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Prayer Of The Refugee


Rise Against

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This song is about an immigrant or a refugee trying to make ends meet in America. He faces frequent discrimination at the hands of the people and government. (thanks, Mark - Boston, MA)
Rise Against
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Comments (13):

This song may not be "About" but definitely does touch on the topic of Human Trafficking. Rise Against is a band whom among very few people stand against Human Trafficking. In the video, there are video clippings of shoes, boxes of chocolate, and coffee beans. That's because coffee and chocolate is one of the top industries for human trafficking. The band wants to raise awareness and stand against it because it is wrong all around. The refugee is the one being held prisoner and was human trafficked and the prayer is to get out and be saved.
- Narassa, Colorado Springs, CO
the song is about fair trade... it says so at the end of the vid... its not about hurricane katrina... they prob did send proceeds to victems tho. and there is no refrence to immigrants being slaves to america, or anything about the holocaust.
- erik, brownwood, TX
Tim (Rise Against vocalist) never sings "you will let me down" in this song. It is always "you won't let me down". So the lyrics on this site are wrong. Perhaps the booklet that came with the album should have been consulted!
- Mike, Toronto, ON
This song is about every country that the U.S. has decided to "help" through military occupation. "You won't let me down" is like a controlling father who doesn't know when to allow his child to grow up. I believe the video and real meaning of the lyrics are separate entities altogether. A video that matched the true meaning of the song would be banned in the States.
- Mike, Toronto, ON
I belive this song is about how america is supposed to be "independent" (the store was All american) and yet we have other countries supporting us. And it shows how 3rd world countries use child labor and how we take credit by putting MADE IN THE U.S.A
- Thomas, Colorado springs CO., CO
This song was written about the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The also donated the profits from the single to this cause.
- Arthur, Houston, TX
when i first heard it, i thought it was about fleeing from genocide (such as the holocoust), but the video is about child labor in 3rd world countries.
- Dick, San Francisco, CA
this song is about american consumerism and its impact on the outside world, and the video shows children and slave labour being used to create goods to export and then they slap a "made in america" sticker on it and claim that they are made in american when no american made them
- Emma, Christchurch, New Zealand
yea im thinking Holocaust
but still its a great song by far their best song
- Aaron, Charleston, SC
"Broken windows and ashes Are guiding the way." Holocaust reference perhaps?
- Shayne, Lynchburg, VA
i like this song alot, it's a really good song
- Trent, Binghamton, NY
this song is the best rise against song ever written. its flippin awesome!!!
- Bob, Hippy, CO
In the music video, they say this song is about how the price of goods does not always equal the price of the lives to make them. (Child labor, cheap foreign labor)
- David, Huntginton, IN
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