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It's Only Love


The Beatles

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John Lennon once said this was the only song he wrote that he truly hated. Lennon told British journalist Ray Connolly: "It's the most embarrassing song I ever wrote. Everything rhymed. Disgusting lyrics. Even then I was so ashamed of the lyrics, I could hardly sing them. That was one song I really wished I'd never written."
An instrumental version was recorded by George Martin and his orchestra. Martin was The Beatles producer.
The original title was "That's a Nice Hat (Cap)."
George Harrison used a tone pedal on this track to produce an unusual guitar sound.
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Comments (31):

i get high when i see you go by????? c'mon, it doesn't get any better. one of the classic beatle songs.
- mike, pleasanton, TX
"It´s Only Love" is a masterpiece, composed by Lennon. A straight falling melody, with the wunderful +chord in "butterfly". Superb is the B-part of the melody, which starts with "...why am I so shy...", starting on the same note as the A-part, but changing both rythm and melody And the marvellous singing of Lennon, tender and screaming. The song could have been composed by Robert Schumann.
Just because Lennon, by some reason, despised the song, McCartney and all the critics
thought the same. I think it is one of Beatles best songs, and the best song on the Help-album.
-Johan Cavalli Stockholm
- Johan, Stockholm, Sweden
In the Beatlesweden .com, in a voting, "It´s Only Love" won as the most popular song in the Help-album!! With other words, more popular than "Yesterday", 19% respective 17%.

Johan Cavalli Stockholm
- Johan, Stockholm, Sweden
The song is among the non-soundtrack songs on the British "Help!" album (notice that the only Beatles' songs on the U.S. "Help!" album are the 7 from the movie), but it and "I've Just Seen A Face" were included on the U.S. "Rubber Soul" album, lending it a more folk-music feel than the British "Rubber Soul".
- Carl, APG, MD
This song is beautiful. It's much better than one of John's later ballads. This is deffinately my favorite song from their earlier period.
- Sydney, Dallas, TX
I think this is a beautiful haunting melody.It's the music that makes this song,but the lyrics can speak to us about feelings that love brings.It's written in such a simple waybut very touching.Simplicity is the essence of art.
- George, Belleville, NJ
This song is awesome! It's so simple, and it just flows.
- Bridget, New York, NY
I really like this song this is my favourite song off of Help! I don't see why John didn't like it.
- Breanna, Henderson, NV
I truly believe this was one of John's attempts to write and sing like one of his idols, Roy Orbison. Personally I love it. I really think that John was way too critical of his own stuff, this song especially.
- john, Grand Island, NY
It's interesting to note that the verse in this song is essentially the same melody as the verse in Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite.
- richard, Toledo , OH
To me this is a Rubber Soul song. I've had the American album since about 1971 on the green Capitol label.This song is simple but crafty at the same time.Its Only Love is truly one of my favorite Beatle songs.
- richard, Toledo , OH
Oh yeah and I think this is the only Beatles song to use the word "Butterflies."
- Rosario, Naples, FL
It's funny that the original title was That's a Nice Hat (Cap).
- Rosario, Naples, FL
Very underated song. I kinda like it!
- Matthew, Melbourne, Australia
to me this song is a small step away from the psychedelic sound the Beatles eventually adopted.

I cant describe how or why, it just has a bit of an edge to it.

i think it would have been interesting to see how this song would have turned out if it were produced a year or two later after LSD really started to influence john's songwriting.

anyway the song still rocks as is and is definitely underrated
- max, vancouver, Canada
John did NOT hate this song. He was merely reacting to the fact that it was never really finished/polished to the standard of some of his other songs. ie: the lyrics were kind of 'working' lyrics ('Is it RIGHT that you and I should FIGHT.... every NIGHT)! That's why he said he 'hated' it. But, I gotta say, personally, I love it BECAUSE it IS a 'work-in progress' song, REAL John, and one of his very best recordings. (I met John first in 1967, March, at Paul's house in St John's Wood, before the release of Sgt P.)xx
- stuart, london, United States
This song shows how good of a singer John was.
His voice really makes this so-so song good.
- Rich, Spring Lake Hgts, NJ
I've always liked "It's Only Love" a lot. It's a nice, simple ballad.
- Chet, Orangefield, TX
This song has five different guitars plus bass including a 12 string acoustic and the main feature the tone pedal through the leslie speaker. There is one line in this song that say's I get high.
- joe, montvale, NJ
An underated folk song with guitar through leslie via the volume tone pedal another innovation that goes unnoticed by most people.
Sal,Bardonia, NY
- sal, bardonia , NY
no ZZtop lol
- Johnny, Los Angeles, CA
I can kinda see john hating this, lyrically, at least. I mean, it really contradicts his later viewpoint of "all you need is love."
- Andrea Ruhlman, Chx, MI
The lyrics aren't the greatest but I still love this song!
- Jennifer, Ajax, Canada
John hated this? Strange! I think it's pretty good, not like Black Bird Julia or Yesterday , but I like this song.
- Stefanie, Rock Hill, SC
This may be the only song off of the Help CD I don't think is that good. I can see why John didn't like this one.
- Steve, Fenton, MO
I can't enjoy it as much now, knowing that John hated it!
- Linus, Hamilton, ON, Canada
this is me and easterd's song, its a very nice song
- adam, katy, TX
i read both good and bad about this song. I guess you either like it or hate it. personally, i like it. stays in my head all day long after i hear it.
- lee, clearwater, FL
I'm a huge Bealtes fan -- they're my favorite band. But these lyrics really are pretty bad.
- Steve, New York City, NY
The song is great no doubt,vintage John...
- nick, Buffalo, NY
An underrated song, in my opinion.
- Paulo, New York, NY
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