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Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi

Album: Have A Nice DayReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song is about overcoming adversity - the "Have A Nice" day refrain is a bit ironic. Jon Bon Jovi wrote the song after George W. Bush was reelected as US president in 2004. Bon Jovi campaigned for his opponent, John Kerry, and although he was disappointed that Kerry lost, he wanted to make sure those who disagreed with Bush continued to fight. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
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Comments: 8

Bon Jovi took this saying from pro wrestler Mick Foley, who used this as his catchphrase for years.

It basically is another way of saying 'f--k off'.
Beau - Phoenix, Az
if you watched the interview on the have a nice day disc you would know the song is geared towards stickin it to the man. the meaning is very sarcastic and ironic. its all about doing your own thing and not giving a f--k what people think. if you also watch the interviews Richie says have a nice day with a big sarcastic smile on his face and gives the camera the finger. the song says f--k off, i do the f--k i like!Keeri - Airdrie, Ab
This song stinks! George Bush rocks! Bon Jovi is awesome but i hate this song!Bob - Las Vegas, Nv
preety cool vidio, we did that at my high school on the last day of school. we made alot of face sticky notes about 1000. it was sweet, they were everywhere :)Bradley - Savannah, Ga
Bon Jovi was only glam on their first two to three albums. Their sound turned a lot more towards rock later on. Besides, glam metal artists don't like the term hair metal, because when grunge came along, glam metal bands were called 'hair farmers' because the industry was now promoting grunge. And, Krista, if you've seen the video you could notice Jon's hair is short and blonde, which wasn't the case back in the 80s. Then it was long, curly and somewhre between dirty blonde and brown.

And it is really an Anti-Bush song, Jon mentioned that in more than a couple of interviews.
Sofija - Novi Sad, Serbia
Personally, i doubt think the whole idea is Anti-Bush. Bad Ass song thoughMichael - Morris County, Nj
i agree emily! i like the meaning! i thought this was an 80s album!
bon jovi is king of hairbands!
Krista - Elyria, Oh
Interesting . . .
Never knew.
Emily - Abingdon, Va
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