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Avenged Sevenfold

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Avenged Sevenfold wrote this song about the American troops who were fighting the war in Iraq. The band claims to have friends who fought in the war, and wanted to give their listeners an idea of what war is like. Even though they are not a political band, they wanted to present the view of someone going to battle as a troop. (thanks, Gary - San Mateo, CA)
M.I.A. stands for "Missing In Action," which accounts for soldiers who could have been killed or captured in combat.
Avenged Sevenfold
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Comments (14):

This song is so epic and powerful, its definetely a stand out track of City of Evil, but then every track on that album is aweeome
- alan, The Meadow of Rainbows, United Kingdom
Such a sad, bad ass song. "A murderer walks your streets tonight" such powerful lyrics. I can only imagine what assimilating back into society must be like after living in a war zone.

To OZZY from Fresno; I find it a little contradictory that you claim your favorite bands are the Beatles and Pink Floyd, two of the most genre-bending bands out there, yet you don't like Self-titled because it changes A7X's sound too much? Wot? Then again you do put them on the same page as Coldplay and Snow Patrol so maybe you're just sort of dumb.
- Luke, Ponca City, OK
Amazing... having been there and came back and lost friends. The song illustrates an important point you can disagree with the war, but we always need your support
- Robert, Cleveland, OH
What word am I looking for? How about Amazing! The riffs are wild and just awesome. This song will never get old.
- Thomas, New Orleans, LA
This is my favorite song of A7X. Soon, to be in the US Army!!!
- Josh, Grasonville, MD
This is my favorite song, i completely support the war, love this song.
- Nick, St. Louis, MO
One of the best A7X Songs ever!!!! The vocals amazing, guitar riffs are un'Fing'believable anyone who is naive enough to criticize any soldier about this war should just go off themselves right now. A7X FOREVER!
- Kyle, Denver, CO
i'm english and i don't agree with the Iraqi war either but I agree with what A7X are saying because we can't blame the soldiers for what the government has decided. "When the rich wage war it's the poor who die." Jean Paul Sartre
- Hannah, Hampshire, England
best Fkking song Ever
i myself just joined the military
and a7x is my favorite band and it feels good
to know they got my back with this song AND
critical acclaim
- Betuel, BaT COunTry, TX
A7x is more than just metal
- jack, Buenos Aires, United States
Anyone else notice how AMAZING singers like M. Shadows are that are in metal bands? Listen to the end of this song and he goes SO HIGH.
Anyways, Matt's not my favorite member, it's synyster.(and, even though im a gurl), I think a7x is one of the greatest modern bands out there, excluding Coldplay and Snow Patrol.
I'm still mad though. Their new albumis so... mainstream. They said it was their best most "mature" work. However, I feel if thats what they sound like, i dont WANT them to be mature.
In the end I love the album, I love the song, but their new stuff is kind of hard to take, especially if your favorite bands (like me)are Pink Floyd and The Beatles.
- ozzy, fresno, CA
This and Unholy Confessions are some of my favorite songs by them. The war SUCKS and i agree with chad, bring em home safe and sound. "Staring at the carnage, praying that the sun will never rise, living another day in disguise...."
- AJ, Gaines, MI
Awesome song, I don't agree with the war, and I'm not american (I'm canadian) but I still support the american troops risking their lives in Iraq, takes a bravery that most don't have... bring em home safe and sound.
- Chad, Calgary, Canada
great song and i agree with the band on why they wrote it
- DJ, Coventry, RI
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