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On The Air by Peter Gabriel

Album: Peter Gabriel (second, scratch)Released: 1978
  • Introduces Mozo, a mercurial stranger who would come and go, changing people's lives. The character would appear in "Down The Dolce Vita," "Exposure", "Here Comes The Flood," "Red Rain," and "That Voice Again," but the story never developed into a stage production or movie as Gabriel intended.
  • About Mozo's fantasy world he creates with his short wave radio. He can be anyone he wants on the air, but lives in a dumpster and is ignored in real life. Gabriel was fascinated by short wave radio and how it gets stronger as night approaches.
  • The name Mozo is a distortion of Moses. Other characters in the story are also plays on biblical names.
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Comments: 2

Mozo in On The Air refers to Rick Mozo. At the time Rick was road crew sound man for Nazareth and also produced one of their albums. Nazareth was coming off the road and Peter had left Genesis and was heading on tour. Rick was to go with Peter. Thus the line. My signal goes out clear, I want everyone to know Mozo is here.Louis - Syracuse, Ny
Does anyone know where one could acecss more information about the Mozo story?Jesse - Toronto, Canada
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