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Long Live Rock by The Who

Album: Odds And SodsReleased: 1972Charted:
  • This song was recorded in early summer of 1972 and first appeared on Odds And Sods in 1974. The band originally planned on releasing the song as a single in 1972, but Pete Townshend wanted to use it for an album about The Who's history, titled "Rock Is Dead - Long Live Rock." In the end he wrote Quadrophenia instead. This song was finally released as a single on April 1, 1979 with "My Wife" (and "I'm The Face" on some versions too) on the flip side. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Fintan - Cheltenham, England
  • This appeared briefly in the 1973 film That'll Be The Day, where Billy Fury sang it. In the film, Keith Moon played the part of Billy Fury's drummer, J.D.Clover. Moon also appeared as J.D. in the 1974 sequel Stardust. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tommy - Liverpool, England
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Comments: 3

Anybody know who played piano on this song?Rick - Los Angeles
Listen to the lyrics carefully, and it is a joyous celebration of all things rock. Townehend gets too "introspective" sometimes, and its great to see him lighten up with this tune. They performed this on their final show in 1982 (which of course wasnt their final show).

Lyric highlight?
"We were the 1st band to vomit in the bar
And find the distance to the stage too far"
Craig - Melbourne, Australia
It's also used during the credits of The Kids Are Alright, a rockumentary about The Who.Jon - Tucson, Az
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