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Eat The Rich by Aerosmith

Album: Get A GripReleased: 1993Charted:
  • This song takes a shot at rich people who believe their wealth entitles them to look down on others. Aerosmith were indeed rich when they released this song, but they come from humble beginnings and can't stand the condescending attitude of some rich people. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith wrote this song with Jim Vallance, a Canadian songwriter who also co-wrote "Rag Doll" and "Young Lust." They put the song together in Vallance's basement studio. The jungle rhythm came about after Tyler started banging away on a keyboard. Perry came up with a guitar riff, and Valance added a guitar phrase.
  • The song's rhythms were played on Polynesian log drums. Six musicians were brought in to play them.
  • An aggressive rocker, this song was released as the second single from Get A Grip, following another uptempo number, "Livin' On The Edge," which made #18 in the US. "Eat The Rich" didn't chart, but when the record company tried a different tack, releasing the ballads "Cryin'," "Amazing" and "Crazy," the album rose to #1 and got Aerosmith back on MTV and Top 40 radio.
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Comments: 6

I watched the music video for this and realized something. Steven Tyler is a mutant. No human beings lips could be that huge.Homer - Springfield, Ky
Yea thats so true that Paris Hilton is an example of what this song means. But you know society gives in to them by treating them like they're above the law like when Nicole Richie got arrested, she was supposed to spend 30 days in prison but instead she got out after 80 hours or somethin like that because the court.Ozzi - Brookhaven, Pa
This Song Is Great. It Makes Me Think Of Paris Hilton Or Just Any "Famous" Person That Thinks They Are Better, Or More Important Then Anyone Else; When In Fact They Are The Same As Anyone Else, They Just Happen To Be Rich.Sally - Ventura, Ca
Motorhead's version is different and it came out 6 years before Aerosmith's version, but Krokus was the first to use the song title.Joe - Chicago, Il
Doesn't Motorhead do a cover of this ??Trent - Swift Current, Canada
This is a great song from Aerosmith. One of my favorites!!:DEmily - Ontario, Canada
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