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Something About You


Level 42

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The band wasn't sure that this song was good enough for the album. It had a more commercial sound and glossier production than their previous jazz funk recordings. It became their first and biggest hit in America. The album has now sold over three million copies worldwide, and had a 72-week stay on the US charts. This song was acknowledged at the 1991 BMI Awards for one million US performances.
Bassist Mark King, whose percussive slap bass technique provided the driving groove for this and other Level 42 hits, is known as the "Man with the Golden Thumb." He is such a good bass player that his hands were insured in the late 1980s for a fortune. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for above 2)
Mark King appeared as a carnival master-like Phantom Of The Video in the expensive music video for this song. King reprised this role for Level 42's song "Leaving Me Now," which was also on The World Machine. (thanks, SynchPedro86 - Edinburgh)
The band took its name from the Douglas Adams book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which "42" is the answer to a question about the meaning of life.
The actress Cheri Lunghi (Excalibur, The Mission) played the love interest in the music video.
Level 42
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Comments (8):

Hey Randy, Mark is saying "We're only human after all", the line from earlier in the song, but it's not synched up so it appears to be a little odd. Like you I pondered this for a long time before it just came to me. Love Level 42, much under rated, especially in todays world where your talent is measured purely by how much of a Maria Carey/Celine Dionne/Whitney Houston a-like you are in a talent show. These guys wrote, played and produced their music and were s#@t hot live!
- Geoff, Sandy, United Kingdom
Love this song. But one thing has always puzzled me, in the video, right before the end, when the train pulls into the station, the lead singer is shown silently mouthing some additional lines. I often wondered if a transcript of what he's saying existed somewhere.
- Randy, Rio de Janeiro, -
Great song and agree with Kate from Austin. it always stood out among many from the 80's.
- Travis, grandisland, FL
Cherie Lunghi, and she is awesome. I loved her in excalibur.
- Duncan, Puyallup, WA
WHO is the gal on the Something About You video? Anyone know? Thanks
- scott, belleville, IL
Just love the song. Very unique.
- Kate, Austin , TX
I like this interpretation the best..

"He's sitting on the train reviewing the experiences of each of his friends from left to right with the SAME woman. At first he's like a mime in the background watching the show of his friends get CLOWNED by this chick. Then, he has enough and finally gets in her face, standing up to her clowning his friends, and exposes her. There was just something about her that his friends couldn't see that she was just making fools of them. To fall into the role of fool for someone is "human" after all".
The video drew as much attention as the song, and no one seemed to be sure what it was about. It seemed like the front man had a girlfriend whom he thought might be cheating on him with one of his fellow band members, but he didn't know which one, and he was trying to figure it out while the band was traveling on a train.
- Mike, santa barbara, CA
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