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Indigo by Peter Gabriel

Album: Peter Gabriel (second, scratch)Released: 1978
  • This is about a father coming to terms with his imminent death. "Crossing the river" refers to death.
  • Gabriel: "I had the mood of 'Old Man River' in my head at the time."
  • This evolved out of an instrumental Gabriel performed on his 1977 tour that he called "A Song Without Words."
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Comments: 1

When Peter performed this on his first solo tour in 1977, it was called "A Song Without Words". His synth player, Larry Fast, put the vocals through a frequency shifter which made him sound chimpmunk-like. This was mixed with his normal pitched vocals so it sounded as if he was dueting with himself. At the shows Peter told the audience it was his "small friend" or a transmission of the concert from a parallel universe.Peter - Glen, Nj
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