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Shimmy by System of a Down

Album: ToxicityReleased: 2001
  • This song is about child molestation in the classroom.
  • In the main verse: "Education Fornication in you are go! and Education subjugation now your out go!":
    Fornication: Sexual intercourse between an unmarried couple. the word originated from the bible.

    Subjugation: To enslave, master, conquer. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    GREENDAYFAN16 - Calgary, Canada, for above 2
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Comments: 11

I think this song is talking about how teens see school as a possible place to hook up with each other and have sex for fun and to live like adults "I think me, I want life. I think me I want a house and a wife." That's what most teens think as for why they have sex... I know because I am a teen myself.Joe - El Paso, Tx
Wow, I don't care what the meaning of this song is because it's f--kING AWESOME!!! SOAD has a bunch of songs that follow this pattern. Starts out with giutar, followed by sweet drums, then lyrics you can barely understand. Then it gets louder and theres a climax thats the best part. It goes back to normal then another longer climax to the song.Jeremy - Monroe, Nc
I've never heard or seen this live, i can't find it ANYWHERE!Kevin - Lowell, Ma
Lots of people didn't go to school (namely college) and they are making millions of dollars. I think that t's about how the media shows people that it's okay to do things like having sex at a young age with multiple random people because the famous people that people adore do it all the time. People in charge do nothing to stop this, thus the country is eating itself alive through TV screens. ~~Ta~~Z - Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Wa
At first I just thought it was telling kids to get to school. and without school you will have no futureJoshua - Parsons, Ks
This is the first i've heard that it is about molestation. This song seems to be a critique like Ivan Illich's that school is a factory of subjugation and coercion, all in order to obtain that mythical american dream of a house and a wife.Stan - Chicago, Il
I agree with Liam this is a great song.Daniel - San Fernando, Ca
Though, System of a Down is always doing something to say bad about the US government. Yeah, but we must over throw it if we want to make it better. Remember, the US constitution and the bill of rights tells us we have freedom of speech and all of these other rights (such as over throw the government if we must). When System of a Down and many other bands talk down at our government, it proves the constituion and bill of rights are actually working!Louis - Phoenix, Az
I thought it was about sex before marriage.....the way he refers to a "Boy" going to "School" hence an underaged person having sex.Blake - Hamilton, Oh
This song is on Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4Kelsey - Littleton, Co
Shimmy is a great song that demonstrate one of many ways the government of America is wrong.Liam - London, England
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