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Yellow by Coldplay

Album: ParachutesReleased: 2000Charted:
  • Lead singer Chris Martin has said that the lyrics are about being devoted to someone, wanting to do anything for them: writing a song for them, swimming across the sea for them and so on. He said that it's not necessarily a romantic devotion, but could be about someone that you look up to and would do anything for, a brotherly love. He claims to have had no specific person in mind when he wrote it. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Adam - Sussex, England
  • The band came up with the line "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you" after looking up at the night sky. They were recording in Wales, which had a nice, clear sky.
  • The color yellow can have many negative implications ("Yellow Journalism," "Yellow Fever," a "Yellow Card" for a foul in soccer), but for Coldplay, it is a beautiful color. According to lead singer Chris Martin, "It was simply because that word sounded nice, it just seemed to fit, no other reason. None of the other colors would have sounded right really!" The Beatles were kind to the color when they used it in their song "Yellow Submarine."
  • Martin initially wrote the words and melody, then the rest of the band wrote the other bits and pieces (the hook, the riff, fills, etc.).
  • "Yellow" is a term that can mean cowardly or afraid. From this standpoint, the singer could be afraid and nervous to show his love, until he "ran across" and "jumped across" for her. He finally got the nerve to express his love. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Stefan - Winona, MN
  • This was a hit in their native England, but it didn't do nearly as well in the US, where it took Coldplay longer to catch on. The song did have tremendous crossover appeal, however, and got lots of airplay on modern rock, adult contemporary and pop radio stations.
  • The video is one continuous shot of Chris Martin walking on a beach in England. The plan was to shoot the band walking along a sunny beach with lots of people lying around, but Coldplay drummer Will Champion's mother died shortly before the shoot. The film crew and extras were already hired, so with the band's blessing, Martin went by himself while the other members attended the funeral. It was raining that day, so instead of using the extras, they had Martin alone on the beach. Parachutes is dedicated to Champion's mother. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Rich - Llanelli, Wales
  • The video was shot at a fast shutter speed to achieve the slow-motion. In order for Martin to sing along, he had to lip-sync to the song played at double speed.
  • Coldplay was in England recording other tracks for the album while this was being mixed in New York. They hated the results of the mix and flew to New York to make sure they got the sound they were looking for.
  • ABC Television used this song to promote their shows. The campaign featured bright yellow backgrounds.
  • This won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. This was nominated for Best Rock Song, but lost to "Drops Of Jupiter" by Train.
  • When performing this song, Chris Martin used to change the song's melody. However, R.E.M's Michael Stipe advised against it: "Stop doing that. People want to hear the songs the way they know them." The Coldplay vocalist began singing all their songs in a straightforward way.
  • During the Coldplay episode of VH1's Storytellers series, Chris Martin recalled that the song was named after the book that happened to be nearest to him when we he was finishing writing it: The UK telephone directory, which is named Yellow Pages.
  • Martin says that his favorite color is blue, not yellow.
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Comments: 89

This song was originally called 'blue' mainly because the missing word in the entire song lyrics is in fact 'blue' ie; 'and blue' meaning look at what god does for us all.

I took my turn with her was a bad thing to do ... She was so beautiful but left USA for London back in the 70's. To find her I would have actually swam across the sea if I had to. I drew a line for her because I gave her an ultimatum 'shape up or ship out' and felt 'what a thing to do cause I might really lose her then' and it was all yellow and blue. And if I cant find you, I will bleed myself dry from loving you. In a not so good relationship. My beautiful english princess. At the time of freedom and free love. Flower power.
Rod W.bruyere - Los Angeles,california
This song made my day.Anil V - Hyderabad
This song played on the radio the day my son passed away. Once a year I visit his grave and somehow, the song finds its way to my radio every year on the anniversary of his death, as I pull up at the cemetery. This song has a very special place in my heart and makes me think fondly of my son. Thanks Coldplay for writing this.Gail - Benton, Ar
Our ChampionKimberly - Landing, Nj
Star light Star bright may we wish upon a star tonight. Stars shine 4 the beautiful people that stop and pause to aknowlege gods given gift and musical notes of nature. God Bless the believers of beuti. in our world of judgement and uncertanty. Ty for the notes.Kimberly - Landing, Nj
It's so beautiful it makes me cry. I realized that it's a random song derived from stars and a phone book. But heres *my* interpretation. It describes a deep love and companionship between two people. One either gets sick and dies or commits suicide. The other can't stand that "hole in the chest" feeling; that lifeless feeling, as if he or she has been bled dry. Unable to overcome the loss, the remaining person (deciding to be reunited and cross the line that separates this life from the next) commits suicide.Elizabeth - Grants Pass, Or
i love this song. it reminds me of my dad,just because it was one of his favourite songs and is my favourite song. music keeps me and him close <3 and this song is just amazing, i never really understood the meaning but it makes me think of love. xRonny - London, United Kingdom
This is by far the best song Coldplay has ever made! LOVE THIS SONG! :) Chris' voice is gorgeous in this song! <3Megan - Stevenson, Al
I was at a Coldplay concert long ago (when you could see them for 15 bucks) and Chris Martin said that the song was about coke that was yellow. I am not into that sort of thing so it threw me back a bit so I remember it like it was yesterday. But then again they said on Behind The Music that it was from a yellow pages, but this was after they became mainstream.... so who really knows.Melodie - Philly, Pa
I'm not sure if this is correct but a friend once told me the song is about one of Chris's really close friends who died of anorexia or has anorexia (one of the two). Any way whenever I hear the song it makes me think of that, and I get this obviously from the lyrics "your skin and bones" also yellow. Anorexic people get yellowish skin, teeth, nails. But yeah like I said I'm not sure if this is correct but it's what I heard and it's easily related to the song.Sarah - Brisbane, Australia
'For you I'd bleed myself dry'; amazing lyric here. I really dig coldplay. This song means something to me, but I can't release the feeling from my inner person in a way anyone would understand. But anyone who's beem moved by the song, as I have, knows what I mean anyways. Again, the song's amazing.Dorkybowtie - Fireless, Pa
You may all disagree, but I always felt this song to be about a girl who he loved who didn't love herself. Yellow could signify jaundice, which happens with eating disorders. "You skin and bones, turn into something beautiful..." just reminds me of a girl starving herself to be beautiful. He's trying to tell her he loves her, but she isn't believing it. He does all things for her says the stars shine for her, wrote a song for you, but it's all tainted by yellow. Just my opinion... isn't that was music is all about? being able to translate it to fit your life and yourself?Tiffany - Denver, Co
if chris said the track has no specific meaning or there is no truth of reason behind the song then there isnt. but it duznt mean that there wasnt a meaning when he wrote the song, you must remember this, everything changes in time. first time i herd it i thought-love song. then i looked deeper and after realising chris martin is blatently on ecstacy in the video and it all made sense. it's about life on ecstacy. listen to the lyrics, and try not to link them together, they are spontaneous. "your skin and bones, turn into something beautiful" the feeling you get on ecstacy. the middle part where he stops on the beach, he is acting out a phase that love and ecstacy both include, then he says 'i swan across, i jumped across for you' there is a come-down associated with ecstacy and he was loosing the feeling he had but then realised all he needed to do was carry on in the first place, just like love. love ecstacyAdam Pittard - Bedford, United Kingdom
i heard this song throug televison such a wonderful song i like his voice verymuch coldplay rockzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!Maria - Chennai, India
I think it can mean many things to many people....really. The part I really like "look at stars how they shine for you", what a lovely thing to say a someone you love...
Love the song my favorite by Cold Play.
Loves2sing - Us, Al
i was watching an interview with coldplay on rove.. it was hilarious.
"jonny, after all these years do you have any clue what the song yellow is actually about? bananas.
it was amazing.
i kind of doubt it is anything at all to do with someone who is jaundice.
Kaley - Calgary, Ab
I believe that this song means a lot and absolutely nothing at the same time. Its a good song, it was well written, but everyone has their opinions. This is mine.Arieal - Lafayette, La
Amazing how some people come up with the craziest explanations, about GOD?, get real. Some people had it right. YELLOW was picked from the yellow pages just because. It could have been any other word, this one just sounded good. The song YELLOW itself DOES NOT mean anything at all, it's not about god a person a relationship. It's about absolutely nothing. Chris Martin doesn't even know what it is about when he was asked in an interview before the Grammy's. Funny how some people red into it and dream up a meaning while the writer Chris Martin himself has no clue what it is about. It's just a song.Jon - Dallas, Tx
I think you are all crazy! Why do people read so much into things. Do you really think they made that much of an effort to make the song all ambiguous? It's just an incredibly awesome song and we are dancing to it at my wedding! :)Just_me - Indianapolis, In
Dear sir

I have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia and once my brain literally blew up and all I saw was yellow.

Isn't this what the song is about?
Mark - London, United Kingdom
Here is about this song. After my son died in a skateboard accident I went to the gym and put a quarter in the 'skittle's machine since he loved skittles. his favorite skittles were the yellow ones. About 15 yellow skittles came out when the machine was totally assorted.
This is when I found out about this song. Now years before I had written this poem about our Hawaiin surfer tribute by scattering his ashes in the sea, (see Swallowed by the Sea also)
Is this all coincidence?

We held hands,

Our wind against the water, white blown back
Against dark winged edges, painted black by winter's age.

We spun a circle,

On the dizzy water's edge. From under our deep legs dangled the foam and shapes we chose, noses in and tails out, unbroken and floating.

We said the words,

And met our unsung notes on lips grown cold and frozen, stiff, the tongue numbed before it dumb.

We splashed our water,

In the wells of our water souls pushed up the gushing voices, let them go forth, and on the sea-syllables sounded  the carrion like carriage, towards some unknown and undiscovered land.

I loosed the cover

And let my sparkles go from the hand that first held that skin and that bone, sifting like the sea sand through it, drifting hours away, and down through sun filtered waters, shining back and falling with only time in their path.

For there is time

Which recedes across the ruled horizon like the wintry sunset of browns and grays to disappear behind the edge, down to Davey's deep dark and his dumb tongued mute.

No sound escapes nor bough bends across his fathomed brow.
Robin - Pensacola, Fl
A song that is bound to bring a smile to anyone's face. It's a crazy song, a song celebrating the craziness of love, a song that happily skips out of the boundaries of restraint and moderation and tells everyone to "run across" and "jump across" for love. "For you I'd bleed myself dry" - why not? Aren't there crazy moments when we feel like doing something like that, out of joy, not sadness? When the only thing that makes everything seem sane is the bottomline "you know i love you so". An all-time favorite.Nilanjana - Mumbai, India
this song is so beautiful!!! i love it so much!!!!!!!!! yellow is now one of my favorite colors!!!!!!!!!!Emma - Brooklyn, Ny
I know I'm gonna get heat for this but this has got to be the most over played and over rated songs out there. I like that song that Coldplay does at the start of Garden State but that's it.Briar - Hazard, Ky
wow, there are a lot of opinions here... i saw them in concert a few years ago and it was raining and Chris said, "lets bring a little sunshine in..." and it was the most amazing experience of my life.. he sang with more enthusiasm and appreciation for every fan, being it was one of the last songs they sang, and he played it twice through for us because the audience was so into it.. i think it means that you should always see the poositive. Yellow is a cheery, optimistic color, and I think he is just saying that if you really believe something or love someone or something, you have to remain poositive and happy about it and it will work out for you. Chris and the band really put their heart and soul into their music and its beautiful.Hanna - Steamboat, Co
Such a sweet song... Coldplay's just plain awesome, ya know? Beautiful melodies and such a sweet chorus. Absolutely lovely and charming.Eva - Sugar Land, Tx
Very nice song, it reminds me of that special someone you loveAnthony - Cape May, Nj
This song is cool
Brooke White has a cover version of this song that I like more, though
Katie - Los Banos, Ca
This is the greatest song on earth. Ever since I first heard it, I've wanted a guy to stand outside my window and play this for me, like John Cusack with 'In your eyes' in Say Anything.Christina - North Bay, On

Cari, Knebworth, England wrote:

Chris Martin has stated that he came up with the word 'Yellow' while trying to think of something that would fit the song lyrics and on looking around the room he was sitting in spotted a copy of the Yellow Pages on a nearby shelf.
Mike - Philadelphia, Pa
I concur with the comment from San Dimas, although unfortunately there was merry laughter transpiring at the plight of the poor bed wetting Chris Martin, he was quite a bedwetting Chap! Cheers for his success, Cheers for his overcoming his bedwetting problem, and if he didnt try to use the stacks of cash to absorb the urineSir Pennyworth - Yorkshire, England
actually On VH1's Storytellers program, Chris Martin revealed that his inspiration for the song's title came from the Yellow Pages.[2]
He did this in fact after all the Songfacts speculation, to deflect attention that it was inspired by a childhood bedwetting problem!
Josh - San Dimas, Ca
It was actually widely known in London that 'yellow' was due to Chris Martin's frequent bedwetting problem, and it was all yellow too was about every time he would wake up to a differennt day with the same thing happeningJosh - San Dimas, Ca
this is a special song for me a couple of years ago i was invited to speak at Downing Street in London as a parent of an autistic child and as you can imagine i was very very nervous this song come on in the taxi taking me there and the words really helped me relax and confirm why i had to make the speech in front of all those politicians on behalf of my little boy Jack and other children like him..........
I kept singing the these lines to myself before i got up to speak.....
Your skin
Oh yeah, your skin and bones,
Turn into something beautiful,
You know, you know I love you so,
You know I love you so.
Tanya - London, England
I thought the song was about the Yellow wiggle Greg Page who is very sick with a disease that effects his balance. I think it may be a form of cancer but not sure. Anyway maybe i'm wrong but I hope the yellow wiggle gets better.Trevor - Belle Vallee, Canada
i think those of you saying that the song is about jaundice or some type of sickness is either TOO analytical of the song, or is just scanning the surface of the song...
it's evident that chris described his true feelings for a person in this song...it was just a coincidence that he picked YELLOW as a name for this song, and YELLOW happened to symbolize cowardice or being afraid - afraid to tell someone your true feelings.
Richel - Santa Ana, Ca
yellow is a type of personality. its a fun loving playful person....obviously the person he's singing about is like that.Leah - Salisbury, Nc
Hehe, everyone has diff. opinions about this song (which is good, since people are not only listening to the song, but delving deep into it). I watched a concert of theirs, and Chris Martin said that just before they first played the song (live), he just happened to see the word "Yellow." So he said, "Here's our new song, Yellow." Then he added the word yellow to the rest of the lyrics to fill it up. I don't know if he was kidding, but that's what he said. ^_^Julie - Marikina, Other
I'm surprised by all the ideas about what this song means! I thought he was singing to his yellow labrador, of course. I'd bleed myself dry for her anytime. I absolutely love this band's sound.Sylvie - Tulsa, Ok
I will always remember this song as it was a song he sang for me. Never knew what he meant when he was singing and it could be just a coincidence. But I know he knows I love him and he always knew that from the start and I think he is just scared, or maybe I am just not the one he is looking for. I know he cares a lot about me as a friend, and I always appreciate the things that he does for me queitly, and he always wanted me to be happy, just like the song, look at the stars, how they shine for you.
Thank you for everything and I truly hope you have a happy life. Hope you find the one you love and live the life you love.
Priscilla - Melbourne, Australia
This song is about GOD, the word "yellow" means divine, "your skins and bones" means us, "i bleed myself dry" means death and it goes on about God, and " i drew a line for you" i'm guessing it means heaven and earth.Noe - Los Angeles, Ca
Well, this song DOES remind me of a brotherly love: IT TOTALLY REMINDS ME OF JESUS and no other love compares to this song. I am not a freak that relates my faith to everything but for real let me show you the relationships.

Yellow (Cowardly, Sickly, and other "negative words"... and that we are but to HIM we are beautiful, loved enough to do all He did for us)

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.

(The stars were set in the sky to make light in heavens for us-Genesis)

I came along,
I wrote a song for you,
And all the things you do,
And it was called "Yellow."
(He did just that "came along" and He had the Bible written for us many songs, many prayers, many stories that all create one beautiful song)

So then I took my turn,
Oh what a thing to have done,
And it was all "Yellow."
(He took His turn on the cross and in death and did it for us "Oh what a thing to do")

Your skin
Oh yeah, your skin and bones,
Turn into something beautiful,
You know, you know I love you so,
You know I love you so.
(We DO become beautiful in the image of God in the likeness of Christ when we are saved and the sin of our flesh is no longer a grotesque plague of death to the eyes of God BECAUSE OF CHRIST)

I swam across,
(He did just that and calmed the sea as well)
I jumped across for you,
(He went over to death and came BACK again...OH WHAT A THING TO DO!!!)
Oh what a thing to do.

Cos you were all "Yellow,"
(Cause we ARE all yellow... on one hand the negative things associated witht he color yet the color that shines the brightest in the sky and even on paper and is the color of GOLD)
I drew a line,
I drew a line for you,
(Jesus drew a line in the sand for an adulterer)
Oh what a thing to do,
And it was all "Yellow."

Your skin,
Oh yeah your skin and bones,
Turn into something beautiful,
And you know
For you I'd bleed myself dry
For you I'd bleed myself dry
(WHo can't figure THIS PART OUT?!?! Did He not bleed dry even the WATER spilled from Him for His abounding love for us)

It's true, look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine for you,
Look how they shine.

Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And all the things that you do.

(Again BACk to the stars that we are just yellow and yet the whole SKY was set in place FOR US because HE LOVED US!)
Angela - Baltimore, Md
I don't know where does the word yellow come.. but to me.. this song is a love song that reminds me to someone I really love. Just do what I do... imagining "the one" with this song as background.. isn't she or he yellow?:)Irwan - Delft, Netherlands
This song, like many other Coldplay songs, uses an unusual tuning to allow open strings to create sounds you don't normally hear on a guitar. It's the little things that make this song sound so nice.Dennis - Toledo, Oh
Yellow is important it is the colour of the sun and the sun is the reason we can see things like the moon and its the source of life, so the girl was his life his everything and he did everything for her only to find out she was yellow bellied and superficial eg "youre skin and bones turned into something beautiful" this and fix you are coldplays only good songs but when coldplay is good its real goodStacey - Someplace, Australia
Best Coldplay song. It's so beautiful.John - Monvtille, Nj
Yellow comes from the yellow pages.

Emily - Chicken, Nv
its a beatutiful song...coldplay sure played this zeppelin_made_song beautifully...wonder wat it would sound like if zeppelin sang it in their daysCliff - Tvm, India
I think that this is one of the most beautiful love songs EVER.Izzie - Lala, Hi
coldplay sounds nothing like radiohead..Chrissy - West Islip, Ny
On 'storytellers' Chris said that the band were in a pub playing darts when thinking about this song. it was missing a hook, and on the table next to them was a copy of the yellow pages. it fit, and was used. (big up Guy the bassist in the Talk video, his acting is fab!)Amy - Chester, England
"Its about drugs. Yes Everyone Lets Love Our Wimmin. The first letters of this mantra spel YELLOW. It was written about the drug of choice for coldplate ECSTACY. Chris Martin." - RunningBull, Westward ((Wales this is all false ))Andy Acreman - Poole(yes It Is A City Dam It), England
Chris Martin has stated that he came up with the word 'Yellow' while trying to think of something that would fit the song lyrics and on looking around the room he was sitting in spotted a copy of the Yellow Pages on a nearby shelf.Cari - Knebworth, England
I think "Yellow" comes from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In the first few pages, he says yellow yellow, several times - all I see is yellow. Also "Don't Panic" definitely comes from there as well. First rule, don't panic!Jojo - Sydney, Australia
This song rocks.

In that it doesn't really rock, but on a totally other level, it rocks so hard the ground cracks and sends you to a firey death in the core of the planet, still weeping at the song's beauty.

Loves it I does.
Michael - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
massive hit in aussie land tooMarlow - Perth
okay jaundice is when you're born with a different blood type than your mother. your skin looks yellow but i fades away after infancy. seriously, who would write a song about that? the random phone book thing seems the most logical, and i'm thinking the "drug references" people have found are a bit of a stretch. just because a song is simple doesn't mean it's not good.Ashley - Naples , Fl
The color yellow isn't actually at all significant to the meaning of the song...I watched a special on tv and Chris Martin himself said that he added the word yellow because there was a pause in the song, and he looked over on the shelf and saw a yellow book..it just ended up sounding right.Kortney - Rome, Ga
Its about drugs. Yes Everyone Lets Love Our Wimmin. The first letters of this mantra spel YELLOW. It was written about the drug of choice for coldplate ECSTACY. Chris Martin.Runningbull - Westward Ho!, Wales
This song is so beautiful. Coldplay always does the most beautiful songs. However, what does "yellow" mean? It's the only idiotic part of the song.Grace - Fairfax Station, Va
I recently bought a bootleg album (very early coldplay) with a few tracks i've never herad before: Blue, Green and Violet. They're fab!!Ginny Fred - Westward Ho!, England
Damn Martin is a terrible lyricist.Christian - Richmond, Wi
Watched a programme on british TV here at the weekend, and chris martin said that the colour has no relevance. He was trying out some neil young chords and needed a 2 syllable word, looked around the room, saw a copy of the yellow pages, and there you have it.Tim - Birmingham, England
I saw COLDPLAY this summer in MA, usa. CM was quite chatty that evening....he talked a bit about YELLOW, how it introduced the band to the US, how great it was to get such a positive response, and then he said "there's been alot of discussion about the meaning of the name of this song.....truthfully, I happend to be looking at the "YELLOW PAGES" while writing it, and the color stuck!...Good thing we don't have the 'purple' or 'lapis' pages in the UK"!!Scott - North Kingstown, Ri
I had an interview with chris martin in canada last year and i had asked him what he specifically meant by using the word YELLOW. He said it means caution, he was doing all he could for the girl (in the song) but she was pusing him away because she was unsure or just being caution. and he drew a line at the end of the song just strongly realizing she is an unsure person.Christine - Toronto, Canada
One of the things I learned about songs is the
best are slightly ambiguous - and thus allow for
multiple interpretations, so you can personalize
its significance to you. To me, yellow is the
color of warmth, the color of the sun. The line
"I drew a line" refers to the notion of drawing a
line in the sand where you won't allow someone
to cross (to defend yourself and those you love).
[Again - these are my interpretations]
I love the song - because it speaks to me - and
I can relate to it. And that was nicely
confirmed for me when I recently attended their
Columbus Ohio Twisted Logic gig - and melted like
all the rest of the audience.
Robert - Pittsburgh, Pa
I've seen all the comments on Yellow, but nobody addresses the line about "I drew a line". In the drug culture that is snorting cocaine..."doing a line". Somebody give me the rationale for that being in this song with alternative meanings.John - Clinton, Ms
i have always loved this song. but it has become extra important to me since the guy i love played it over the phone for me. i have listened to this song non stop for the last couple of days...it reminds me of him and makes him feel closer....i love the words.....and the way cm sings it....."look at the stars,look how they shine for you"....i love u ashLola - Sydney, Australia
I remember when this song first came out on Mtv2. I instantly connected to it and I think it was the video that really did it for me.So much so that if I would happen to see it on Mtv or Mtv2, (because at this time they were not in heavy rotation) I would stop what I was doing to watch. The singer is walking on the beach and he looks like he is soaking wet. You can see the ocean off to the side and the sun is slowly rising until at the end of it is finally day. It is a very simple video for a wonderful song that never gets old for me. Trouble is another great song from this album as well as Shiver which is my favorite coldplay song yet.Natalie - Redding, Ca
Cancer, Jaundice, Heroin... C'mon people, read the lyrics! They were written during the recording of this song (in about five minutes). Chris Martin has said that aside from the yellow stars in the sky outside of the studio, the words were thrown together on the spot (and it shows). Stop reading into things that aren't there and get over yourselves!!!Michael - Kearny, Nj
a simple yet romantic love song. not too mushy, yet you can still feel goosebumps especially if someone sings this song to you. just love the reason why color yellow's used as the main color/imagery in this song.all of us are indeed cowards when it comes to revealing our true feelings, especially as far as love is concerned. oh well, that's how love is!!!it also brightens our day just like the color yellow!!!May - Davao City, Other
There is a very haunting quality to this man's voice. Very nice tune...Geri - Nova Scotia, Canada
Coldplay is great! I have both albums (Parachutes and AROBTTH)...absolutely awesome, I just listened to Parachutes yesterday :)Jill - Charleston, Il
yello is also the color of positivity. maybe it was about a girl was so overwhelmingly happy with life and was filled with love and laughter. that's my idea.Taryn - Ducksvill, Ak
this song is great. I think this song is about how you see things from a different prospective when you are in love and how he will do anything for this person. "for you i'd bleed myslef dry"
I absolutely love the line "look at the stars look how thye shine for you" just great, words cant really explain the greatness of this masterpiece
Dusan - Berkely, Ia
This is a great song and I've heard lots of theories about it, from being about a asian girl (your skin...) to some original ones, like Amanda's. What I really care is that this song is a love anthem, and a great one!Esteban - Panama, Other
I hadn't heard this song until recently. Very recently recovered from cancer myself, my love always called me sunshine. Everything around me was yellow. He played the video for me and I just sat there, tears pouring. To me, the song means the continuation of my life. Forever yellow. It is the most powerful thing I have ever heard, and felt.Susan - New Egypt, Nj
The only thing similar about Radiohead and Coldplay is that they are both British bands with lead singers who can do nice falsettos. While Coldplay mostly writes pretty love songs, Radiohead tends more toward ambigous lyrics that deal with less happy topics like isolation, paranoia, depression, and death.

I agree with Amanda on the Buddhist interpretation. Also, he compares her to the stars--they are both yellow. I think this can be interpreted as a song sung by a man to an amazing woman (the stars shine for her) who he thinks is too good for him, so he does something amazing in return by believing in himself and showing his love for her.
Sarah - Salem, Ma
And there may be similar sounding songs here and there, but Coldplay generally doesn't sound like Radiohead. Sounds like somebody is only familiar with Radiohead's mainstream stuff, which is most similar to Coldplay, but still not really.Travis - Lawrence, Ks
I don't think it's about literally being yellow, but I do think it's using anemia and other things as a metaphor of what he would do for this love... "I'd bleed myself dry"Whitnee - Portland, Or
I believe that the first lines of this song outline what comes throughout the rest. Stars symbolize hope, wishes, dreams.. so in turn the world "yellow" throughout the rest of the song refers to a dream or wish. This dream/wish is someone who he loves. He does everything to reach her and in the end everything was always all "yellow." The stars shined for her because he was so in love with her that his wish was to reach her.Kt - Ny, Ny
The "yellow" in the song comes from how the person being sang to is a drug user, more specificaly a heroin addict thats my opinion and im sticking to itHans - Oakdale, Ca
Looking outside the "Jaundice" theory, here is something to think about; Yellow has a lot of meanings in certain cultures. It also stimulates the nervous system and envokes wisdom. Buddha dressed all of his priests in yellow to show intellect. To be "all yellow" means you are quick witten because your nerves are in an active condition throughout the body.Amanda - Tampa, Fl
i think that it doesn't have to do with sickness ,i think that the song is about love and that when u'r in love u see everything differently.Virnalisa - Santo Domingo, Other
Yes to all you jaundice people I disagree I think that though he may have been singing to a girl with jaundice that it is a love song, just a simple, powerful love song.Alatriel - Lothlorien, Other
It's amazing how these guys not only sound like Radiohead, but their lead singer looks exactly like Thom Yorke...Brian - Paoli, In
this song is about a person who has jaundice. (is jaaundiced? i don't know how to say it.)Rudi - Melbourne, Australia
I love this song and all of Coldplay. But no one has really said what the song is about and whats with yello. ThanksCristina - Indianapolis, In
This song was used to promote the Anti Cancer Council Of Victoria's annual Daffodil Day, to raise money for cancer research.Erin - Melbourne, Australia
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