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It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects

Album: Move AlongReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song details the end of a relationship, but it's not about breaking up with a girlfriend - it's not even about a girl. Written by lead singer Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler, Nick told us the story in our 2012 interview: "Ty was just getting really good at telling stories in songs. That one was about a dude, but he thinks it's fun to make it sound like it was about a girl or a relationship."

    The dude is their guitar tech who joined them for a songwriting session in Atlanta. Says Wheeler, "He's our buddy from home. He's been touring with us for the past couple of years, and he came just to help us out with gear and keep things in order. He's moral support - he's just a great dude to have around. But he was significantly older than us at the time, and he acts like an old man: going to bed early, really being a bum around Ty. Because Ty's a night owl. He wanted to stay up, he wanted to hang out. His roommate was just bringing him down. Mike and Chris and I were in the nonsmoking room. So we didn't really see this, but he was getting frustrated and fed up with this guy bringing things down, and we wrote this song (laughing). Ty used to introduce it, he was like, 'This song's about wanting to kill your best friend.' So that is true."
  • This was a track from The All-American Rejects second album, and along with "Move Along," it was one of the last ones written. Nick Wheeler told us, "we were at our wits' end wondering if we were ever going to get to make a second record. Our manager and our guy just kept saying, 'Keep writing, keep writing.' All we knew was, hey, man, we wrote 11 songs and that's all we had to our name when we made the first record. We have more than that, let's just go make a record. Thankfully they pushed us to our wits' end, because the last two songs we wrote for our second record were 'Move Along' and 'It Ends Tonight,' which were both Top-10 songs. And those actually came pretty easily once it started flowing."
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Comments: 23

"When darkness turns to light." This line always struck as the beginning of something better. Darkness is leaving and light is replacing it; light's connotations for me are always something happier. I love this song so much, and it just came on my iPod today for the first time in forever.Bobo - Los Angeles, Ca
this song is pretty simple to figure out- this girl lives in her own world - she's selfish... he finally has just had enough and can tell her how he feels- even though she may realize her mistakes- it's too late... he resents her too much.. she blames him for everything and holds him back.. so he moves along :)Rachel - Cohasset, Mn
Well. I listen to this song after a bad break up because it really does feel Like a weight is lifted. Each song means somthing different to each person it doesn't matter why he wrote it. It depends on the situation and life your in.Martha - New York, Ny
I know this song is about a man supposedly, but i think its about getting over someone. for example, he says how he can't explain it, but you should leave him alone, and "a weight is lifted" now because he can break it off finally. also, it says "now im on my own side.. its better than being on your side". Lastly, he says "just a little insight.. won't make this right.. it's too late to fight" is if its too late to save it. well thats what i think (:Shauna - Westchester, Ny
This song may not have a certain meaning for sure but it seems we all gave it a meaning by trying to relate to the song by doing so we not knowing give it a certain memory from that point on it becomes a certain part of our lives so thats wat this song means to me
Carlos Opico
Skyler - Omaha, Ne
I am in love with this song, it is the best and i love the intro, like the piano part is so awesome and one of my best friends named Robert can so totally rock out the piano and Its rad i love it alot if you hate this song then you are out of your mind!! xoxoxoCristina - Long Beach, Ca
I heard this song was about a roommate that annoyed the s**t out of the lead singer lol.Jennifer - Liberty, Sc
love this song.i actually thought it was probably about maybe suicide.....huh...guess i was really wrong...Esme - Tennessee, Tn
And Briana, ya I am kinda bummed it was written for a guy. I still think it's a good relationship-ending song thoughJessie - Dallas, Tx
This is such a beautiful song. I love it sooooo much! And Tyson is unbelievable...Jessie - Dallas, Tx
All music is worth listening to except hard core rap and def metal. Music is about expression, not migraines, all though I guess you could express a migraine, which is the origin of def metal. I have to diagree with Dylan. I listen to everything starting with the big bands in the 20's, to Bobby Darin and the music from the American graffitti era. And then I continue with Led zeppelin, boston, classic rock. I love the 80's. Music has changed tremendously, but that is because people have kept an open mind about it. Dylan, obvioulsly has a very closed mind. I love this song. This one and "Stab my Back" are my two favs.Mercedies - Soldotna, Ak
it was written about the old guitar tech for AAREvie - Sweet Valley, Pa
Kinda bummed this song was written for a guy. Anyone else?Briana - Greensboro , Nc
Dylan, I'm guessing you are pretty old telling kids"back in my day" things. Well, wake up. Times are moving on this is the music!Briana - Greensboro , Nc
Heh. One of my friends thinks it's about suicude. XD;Chae - Chicago, Il
amen to Dylan from Port Orange. back then music was good. although i don't agree with your view of this particular song. and at the end of the vid has anyone noticed that it's a girl??? obviously the song is about a girl. watch the video if you don't believe me.Matthew - Calgary
I love this song. It just so good.Krissy - Boston, Ma
did you ever think that maybe he was joking and it wasn't really about a guy that was annoying him alot?Buddy - Barbourville, Ky
is anyone else a little bummed that he wrote this song for a guy who annoyed him?Adaly - Laredo, Tx
This song sucks. I wish I were alive back in the olden days becuse that's when music was worth listening to.Dylan - Port Orange, Fl
yeah this song is great, oh and Tyson wrote the lyrics but i think Nick Wheeler wrote the music to it. adn the guy tyson was annoyed with was thier old guitar tech, he said that he felt lonely even with the guy there so he just wrote a song about it. ^_^ love this song and AAR :]Beans - Philadelphia, Pa
This song is amazing! When I firsy heard it, I instantly fell in love with out. Another GREAT song from AAR, and one of my new faves.Kimmy - Rochester, Ny
great song

first heard it in the commercial for Battelstar Galactica!
Ryan - Wilmington, Nc
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