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F--k The System by System of a Down

Album: Steal This Album!Released: 2002
  • This song is about censorship. It expresses how the government gets to decide what's acceptable and what isn't. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Petrified Monkey - citysville, AL
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Comments: 13

Steve, you clearly are one of those people who thinks every band is a sellout.
SOAD HATES TURKEY and is from Armenia, they hate Turkey because of their part in the Armenian Genocide.
They are an amazing band with an outspoken view on the government, media, and the man himself.
Gabriel - Marietta
They're not all "from" Armenia. Only Shavo Odadjian was born in Armenia. They all just have Armenian in their blood. Actually both Serj Tankian and John Dalmayan were born in Lebanon. While Daron Malakian was born in American. Just because they have Armenian blood doesn't mean they are from Armenia.Casey - Glendale, Az
steve, how can they be from turkey when they absolutely hate they're government after what they did with the armenian genocideMick - Los Angeles, Ca
Steve...its people like you who make me pissed like no tommorow. You have no f--king idea what ur talking about. SOAD is from Armenia. They HATE Turkey because of the Armenian Genocide. You wanna point fingers at lowering the bars of decency, point it at the rappers who use language just as foul but without a meaningful message behind it.Stew - Buffalo, United Kingdom
Like i Fregen Care i luv soad and i Luv their songs just shut up and quit critisizing itJustin - Brownsville, Tx
Hey um Serj like in all his interviews said he despises Turkey because of the Armenia Genocide.Raymond - Sanger, Ca
I don't think any of you have any idea what this song is about- 'cept Sasuke, he's goin' the right way. Serj once said during an interview that he does not plan his lyrics, he lets them flow through him. The government sucks. Leave it alone.
..one other thing, they are definitely not from Turkey
Billy - Perris, Ca
steve... ur an idiot... this song is about cencorship, and they r not from TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!! they r from Amrnia, and proud of it... there isnt much difference betwween heer and there, but this country is richer.. now STFURrroba - Pieland, Ca
this song is about the system of the conformists. we need to step of the ladder, and have our own opinions.Skylar - Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Who cares, this song rocks.Sasuke Uchiha - Hidden Leaves Village, Japan
Censorship is a good theory, but I personally think that the band is just, well, sick of our government. How it says we are a "Free" country, and "How they are perfect" while THEY really suck. I think it is nothing more then that......Maybe that's why it couldn't be on any other album.Blake - Hamilton, Oh
Actually, this song is more about censorship, like Petrified Monkey said, but I'm going to try to take it a step further. I think that "F--k the System" is not only about censorship and the fact that the government decides what's acceptable, but as well, it tells people not to buy into it. Why else would Serj Tankian say "We all need to f*ck the system"? Ditch the rules, ditch the government, live by your own code and live in freedom. That's what this song says.Stewie - St.john's, Canada
This song isn't about censorship at all, it's about MONEY, and how showing off just how being a potty-mouthed malcontent spouting anti-government views and seeking to lower the bars of decency to new depths can line your pockets (or at least those of SOAD) with cold cash.

Let's see if the song would be this successful back in their beloved Turkey. Serj Tankian et al have no idea just how good they've got it.
Steve - Gaithersburg, Md
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