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In Dreams by Roy Orbison

Album: For The Lonely: 18 Greatest HitsReleased: 1963Charted:
  • Roy Orbison claimed in interviews that the lyrics for this song came to him in a dream; he wrote the music once he woke up.
  • This song is featured in a key scene in the 1987 film Blue Velvet. Orbison initially rejected director David Lynch's request to use this song, but later made a video for the track with scenes from the film.
  • Shortly before he died, Roy Orbison recorded a follow up to this called "In The Real World" on his 1989 album Mystery Girl. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for all above)
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Comments: 10

This big hit for The Big "O" came out in spring 1963 & I bought the single. What an emotional song & it sure made an impact on the rock/pop charts. In my area, when this was released, it reached #2 in eastern Oklahoma/western Arkansas in several AM rock stations. Orbison was a truly unique rock icon that is sorely missed. "In Dreams" is still a favorite of mine. Back in 1963, wasn't it at this time that he toured with the Beatles in the UK? By then, The Big "O" had an impressive list of big hits. And then along came "Mean Woman Blues" b/w "Blue Bayou" in the summer! I recall that Roy's version of "Mean Woman Blues" bested all previous versions, including Elvis's, and reached either #2 or #3 on the charts. Mercy!Bubblesk - Memphis, Tn
One of those songs you can't get out of your head--I was working on a poultry farm, 1960's.
His voice is so plaintive at the end...
Rich - Portsmouth, Nh
Powerfull gets me as teary today as the first day I heard it.Jim - Novi, Mi
I saw an interview once with Bernie Taupin and others. They were talking about what a great songwriter Roy Boy was and Bernie used the opening lyrics to this song to make his case of how great Roy was. A candy-colored clown they call the sandman...' If I remember correctly Bernie's comment was "wow!" Roy was one of a kind and he's still my favorite. THANK YOU Roy! You've brought me much, much joy!Rabitt - Sugar Land, Tx
I've sang my wife and kids to sleep with this song for years. Absolutely beautiful and soothing song though laden with sadness. The famous introduction can bring anyone back to their childhood and being tucked in my a gentle hand.Shawn - Green Bay, Wi
The original name of this song is "A candy Colored Clown" It's strange it took me forever to call it that and now they write it up as [IN DREAMS]. Still one of my faves. www.eldahs.comLawrence - Erie, Pa
I heard this song is about his wife who past away in a tragic motorcycle accident..One of my favorate roy songs...very touchingPaul - Clio, Mi
I can never hear this song anymore without conjuring the image of the scene in "Blue Velvet" where Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) recites the lyrics while the song plays in the background, shortly before he sexually humiliates Isabella Rosselini for the umpteenth time. Fascinatingly grotesque as the movie was, it ruined this classic for me. (And for the record, the film was released in 1986, not 1987.)S.d. - Denver, Co
I agree with Alex,Fullerton,CA. What a beautiful,passionate song. And the way it builds up! A full yearning heart alert. The way I heard the story is that Roy Orbinson woke up thinking "Ol' Elvis has himself another hit" then realized he had just dreamt the song.Congo - Woonsocket, Ri
I can't believe no one's commented on this song! It's brilliant and mindblowingly beautiful.Alex - Fullerton, Ca