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Blood Red Sandman by Lordi

Album: The Monsterican DreamReleased: 2004
  • This song is about Jack the Ripper. It details the fear he cast over neighborhoods when he was committing his crimes. "Leather Apron" was one of his nicknames. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Amy - Perth, Australia
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Comments: 7

they talk about the "'blood red sandman' coming home again. Does that mean they are prophesizing the reapearance of that psycho-surgeon, jack the ripper!? 8{
Heimdallr - Lakeland, Sweden
oh, and somone send me a link that says that he was called smiling jack, or jack the ripper.Johnathan - Albuquerque, Nm
oh, forgot to mention, it may have some coincidental similarities to the evil dead house, but its not part of the evil dead ok.Johnathan - Albuquerque, Nm
Listen to the lyrics, just because it says its smiling jack, does not mean its about jack the ripper, also, the end of the song, mr lordi says, scream all you want you wont WAKE UP with a scream. Also, when the hell was jack the ripper called the leather apron??? that just makes no freakin sense. Also, look at the frichin title, BLOOD RED SANDMAN. NOT THE BLOOD RED HOOKER KILLER!!!!!!!!! also capt. howdy, its not the singer lifting that guy up in the video, it was kalma, the bassist at the time. now its ox. Also, good point graeme, freddy kreuger was called the blood red sandman. this whole song is about nightmares, also at the end mr lordi says, no one leaves, the monstarican dream.Johnathan - Albuquerque, Nm
No it is not an homage to Nightmare on Elm Street or Freddy Kreuger. The whole video is a direct reference to The Evil Dead. WATCH IT!Capt. Howdy - Vallejo, Ca
Also, in the promotional video theres a scene where the singer is lifting someone by his throat, then it shows you through a camera and the singer is invisible. This is probably a homage to the classic 'smearing people up the walls' scenes from the Elm Street movies.Daniel - Derby, England
Good song. it also mentions Freddy Kreuger though, as he is the 'Blood Red Sandman.'Graeme - Carluke, Scotland
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