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I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

Album: Three Days GraceReleased: 2003Charted:
  • This song is about a love-hate kind of relationship, about ambivalence. You totally hate everything about someone, but at the same time, you don't know why, but you love them. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Arianna - Largo, FL
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Comments: 39

This could be about both. The lead singer probably wrote a lot of his songs with his drug rehabilitation in mind. He hates everything about drugs and what they do to him, but he can't help but want to do them. Also, it probably encompasses his girlfriend or ex to. It could be about both at the same time. He was mad and just jammed stuff that he has mixed feelings about into a song. I have to side with the idea the "hit" relates to drugs, especially since it is censored.Koda - United States
This Song Is Dedicated To You ..Depressed - Indianapolis, In
I f--king love this song. It's badass ;DJessica - Bath, Ny
There is a guy that i really like and every time he is mad at me or he has a girlfriend I hate him, then I listen to this song and it makes me feel better.Ashley - Rossville, Ga
This song is definatly about drug addiction. He refers to the drugs as her. He hates everything about them but uses them stillBrett - Westford, Ma
I really like this song because its true, there is a fine line between "Love and Hate" and they do a pretty good job saying it as it is...Ernie - Unionville, Mi
Well, that's just stupid, you can't love and hate someone at the same time. You can just hate someone and however feel passion for that person or his/her body, or whatever. I like the sound though.Rui - Porto, Portugal
this is an alright song by three days grace but i think that last to know is there best so farJd - Paoli, In
Cloro its not about his past drug addiction its about loving someone and hating them at the same timeNathan Ritz - Paoli, In
actually, this song is about his past drug addiction.Cloro - Detroit, Mi
wow. this hits a little too close to home for me.Allyyyyy - Chicago, Il
This song really hits home for me. There was this guy that I hated and loved at the same time. Well not it's more of a strong dislike and no more love for him! Hope he is happy with his new life!Naomi - Ashland, Oh
Thus song is amazing no doubt about it this should be the song that everyone should be talking about now with so much of this gong on in the world.Aaron - Chesaning, Mi
I read about the song and it says its a cmobonation of all the realtionships the guys in the band had and they made a song about how you feel after a break upChelsea - Centreville, Va
umm..yeah.. i dont think this song is about drugs...at all. every hit we take means evry obstacle they came across....just my opinionJade - Cancun, Mexico
It doesn't really seem like it could be about drugs, but considering the word "hit" gets censored...
wtf censorship laws are messed up. But I feel that this song is difficult to be connected to drug usage. Why can't a good rock song be about love sometime?!
Alice - Danville, Ca
I'm afraid I have to disagree about "every hit we take" analysis.

Yes, it works for drugs, BUT it can also be used in reference for fighting. Hit is ambiguous.
It's most obviously a hate to love, love to hate, relationship, but there are many side interpretations, which is why a song can apply to everyone and anyone.

In a song, you look for what you want it to mean to you.
Colleen - Vacaville, Ca
to answer a question a ways up top "every room mate kept awake by every sigh and scream we make" is most likely not about drugs or fighting. it's about sex. "Every hit we take" is about drugs.Stripes - Twilight, Tx
i have to say 3 days grace suxCaz - Minnesota, Mn
i love this song i could listen to it over and over againBeverly - El Paso, Tx
I love this song it is the perfect song for me and my exBrandi - Ewing, Va
Yes, the song talks about love and hate towards someone/something, but the video states that the singers feels love/hate for his father; not drugs or a girl.Roberto - Guayaquil, Ecuador
the roommate kept awake part fits in because its an example of what could be going on. If the person they hate is a family member or someone they live with then the fights and screaming could keep neighbors awake.Andrewvenom92390 - Elyria, Oh
It is a pretty straight foward song. I think it can either be about an addiction or a love hate relationship with a girlAustin - Smallsville, Ne
exactly. mixed emotions. Drugs would be the last thing on one's mind while listening to this song. so...Jose - Miami, Fl
Having mixed emotions about someoneBriana - Greensboro , Nc
Boy, that was sure a clarifying SongFact.Kevin - Albany, Or
I'm not trying to prove anyone wrong, but how does the line "Every roommate kept awake by every sigh and scream we make" relate to drugs?Kyle - Egmondville, Canada
it's about EVERYTHING around him that causes him to lose control. it's asome songEmily - Frankiln, Tn
this song is just in general. it could be about an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or even to a person. the lyrics expalain the restAndrewvenom92390 - Elyria, Oh
mike how could u posibly think this is about drugs idk why but every song on here some dumb relates to drugs r u all a bunch of junkies?Wes - South Bend, In
This song is a good song. From my perspective, it's about hating someone, but loving them at the same time. I can relate to that cuz I love someone, but I hate him for the things he does and doesn't talk to me anymore.Michelle - Brook Park, Mn
I don't think the song is about drugs. It's obviously about a woman that he loves. I can connect. I hate this kid for everything he does and how he does it, but at the same time there's a part of me that can't help but love him.Christine - Salem, Ct
It does seem like it cold be about drugs but the fact that he talks about keeping roommates awake and "her" loving him back makes it seem like it's a womanRon - Mount Holly, Nj
Are we sure this song isn't about drugs? it kinda seems like it?Mike - Fairfield, Ca
If you're looking for a song that you can jump around to and get all ur pissy feelings out..
this is the song!!
i love it.. :]
Winter - Niceville, Fl
I agree with Ryan Tool is an amazing band but anyways i think its cool because if you listen to the words to almost every 3dg song adam always switches it around " I hate everything about you why do I love you? You hate everything about me why do you love me? and in drown hes asking for someones trust then he says I will let you down it sounds dumb but I think its CRAZY!Courtney - Pahrump, Nv
The song "H" by Tool is pretty much about the same thing.
"I am too connected to you
to slip away
to fade away..."
Ryan - Mobile, Al
these guys are a good band i like them alot. i got to see at pointfest.Patrick - Stl, Mo
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