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Estranged by Guns N' Roses

Album: Use Your Illusion IIReleased: 1991
  • This is one of Guns N' Roses' longest running songs, as well as one of the longest and most expensive music videos ever made. The video is the third and final part of an unofficial trilogy of videos "Don't Cry" and "November Rain." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    harsh - Dubai, UAE
  • Though Axl Rose has the only writing credit for this song, in the album's CD booklet he offered this telling dedication: "Slash, thanks for the killer guitar melodies."
  • The music video was part of a trilogy along with the ones for "November Rain" and "Don't Cry." They were inspired by the short story Without You. This is the best known of a collection of horror tales, The Language Of Fear, penned by author and friend of Rose, Del James.
    The house in the promo in Malibu, California actually belongs to Rose, who has lived there since 1991.
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Comments: 41

This song means so much to me. The first CD I ever owned, and now that I am getting divorced it brings so much perspective. Favorite song of all time, fantastic video, and Slash... perfect.Andrew - Ga
After the first time I heard estranged, I thought it was about Erin and ever since I've been wondering if I was correct. Now that I read some of the comments I'm more than satisfied :D
Anyways, it's a great song... One of my favourites
Ivona - Toronto
I don't think this comment box can contain any of the greatness of this song :)Arian - Chittagong, Bangladesh
This song is too long for my life, I almost suicided... then I heard this song. It's so powerful a lyric and definitely a lifesaver, G'N'R ever and ever, Never gets old :))Nayeem - Dhaka, Bangladesh
Any idea if Charles Manson on his shirt means anything... Of course it does...they control every aspect of the production of these videos...they are too short and a statement needs to be made in a 10 min movie. I am not thinking that anything nefarious is happening. But would just like to know.Ron - Greeley Co
I just love this song, one of their best without doubt. The new line up have been playing it and did a really good job in Rio in 2011, check out the video on Youtube.Richard - Margate, United Kingdom
I am shocked & disappointed that this song was left off of their 1994 Greatest Hits album.
It is a great piece of music and I would think that the band would consider this one of
their greatest musical efforts. If anyone knows why this was not included in their Greatest Hits
album please post. It sounds like a record label issue but I just don't know.
Joe - Brooklyn, Ny
Estranged is my all time favorite song by GNR (my favorite band). The lyrics are deep and meaningful. Whenever I've gone through rough periods in my life, I've listened to the song over and over. A message of sadness that offers some hope at the end.Bob - Augusta, Me
Guns N' Roses is great! Estranged is great too!Rudy - Hk, Hong Kong
The song, quite simply, is about estrangement from a loved one. It's self-explanatory, even without the title: in fact, I don't understand why there's any question about it's meaning. And Jay, if you're going to insult the band, at least spell AXL'S name right.April - Birmingham, Al
Stephan: preach it, brother. I personally find SCOM boring and overplayed, and while I like WTTJ, it's not my favorite. Songs like Locomotive and Move To The City, however; now those are some goodies.April - Birmingham, Al
to cati, i thought that too about the video, aand that as they band grew it became more about money and them and stuff, but then i saw the Making the F'n Videos dvd and it means a lot more now. the videos always seemed really silly to me but the dvd showed be a lot about how it had to do with axl feelings and stuff.

"estranged" means leaving something intentionally pretty much, and axl says it can be applied to some of his past relationships. basically its about leaving something een though you dont want to, because you know itd be better for them/you. like with erin, stevie and his drugs, stuff like that. to everyone who said its about the divorce, its not entirely about that, but the feeligns like loneliness, making mistakes, leaving something, that comes with things like that.

and about the dolphins, with the story a heaven scence would have been ideal, but axl didnt want to shoot a heaven scene, and that feedback solo always reminded the band of whales, so they used dolphins instead
Kay - New York, Ny
someone posted that this is their longest song, which isn't true. there longest song is Coma at 10:16, just thought i'd let u know. also if ur saying that sweet child o' mine and welcome to the jungle are there best songs, your not a true fan. go buy Guns N' Roses Lies, or listen to all the other songs on Appetite for Destruction, and use your illusions, those r there real musicStephan - Cary, Nc
daivd from australia, they were definitely fans of dylan, they covered knockin on heavens door remember??Morgan - My Backyard, On
I remember back when this video came out, this song was just too personal for me. How many times didn't I feel like going to the edge and jumping into the ocean/water, this song is deep, too deepKike - Laredo, Tx
I almost forget to say ! The little blonde blue-eyed boy who apears playing in Axl's garden during the video is Dylan Seymour, Stephanie Seymour's son, aged 3 at the time.Aline - Brasilia, Brazil
In fact, the song is about Erin and the painful divorce Axl had been through. Del James said this was written to be the soundtrack of his short story "Without You", which is also based in the relationship between Axl and Erin. Anyway, "Without You" inspired the video for November Rain.Aline - Brasilia, Brazil
To me this song feels like lonliness and abandonment...including being isolated from ones own innerself and I love it!!!Juditha - Ashtabula, Oh
I love the song, but I never really liked the music video. It's not that it isn't good, its just that this vid and dont cry always made Axl look kind of full of himself to me. Like, the WHOLE thing is him.

I heard this song is about Erin, Axl's ex? Is that true?
Cati - Atlanta, Ga
This is an amazing song it is there second best after Sweet Child 'o Mine its also the longest i think at 9:19 and the solo at 6:02 is incredible it just comes out of nowhere just like in Sweet Child o' Mine also there second best solo This song is deffinately up there with Fix You Sweet Child o' Mine Stairway to Heaven Jesus of Suburbia and severall Meat Loaf songs I'm a super fan of him tooJesus Of Suburbia - Frinton On Sea, Al
One of GnR's greatest songs..The trilogy of Dont Cry, November Rain and Estranged is just perfect..Nishit - Mumbai, India
I love how the guitar and music, rather than the vocals, control this song. great title to a great song.Joey - Westville, Ny
When you're talkin to yourself...
just the way he whispers is awsome
John - Pittsburgh, Pa
this song means a lot to me.Brian - Vancouver, Canada
Hey you know the "you dont talk so loud and you dont walk so proud" is very similar to a line of "Like a Rolling Stone", was Axl a fan of Dylan or just coincidental...anyone know?David - Queensland, Australia
Dude, this song rocks, love it! I have to admit that the dolphins were sweet!Lena - Portland, Or
The song Estranged talks about Axl, hi's suffering for bipolar disorder, it is a psychiatric condition defined as recurrent episodes of significant disturbance in mood. Individuals suffering from bipolar disorder typically experience fluid states of mania, hypomania or what is referred to as a mixed state in conjunction with depressive episodes.
So Axl was in the middle of divorcing and he was depressed, he's just explaining his feeling and mood as a bipolar
Helena - Estonia, Finland
This song, in my opinion is one of the best songs ever recorded. Ever. I can listen to this song to the end of time and not get sick of it like everything else. Yes, it does deserve more attention, no radio station here will touch it.

Now, does anyone honestly have an answer as to what it's about? Someone told me it was about divorce at the time.
Steve - Calgary, Canada
Anyone know what this song is actually about? It says to me it's kinda about someone contemplating suicide after a bust up relationship. Oh and if you do love this song, the live version is just amazing.Harv - Cambridge
axl also said that the band would never repeat the success they had with appettite for descruction, which was 1 of the reasons why he said the band would go nowhereDanny - New Britain, Ct
Yes! I'm so glad other people like this song. My friends just stick with the songs that are played on the radio, but I enjoy the epics like "Coma," and the awesome, yet completely uncalled for, "Back Off B*tch." I love my Guns!Danny - Des Moines, Ia
In a March 1987 Axel Rose admitted the band had no talent and would eventually go nowhere.Jay - Atlanta, Ga
Agreed. I rate this as GNR's best after November Rain in song as well as video. Really - amazing stuff. I think it deserves much more applause than the (also) deserving Sweet Child O' Mine, Don't Cry, etc.Mayank - Ranchi, India
i agree with yall. iy should have gotten way more attention. great song. one of my favsJoseph - Canton, Ga
This song is the Greatest song by G&R and definitely way underated. I cannot believe this song doesn't get the attettion it deserves. I've listend to this song countless times on repeat and never get sick of it. The Video is also the greatest of all time. Still waiting for G&R to come back. Its a shame.Bill - Allentown, Pa
This song can save your life! Simply brilliant!!Andrey - Beclean, Romania
I've loved this song for years. It seems everytime I listen to it, I seem to find more meanings to the lyrics. Axl is a brilliant song writer- to just listen to the words to this song... Its just incredible.Danielle - Boston, Ma
i just heard this song today its amazing how come there is only 2 comments the video is sweet 2Matt - Angus, Canada
this other person that left a comment is so awesome this is the greatest song ever but were talking to ourselves here and nobodys homeJeeves - Dc, Dc
'Estranged' is one of the greatest songs ever recorded. One of the few songs where the riff so perfectly fits the lyrics. Slash's first solo in this song (6:02) always brings me to tears.Paul - Christchurch, New Zealand
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