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D.I.Y. by Peter Gabriel

Album: Peter Gabriel (second, scratch)Released: 1978
  • The title stands for "Do It Yourself." The song is about taking responsibility and control of your life.
  • Gabriel used an acoustic arrangement to distinguish this from his work with Genesis.
  • This was released as a single, but despite heavy promotion it was a commercial failure. When this did not sell as a single, Charisma Records, Gabriel's label in England, re-released it in September 1978 with both "Mother Of Violence" and "Me And My Teddy Bear" on the B-side. The original, released that May, was backed with "Perspective."
  • The mostly acoustic sound was chosen in hopes of mimicking the chart success of "Solsbury Hill." Bootlegs contain heavier electric versions of this.
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Comments: 3

His second album was pretty lame. Felt like he was still looking for his voice and direction.Jim Ellis - Lemon Grove, Ca
This was also released on a 45 with two versions of the song one the album mix the other an electronic mixNes - San Fransisco , Ca
Also about taking control of his career after leaving Genesis. 'When things get too big, I dont trust them at all'.Liquid Len - Ottawa, Canada
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