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Collide by Howie Day

Album: Stop All the World NowReleased: 2004Charted:
  • They say that opposites attract. That's the case in this song; the guy seems to be falling in love with a girl whose personality is opposite of his. (thanks, Arianna - Largo, FL)
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Comments: 12

this song means speaks so true for this man I once knew. we were never together, but we both agreed we were "complete opposites that were entirely too alike" even though we haven't seen each other in seven and half years, and haven't spoken in almost 3, i will always love him...this song reminds me that although life may take us down different paths, and different loves...that there's still that one person who truly completes you. and eventually, some day, in some way, we'll find each other again.Lisa - Harrisburg, Ne
This song is about two people whose lives are opposite/different, but found each other because they share the same thoughts, likes and has common interest. The girls is falling inlove with the guy and the guy also has feelings for this girl but the guy is reluctant to tell her that he loves her because he wants to protect her from the world of judgement. He cares about her and that is why his silence is his power that protects her and so she won't get hurt by the world that judge. But it doesn't matter love is stronger.Quatro - Valparaiso, In
Aww, I love this song. Love it. Not only because it was the song that played during my first slow dance and during a dance with the sweetest boy, but it's like the theme song to my camp.
No dance at Shaw is complete without it and when I listen to this song late at night I cry remembering all the good times I can connect to this song.
"I worry I won't see your face, light up again."
Hope - Naperville, Il
'I find Im scared to know im always on your mind..'

I ♥ love this line :)
Ln - :), Qc
This song is strangely representative of a relationship that exists in my own life! I see it as a guy and girl who've always known each other, but never managed to get to a point where they can actually admit their love. When it does finally happen, it's this incredible moment, with the dawn breaking...etc. Of course there is the history between them, how different they are, the doubts they have, etc. And, there is the fear when they finally are together, that he has of always being on her mind. I believe this song is up there with the perfect songs representing one way in which real love manages to manifest itself - especially when you do eventually get to the point when you finally manage to collide with The One. Should things work out with that significant other in my life that this song denotes, this will be the song to which we open the dance floor at our wedding!Anna Begins - Johannesburg, South Africa
The first time i heard this song was on the show, "One Tree Hill". I watched 1 episode from the show because Chad Micheal murray was in it. And the only reason why i have a crush on him because his in my favortie movie, "A Cinderella Story". So when i heard this song i was like who sings this? That was 3 years ago... now this song is my ringtone everytime someone texts me. Half of my friends knows the words to it. that explains how many times people text me. But anyways, i freakin love this song!!!Victoria - Compton, Ca
I thought-and kind of do still think-that this song is about a guy and a girl who love each other but can't seem to work out their relationship...that's why he says 'you finally find, you and i collide'. Throughout the entire song he says 'you' referring to the girl.Michelle - Scranton, Pa
i really thought it was about a relationship where they are having problem and that they never expected.
well i guess not
Priscilla - Taft, Ca
actually, howie day is from bangor maine and NOT new zealand.Amy - Portland, Me
This song is so beautiful. It is the perfect song for Lindsay and Danny in CSI:NY!!! I hope they DO get together though...xxxShanise - Slough, England
Love this song.Really beautiful lyrics and music.Matt - Ny, Ny
This song tells a story of a guy who he likes but she does like him. He is upset and has only just realised that she doesn't. He has been seeing/feeling things that aren't real e.g "I wont see your face light up again".Jess - Melbourne, Australia