my body, Oh, my agony.")were empty unless he felt what it was like for his, oh so famous hair, to be gone and discolored. (As chemo can do.)Hillary - Rockford, Il
i loved this song at first... when i wasnt that into mcr. when i started listening to this i got the cd then started listening to the other cds, then i hated this song for a while cuz EVERYONE loved and im like ya no. lol. but now i listen to it again cuz it reminds me of old times. i still like old mcr better, but this album is still amazing its so theatrical.Morgan - Gresham, Or
my far this is one of the greatest songs ever.my chemical romnce is probally the greatest band to ever walk this earth well in my prospective they are and im sure many of you agree,honestly i think if you dont like my chemical romance or any other bands than you shouldnt say anything about them your lame comments just prove that there are more of us mcr lover out that to back them up and there are less of you that could give a sh*t about themBrittany - Las Vegas, Nv
Great song, great band =DEllie - London, England
I interpreted this song in a different way... lol given that I haven't seen the vid... ^^

Well it gave me the impression that whoever is singing's dad died from this war... I dunno, military drums and all that gave me the impression that the "black parade" was the procession for a funeral [processions are these things where when sumone dies, a very very large crowd walks from the church to the cemetery... they usually do it in the Philippines... yeah my country ^^].

I thought well... that sumone in his family died from the war because his family was part of the "resistance" or sumthing... and that his dad was asking him to "carry on" "the plans that they have made..." and avenge his family and stuff...
You know, like in wars where there is conflict because they believe that their purpose is better than other people's? And well the dad is asking the son to continue their legacy of saving "the broken, the beaten and the damned...", because the dad knows that "one day I'll leave you, a phantom to lead you in the summer, to join the Black Parade..." [meaning he will be captured and die...] and that his son eventually will too.

So the chorus goes on saying "we'll carry on, we'll carry on... although you're dead and gone believe me your memory will carry on...", and there's me picturing this whole crowd of marching teenagers doing what their parents wanted them to continue...

Do or die, you'll never make me
Because the world will never take my heart
Go and try, you'll never break me
We want it all, we wanna play this part
I won't explain or say I'm sorry
I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar
Give a cheer for all the broken
Listen here, because it's who we are
I'm just a man, I'm not a hero
Just a boy, who had to sing this song
I'm just a man, I'm not a hero
I don't care

I dunno if it makes sense to any of you but it did in my head! hahah... I've got a munted imagination!! ^^
Monica - Wellington, New Zealand
correction to the song facts, Way and Bryar were injured in the famous last words videoEric - Not Telling, Ma
or maybe the memory is his when he's dying thinking about the parade.. OHHH...i get it now nvmAmber - New York, Ny
i also think tht they're saying even though you're gone, the world will carry on, but you will be in our memories

"and though youre still and gone belive me, you're memory will carry on"
Amber - New York, Ny
this song is the best ever in the whole history of the universe!!!!!! its about this man in a hospital (the patiet) whos dieing tragicly young and 4 him death comes 2 him as his strongest memory and thats when he was a young boy and his father took him 2 this parade in the big city.... its so full of emotion and everytrhing....i dont like his hair really tho it looks as if hes recovering from cancer kinda...wierd...but its black again!!and it teaches u 2 carry on with anything thats going bad just carry onKatie - Temecula, Ca
I'd never known of this song as a Fourty something Father. I heard it this weekend as a finale to my six year old Daughter's first dance recital. As a divorced man who only deals with my child a few days a week, I thought it was a fitting ending to a memory that will forever be imbedded with me. This is in my opinion, is a wonderful paen to a Father and child's relationship. I'll always remember this as a memory that will forever link me to my beautiful little girl.Jerry - Pittsburgh, Pa
The song is OK, but I must say that the band is quite emo... anyone agree?Victoria - BÃ?rum, Norway
My 7 year old brother has this entire song memorized, and will put on a black suit and perform it for the neighborsLinda - Ranger, Ga
First off, I hate this band, and so do all of my friends, and all of the people I know say that this is the only song that is any good by them, so I listned to this song and it sucked as bad as everyone of their stupid emo songs.J - Jackson, Ga
this is my fave song ever!!! i wish i knew how gerard hits all the high notesGraemie - Fraserburgh, Scotland
I love this song. And, droopyeyes from HCMC, Gee dyed his hair black again...watch I Don't Love You video - ha! There's proof!Audie - Auckland, New Zealand
The song that got me into My Chemical Romance. Truly an epic song, and shows a side of the band I never knew they had. The entire album is excellentJohnny - Rockland, Ma
overplayed. and not good. the piano part anyone can do. i agree with matt.the carry on part has to have been stolen from bohemian rhapsody or come sail away.Ben - Menomonie, Wi
This song gose alot with what I am going through now. My dad is suffering from cancer and he is getting treatment. The part that helps me is saying that "we'll carry on"Donna - Round Rock, Tx
I dont get this song. But i love it still!!Kc - Kingsland, Ga
I danced to this song for a competetion yesterday, and we got 3rd place out of 54 groups. Now were labeled as emo dancers but we rocked!Christina - Jacksonville, Tx
IN the song it is stating that the son is in mourning of the loss of his father, and the father asks his son as a child if he will you be strong without me here beside you, because I will not always be around, I will move on into another world. When he speaks of the black parade, that is what he is refering to the other world to.
"Because one day I leave you,
A phantom to lead you in the summer,
To join the black parade."
By saying that he is saying that he will be leaving his son and hopes he will still stay strong, yet he will see his son again. The Chorus is refering to the son is stating that no matter how much main and missory he is going through, the memories of his father still live in him. The very end of the song where it starts to
"You'll never make me
Cause the world, will never take my heart..."
It is him saying he can't hide the pain and memories of the fathers life with his son. Everyone tries to get him down and no one can because his father taught him better.
Christina - Jacksonville, Tx
his hair's black again!Christina - Sam's Town, Va
i liked the black hair but the blondes fine...this song rocks!!!!!!!!Will - Pittsburgh, Ca
I miss the black hair too!!!Vmprgoddess35 - Madison, Wi
the blonde hair is growing on me. it's different but it looks good.

yeah comparisons to queen are being given out freely, i'm like queen...

i love these guys though!
Christina - Sam's Town, Va
The Big Black Hole Eyes scares my 5 year old brother....Ashley - Decatur, Il
i was thinking the same thing droopy eyes ^.^Yoseph - Cupertino, Ca
I think comparisons to The Beatles and Queen are given out kinda freely these days.Matt - Los Angeles, Ca
i like this song. and the video's impressive. but i miss Gee's black hair. *cries*Droopyeyes - Hcmc
terrible song. atrocious queen impersonation.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
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