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Limousine (MS Rebridge)


Brand New

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This song is about the death of 7-year old Katie Flynn. Hours before her death, Katie was the flower girl at her aunt's wedding, spreading petals down the aisle. As they left the wedding, they all got into a limousine and headed home. Martin Heidgen, 25, had had at least 14 drinks that night and his blood alcohol content (0.28) was more than three times the legal limit in New York (0.08). He drove more than two miles north in the southbound lane containing the Flynn family. Both the driver of the limousine, Stanley Rabinowitz, and Katie were killed instantly. Katie was decapitated and her mother held her head as rescue workers helped the rest of the family out of the vehicle.

The lyrics in this song draw many parallels to this tragedy. The first verse is seemingly from the mother's perspective, telling Katie to spread the petals and mentioning that she had one more night to be her mother. The second verse is arguably from Heidgen's perspective, referring to Katie as "My beauty supreme," and lamenting the guilt that crushes him. Four lines are sung towards the very end of the song and are nearly inaudible against the refrain. These lines seem to be from Katie's perspective and mention how she will never have to deal with loss herself, and therefore "should be the one laughing."
Some of the theories concerning the lyrics counting to 7: It was how old Katie was, there are 7 sins, and it is a number found throughout The Bible. (thanks, Kevin - Philadelphia, PA, for above 2)
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Comments (13):

I know about this personally. I'm related to Katie. This song is about her. We found out about it from someone else. Thank you Brand New, for keeping Katie in people's thoughts. RIP Katie Flynn, 11/14/97 - 7/2/2005. Always in our thoughts. Today's the 7th anniversary of her murder. She should be 14. 7 years old when killed, 7 years passed. 7 years missed - every single day.
- Rosieposie, Long Beach, NY
I remember hearing about this story a few years ago, and I can't believe brand new wrote a song about it too. I'm glad there are bands like them who are thoughtful enough to write songs as important as this one.RIP Katie
- Caitlyn, Royersford, PA
that is what this song was about. brand new is my favorite band, because aside from just plain amazing lyrics, all of the songs have a story behind them. this one's story, is so sad. but it makes me love the song just taht much more. i had this song on repeat for days, after a friend showed it to me. my favorite part: "i love you so much, do me a favor baby don't reply. cause i can dish it out, but i can't take it" when he says that, and in the background the "i should be laughing right now" it's the very end of the song, and it kills me in the best way, each time.
- jssmchh_rawr, fayetteville, NC
These lyrics are almost too much! Seriously they are amazing and extremely touching, such a sad song. I love the last lines in the back ground said in Katie's perspective

I'll never have to buy adjacent plots of earth
We'll never have to rot together underneath dirt
I'll never have to lose my baby in the crowd
I should be laughing right now

really powerful.
- Andrea, Qc, QC
I know the family that this tragedy happened too. I was sad aswell too hear that assholes drink and drink and then hurt other people. I love this song so much I can cry to it.
- Steve, Hempstead, NY
i think the end part is through the girl's perspective, and its saying she'll never get to have her own real wedding, buy grave plots with her husband, lose her baby in a crowd. which kinda refers back to "this day is your own day to wed" like the family was giving her a ride in the limo to satisfy her little-girl-desires to get married. But also its her special day in a sick way, the marriage of the two cars, and they found the guy for that, a drunk driver.
then "i should be laughing right now" adulthood taken away along with her childhood.
- jorge, etown, MD
perfect song....
- jeffrey, Ludlow, KY
I can't Believe it. this is one of my favorite songs and i got chills as i was reading this
- Hugo, Provo, UT
My brother told me about this song and its meaning that he heard at a Brand New concert, but i didn't know the total meaning. its so sad!
- Taco Face, Taco shell, WI
Perfect explanation. Jesse uses this explanation (in full gruesome detail) at almost every show. He mentioned how it happened very near his home.

SIDE NOTE: Katie is mentioned with several other people who died in the process of writing the album. (DEDICATED TO: )
- Tony, Carmel, IN
wow, i never knew the meaning of the song and i just knew it was very cryptic and used lots of analogies and references... now knowing the meaning... that's really sad....
- AJ, Sheboygan, WI
wow thats just amazing. and extremely heartbreaking. MashAllah.
- Faramarz, Sterling, VA
i agree with kevin its true, jesse said so himself
- kat, creston, Canada
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